Camping or tailgating is all fun and games until adverse weather strikes. Spending a chilly night up in the mountains can turn into a dreadful cold if you don’t have the means to keep yourself warm, either in your tent or in your vehicle. If you’re more of a recreational vehicle guy, one of the best ceramic heaters for RVs could serve this purpose beautifully.

While most portable ceramic heaters deemed as safe for indoor use could fit the bill, the truth is that a great RV heater must come with specific features.

First of all, it must be compact and occupy as little floor space as possible. If it’s compact enough to hang it or place on a table, that’s even better.

Secondly, an RV heater must be cool to touch even when it blows the hottest air. In a confined space, chances are you’ll touch it often, and if you don’t want to end up with countless burns, that’s an essential trait to look after.

A good heater for the RV must also incorporate safety features, such as automatic overheat shutoff and tip-over switch. If thinking of all these sounds daunting, know that we’ve done the hard part for you. The selection of heaters on this list are all suitable to use in an RV; check out our top picks below.

Top Ceramic Heaters for RVs

Honeywell – Slim Ceramic Tower Heater Black

Building up the perfect RVs is all about space efficiency. That’s why some items fit in such a restricted space better than others. When it comes to warming up your environment, an item that fits perfectly is the Slim Ceramic Tower Heater by Honeywell.

Incorporating state-of-the-art features in a compact design, the Slim Ceramic Tower delivers two levels of heat and caters to all needs. Digital controls make it easy to switch between functions, and the programmable thermostat with hour timer functions will even ensure you’ll find your space warm and cozy after a hike.

We also like its 360-degree tip over switch designed to provide overheat protection. Indeed, a function designed for peace of mind, as you’ll be able to leave it on even when you’re not there.

Another great feature RV enthusiasts will love is the cool touch housing with thermally insulated wiring. In other words, so more dancing around a super-hot item and no risk of burns. The heater also comes with a recessed handle and is very easy to transport.

andily – Portable Ceramic Space Heater

If you have a low budget and all you need is a no-frills space heater for your RV, check out this one from andily. This portable space heater has really compact dimensions and fits easily in small spaces. And for a cheap unit, it comes with plenty of features.

Perhaps its best is the heat mode that lets you choose from high, low, or fan. That’s what makes it ideal to use in all seasons, not to mention you’ll be able to save space by ditching the actual fan and using this heater for both ventilation and heat.

Another thing you will like is the adjustable thermostat that will help you keep your RV at a comfortable warmth during late autumn or winter outings.

From a safety standpoint, the unit comes with automatic overheat and tip-over switch, two features designed to keep you safe and prolong the unit’s lifespan. It even comes in two colors so that you can pick the one that best matches your vehicle.

Sure, you will get burned if you touch it while it’s on, but for a budget solution, this heater really delivers everything you could wish for.

Honeywell – HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic Heater

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, then the HeatGenius from Honeywell could fit perfectly in your RV. It’s a smart heater comprising 6 customized heat settings. With this one, you can take control of your comfort and decide how to best heat your tailgating sleeping area.

The feature we like best is the intelligent ceramic element you can set to heat the room, only the floor, or radiate the heat directly onto you.

This last feature comes in handy especially when you get back to your vehicle all shivering and wet after a sudden rain just caught you in the wild. You’ll be able to warm up quickly and prevent an undesired cold from ruining your trip.

Another thing we truly like is the quiet mode, which uses low heat and a fan to produce white noise. Now, if you found it hard until now to sleep while camping and also look for a way to warm up your sleeping space, this Honeywell ceramic heater could fix all your troubles.

Ivation – Ceramic Fan Heater

A ceramic heater that combines multiple heating modes with an affordable price is this one by Ivation. The brand is known for its high-quality products, and this heater doesn’t disappoint. It has a minimalist design and manual controls, yet it’s sleek enough to integrate well in a modern RV.

With a ceramic tower that outputs up to 1,500 watts, it lets you achieve an enjoyable temperature in all seasons. Two heat intensities and fan mode allow you to warm up and circulate the air in your ambient.

Like most ceramic heaters, Ivation incorporates a self-regulating thermostat, but also a built-in tip over and integrated overheat protection.

If your RV is on the smaller side, you’ll find it easy to include this heater in your space, thanks to its compact dimensions. A convenient carry handle, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency are a few other features you’ll love. 

PELONIS – Ceramic Space Heater

What could be more annoying than settling comfortably in your sleeping bag only to realize you’re either too hot or too cold and that you have to get out of the bed and turn the heat on or off? If this scenario gives you nightmares, perhaps the best ceramic heater for your RV is this one from PELONIS.

Its greatest feature is the remote control that comes with it. You can use it to turn the unit on or off, raise or reduce heat level, and to operate the thermostat.

Boasting an energy-efficient design, it also warms up fast in just seconds, and it can heat up to 160 square feet of personal space. In other words, it’s great for much more than your RV, and you can also use it in your home or garage.

Another great feature is the flame-resistant material and self-regulating element. Automatic overheat protection will shut off the unit in case of danger, while its ECO mode can seamlessly optimize energy consumption. All this at a more than fair price.

Lasko – 5572 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Sleek, slim, and also coming with remote control, the Lasko 5572 is another great heater for an RV. It’s one of the most compact units on the market, and thanks to its tower design, it will be really easy to find a perfect spot in your vehicle for this one.

A built-in carry handle makes it easy to move if you want to, while up to 1,500 watts provide a comforting level of heat in all weathers.

You can choose from two heat settings; a feature we miss is the fan, but since you’ll be using this to warm up the environment anyway, maybe that’s not essential. A thing we love is the wireless Logic Center remote you can use to control the unit from the comfort of your bed or sleeping bag.

Another great feature is the built-in timer that turns on the heater at a preset hour. That’s great if you want to find a comfortable temperature after a long day of adventures.

Safety features include overheat protection and a cool touch exterior. Packing loads of interesting features for an entry-level ceramic heater and compact enough to fit in your RV, this is undoubtedly a great alternative to the other heaters on our list.

OPOLAR – 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

One of the simples models out there, the OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater might not come with all bells and whistles, but it has a robust construction that makes it an ideal choice for an RV. It also comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

So, whether you’re mostly riding on rocky mountain trails or need an affordable heater, this one could cater to all your needs.

The feature that stands out at first glance is the adjustable thermostat.

All you have to do is select your preference to keep your environment to a comfortable level of warmth.

You can also choose from three modes, two heat ones, and fan. It’s suitable to use in all seasons and also incorporates useful safety features. It comes with automatic overheat protection and tip over switch.

Its biggest drawback is noise. At about 50 decibels, this thing is loud, and it could easily disturb your sleep if you’re sensitive to noises. If you don’t mind this noise level though, the OPOLAR could be an excellent heater for your RV.

Honeywell – UberHeat Ceramic Heater

Another entry from Honeywell, the UberHeat ceramic heater fits well in even the tightest spaces and offers a whopping 1,500 watts of heat.

Its best feature is hands-down the compact design, but don’t let its size fool you.

This little beast incorporates a wealth of interesting features. It has two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. The lower setting produces sufficient heat for an RV while saving precious energy, and you can literally place it anywhere in your vehicle.

Like most Honeywell heaters, this one boasts touch cool housing and incorporates all safety features you could expect from a best-in-class pick.

Sure, this isn’t the most technologically-advanced unit produced by the brand, but it serves its purpose wonderfully. It even comes in two colors and will produce minimal wallet damage.

OPOLAR – Electric Ceramic Heater

The OPOLAR Electric Ceramic Heater is another great alternative for your RV. It has a sleek design and a simple control panel that appeals to most users.

Its main strength is the instant warmth it provides. Producing up to 5,120 BTU, this portable oscillating heater can warm up your vehicle even in the chilliest winters.

All this is possible thanks to the PTC ceramic heating element designed to transfer heat to the air as quickly as possible.

Thanks to its customizable thermostat, you can reach any level of comfort by just setting the desired temperature between 59°F and 86°F.

You can also switch between multiple heat settings, while the incorporated timer turns on the unit just in time so that you can find a warm sleeping space after a day of exploring the outdoors.

Another feature we really like is the motorized oscillation designed to promote air circulation. Thanks to this function, the heater is capable of providing an even level of warmth in all areas of your RV. Furthermore, incorporated safety features reduce hazards and prolong the unit’s lifespan.

Gazeled – Portable Ceramic Heater

Last on our list is the Gazeled Electric Heater, a highly efficient unit designed specifically for small spaces. Incorporating ceramic heating elements, it warms up in seconds and is perfect for those rainy days or chilly nights up in the mountains.

Aesthetically, it looks very much like the OPOLAR, but it has manual controls instead of digital ones. Nevertheless, it still provides three quiet settings, and it even comes with a thermostat.

The oscillating technology provides even heat and warms up the whole air inside the vehicle. Furthermore, the unit also boasts all the safety features you could expect from a good heater.

Simply designed but highly efficient, the Gazeled is another cost-effective solution for your RV. We also like that it comes in a range of designs, including one with digital controls for the tech-savvy campers.

A good heater for the RV must also incorporate safety features, such as automatic overheat shutoff and tip-over switch. If thinking of all these sounds daunting, know that we’ve done the hard part for you. #ceramicheaters #rv #rvtools #rvliving #rvheaters #outdoors


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