Augustine of Hippo said it best when he stated, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Road trips are the absolute best! There is just something about getting to travel on your own terms. No pesky desk attendants telling you that your bag is too big, no people knocking your knees trying to get to the bathroom—just you and the open road.

Nevertheless, sleeping in a cramped car is kind of for the birds, and I’d rather leave the roughing it to Bear Grylls. Travel trailers are great because you can have the comforts of home while being on the road.

However, because travel trailers can be relatively pricey, protecting your investment is essential. That’s why we have compiled this list of the ten best travel trailer covers currently on the market.



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King Bird - Deluxe Camper Travel Trailer Cover 

Fits 24’-27’

108" high

Water Repellant

2 year warranty

This top of the line travel trailer cover by King Bird is sure to please. It features a thick 4-ply fabric top and 3-ply non-woven fabric on the sides. These work together to ensure that your travel trailer is protected from harmful UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, mildew, scuffing, scratches, bird poop, and more.

The cover’s top panel beads water instantly, allowing rain to just roll down the side instead of accumulating and pooling at the top. To guarantee long-lasting durability and protection, this excellent travel trailer cover by King Bird is constructed using industrial grade fabric.

Six air vents on either side of the cover effectively reduce wind stress as well as moisture trapped within the cover. A zippered door on either side of the cover allows you to access the interior of your travel trailer even while keeping the cover firmly in place. Reflective panels are strategically placed throughout the cover, providing maximum safety at night or while your trailer is parked.

Unlike some of the other covers on this list, this one by King Bird also includes four high-quality three-ply non-woven tire covers to protect your trailer’s wheels while in storage. A stuff sack is also included.Finally, King Bird provides a two-year warranty.

Classic Accessories - OverDrive PolyPRO Trailer Cover 

11 sizes available

118" high

Water Resistant

3 year warranty

Even if you know absolutely nothing about travel trailers, you know that they come in various sizes. So do these covers, and the prices vary slightly according to size.The top of the PolyPro 3 is composed of a three-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric.

It is water repellant and provides protection from bird droppings, dust, dirt, scratches, harmful UV rays, and snow. Its single-ply sides are breathable and water repellent while still protecting against bird droppings, dirt, dust, and scratches.

The cover comes with an integrated rope attachment system to make covering your trailer a breeze. Adjustable tension panels on the front and rear ensure a secure fit while elasticized hem corners ensure that the fit is snug. Air vents reduce wind lofting and prevent moisture inside the cover.If you have an RV instead of a trailer and need to access the engine, zippered panels allow easy access to doors and engine areas.

A stuff sack where you can keep your cover when not in use is included as well as tie downs to keep cover secured during intense winds. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty period; now that’s coverage on all sides.

Goldline Travel Trailer Cover by Eevelle

14 sizes available

102" high

Not Waterproof

5 year warranty

This high-quality travel trailer color by Goldline is available in two colors: Windsor tan and cadet gray. The cover’s sleek design features loops on the front for optional strap tensioning. Zippered panels on both sides of the cover allow full access to the interior of your trailer while the cover is kept securely in place.

Elasticized hems on the corners make for easy installation and a snug fit while a reflective strip on the back of the cover promotes safety during the night. There is a high-quality piece of fabric attached to the loop in the zipper (extended pulls), making the zipper easy to use—even in cold weather.

Top-of-the-line detach buckles make installing and removing the cover a breeze. Unlike some of the other brands that provide some water resistance, Goldline’s is made with “Marinex,” a marine grade 100% waterproof fabric.Each RV cover by Goldline includes a five-year warranty, an executive style duffle bag for storing your cover when not in use, sizing straps for a semi-custom fit, and a ladder cap.

Expedition by Eevelle Travel Trailer Cover

11 sizes available

104" high

It's Waterproof

3 year warranty

Protect one of your most treasured investments with this cover by Eevelle. Full-length zippered panels along both sides and the rear of the cover give you access to the interior of your trailer even with the cover securely in place.Dual front and rear flags adjust to provide maximum fit flexibility while the D-rings and included rope kit secure the lowermost portion of the cover. Reflective strips on the tension flags promote nighttime safety, and the extended pulls make the zippers easy to use, even in cold weather.

The Marinex boat cover fabric is entirely waterproof as well as breathable. This means that whenever water hits the top of your covered travel trailer, the water will bead and roll right off, preventing against standing water, which can lead to potential tears, moisture, and mildew.Equipped with heavy duty detachable buckles, installation and removal of this cover will be a simple task. And once you’re done, just roll up the cover and toss it into the included stuff sack.With your purchase, you will receive a three-year full replacement warranty, adjustable front and rear tension panels, protective ladder cap and patch kit, and a matching “Expedition” storage duffle bag.

S2 Expedition EX2TT1920

9 sizes available

104" high

Not Waterproof

3 year warranty

This cover is among the pricier ones, but its quality and durability are unparalleled. Constructed using Marinex Marine-grade waterproof fabric, you can rest assured that whenever water hits the roof of your enclosed trailer, it will just bead and slide right off. This means that you won’t have to worry about pooled water (hello, Zika!) and tears in your cover. It also means that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by a waterfall of filthy water when uncovering your trailer.Reinforced tension flags provide maximum flexibility for optimal fit. The flags also have a reflective strip stitched on, promoting safety in low lighting conditions. Extra wide heavy duty straps with side release buckles on the front and the rear of the cover help to ensure that your cover stays on snug while the quick release buckles throughout the cover make for easy installation and adjustment.This cover is the king of extended pulls. Providing several inches of durable fabric on zippers in the front, rear, and both sides, opening your zippers, even during cold weather, will be made simple.When your cover is not in use, you can store it in the included stuff sack. A three-year warranty is also included.

ADCO 52245 Designer Series

10 sizes available

104" high

Not Waterproof

3 year warranty

Covers are essential for protecting both the outside and the inside of your travel trailer. The last thing you want went getting ready to embark on your next road trip is a trailer filled with squirrels, pine straw, and everything in between.ADCO’s design is suitable for all climates. It features a triple layer top panel and triple layer polypropylene sides with built-in vents. The vents work to reduce moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, as well as allow air to escape during gusts of moderate winds, preventing the cover from becoming ripped off the travel trailer.The high-quality materials used to manufacture this cover provide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing the likelihood of cracking and fading on your travel trailer. Reinforced buckles, flaps, and straps protect against ripping while the elasticized bottom corners ensure a snug fit. And even if you have to get into your trailer while the cover is on, you can, thanks to the passenger-side zipper entry doors.ADCO offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty against material defect or workmanship.

Camco 45745 - ULTRAGuard Class C/Travel Trailer Cover

6 sizes available

118" high

Not Waterproof

4 year warranty

The ULTRAGuard by Camco is ideal for cold and snowy regions. The three layer SFS top panel is water resistant, providing maximum resistance to rainfall and snow. Additionally, the three-layer top protects against dust and dirt as well as harmful UV rays.

Heavy duty polypropylene fabric around the sides ensure that your travel trailer is safe from bird droppings, dust and debris, and other damaging environmental factors.The heavy duty integrated zippers give you full access to doors and storage compartments with the cover in place. This cover also boasts microporous breathable film woven into its fabric, a high-tech breathable middle layer that repels rain and snow while allowing trapped moisture to escape.

Similarly, the vented design allows moisture to escape, protecting against mold and mildew growth. The vent flaps also contribute to reducing wind lofting. To ensure a snug fit, this travel trailer cover by Camco features an integrated self-adjusting hold down system and tough interlocking seams.Camco does offer a warranty on covers that have been purchased new.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO  Trailer Cover

12 sizes available

104" high

Water Repellant

3 year warranty

With this cover, you have the option of choosing between two colors: gray and silver sage. There are also options galore regarding size, so if your trailer is between 15 feet to 40 feet, there is a cover fit for you.

The cover is constructed using quick drying PermaPRO fabric. It works to reduce wind stress and provide interior ventilation, helping to protect against moisture. The adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a semi-custom fit, helping to ensure that your cover stays on when you want it on and can be easily removed when you don’t.

Long pull zippers reduce the need for a ladder and make using the zippers easy, even during cold or wet weather. Zippered panels on all four sides make accessing whatever you need super simple.The camper cover comes with a zippered storage bag for easy packing and includes a lifetime warranty.

North East Harbor - Waterproof Trailer Cover

Fits 31' - 34

107" high

It's Waterproof

30 day warranty

This versatile cover by North East Harbor fits Class A, B, and C motorhomes, RVs, 5th wheels, trailers, and campers between 31’ and 34’ in length.

The four layer bonded polypropylene top panel is 100% waterproof. This causes water to bead and slide off on contact, ensuring that accumulated water that could result in tearing or molding of the material does not remain. Similarly, the breathable material prevents mold, mildew, and ice buildup and has been treated to protect against damaging UV rays.

Elastic hems on the front and side ensure a snug fit while D-loops and rope around the side keep your cover tied on tight when it matters most. Finally, a zippered door panel grants you access into the interior of your trailer without having to remove the cover.This cover’s high-quality construction is certain to protect from dust, scratches, UV rays, rain, snow, scuffing, and more. A free stuff sack is included. However, we were unable to determine whether or not the manufacturer provides a warranty with purchase.

Leader Accessories-  Travel Trailer RV Cover

Fits 20'-22'

104" high

Not Waterproof

2 year warranty

A high-quality cover at an affordable price. This travel trailer cover by Leader Accessories features a three-layer polypropylene top. The fabric is rugged and water repellent, protecting against mold and mildew. The reinforced corner coverings resist tears and snags while strategically placed air vents reduce wind lofting and inside moisture.

The zippered panels allow you to easily access the interior of your trailer without having to remove the cover, and sew-in, quick release buckles make for fast and easy access. An innovative cinching system with tension panels allows you to remove slack for optimal fit.Reflective strips provide protection for your vehicle even in low lighting conditions. The cover also features extended pull zippers, so you won’t need to use a ladder and can easily use the zippers, even in cold or wet conditions.

Leader Accessories offers a two-year warranty so that you can purchase without hesitations.

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