10 best crab traps for blue crab

Most people are probably familiar with orange crab or the name dungeness crab. These little beauties are extremely tasty and will satisfy the taste of your entire household. But what if I tell you that there are other types of crab and they are potentially more delicious than the dungeness crab? This crab that I am talking about is the blue crab. They are more delicious but unfortunately it can be hard to obtain since they can be quite pricey.

In fact, they can be significantly more expensive than the dungeness crab if you want a large amount of them. But don’t worry, you can just fish for them instead. It can be less pricey and more fresh depending on the person attempting this. Why? Well that is because an inexperienced shopper might have a hard time looking for fresh blue crab at the market. Thus it can be very costly if you pay a lot for a large amount of inferior blue crabs.

How does fishing address this problem? Well the crabs that you get from your fishing attempt will without a doubt be fresh. So you will be getting a large amount of excellent blue crab for a cheap price. Yes I said cheap price! That is because you need to spend a one time payment on a good crab trap and some money on bait. This is why I will recommend to you the best 10 crab traps on amazon right now!

SOUTH BEND – Hurricane F210 Hr Crab Trap

Here is a pretty solid crab trap for those starting out. It has a very simplistic design and that is great because it means that it would be easy to use. Plus you don’t have to worry about the crab trap deteriorating anytime soon because it can withstand salt water well. That is also great because you will be mostly using this trap in salt water. 

The only problem I have with this crab trap is that it can be hard to set up the bait. There is no good place to add bait and hope it stays there well. Plus you have to be careful about the size of the bait as well since it is possible that the bait falls out of the holes in the trap. But if you are able to overcome this one flaw, then you will find this to be a fantastic crab trap for your fishing experience.

Joy Fish – Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap

Another great crab trap for beginners and advanced fishers. What makes this crab trap special is that it comes with two escape rings on the trap. This is really important because you don’t want to get blue crabs that are undersized. Depending on where you decide to fish, it can be illegal for you to fish for undersized blue crab. Furthermore it comes with two TED which helps with releasing any turtles that you catch. 

This might not seem like a big deal because you are obviously not going for a turtle. But it can be a valid concern because there are turtles that do eat crab. So you would want a way to release them easily. Finally it has some good quality of life improvements. It comes with a 15 inch rope that helps you manipulate the trap the way you want. To conclude, it is a fantastic trap and will certainly help you catch a lot of blue crab.

Promar – Collapsible Crawfish/Crab Trap

Sometimes when you go out to fish, it can be a hassle to deal with your fishing equipment. This definitely applies to crab traps because they can be large and hard to fit into the back of your car. You don’t have to deal with this problem anymore with this crab trap since it has a flexible design. This means that you can fit this in the back of the car regardless of how many fishing equipment you have back there.

Finally it is very efficient since you can set everything up in a short amount of time. You know what they say, time is money. But there is a possibility that doing things too quickly would damage your chance of obtaining blue crab. But you don’t have to worry about that problem with a crab trap since the fishing process is very simple. All you need to do is place the crab trap in the correct place and you let time do the work for you!

E-Z Catch – Limited Blue Crab Two Door Fold-A-Way Trap

Another very simplistic design and also very easy to use. It comes in blue and it is very durable. The main problem though is that you will need to check this crab trap every 30 to 45 minutes. Why is this a problem you may ask? Well it is a huge problem since this implies that it can be hard for the trap to contain the blue crab. Furthermore you may have a problem with obtaining a large amount of crab due to the size.

It is not very large and this means that you won’t be able to get a large amount of blue crab in an efficient time. The size hampers the amount you obtain more since you still need bait for the trap. It needs to be large enough to stay in the trap as well which hurts the amount you get. With that all said, I still think it is a good crab trap. It is great for people who are beginners or are still uncertain with spending significant time on fishing for crab. When you consider these details, it makes this crab trap invaluable.

Beachcombers – Trap with Blue Crab

Another pretty solid crab trap for people who are just starting out. It does everything you want in a good crab trap. It is very easy to place your bait in this crab trap and very easy to use which helps immensely in your pursuit of blue crab. It does have the same problem as another blue crab trap on this list. The size hampers the amount you obtain in each fishing session due to the size of this trap. 

Furthermore it has an awkward design since the opening is on the top of this crab trap. So you have to find places that are deep enough for you to place this trap. In that sense it limits where you can fish. But in the end I would still give this crab trap an excellent grade!

PuDong – Trap Cast Net Cage

A fantastic crab trap for people who want to get a lot of seafood for their time. It has a beautiful design that has 8 different holes that can be used to attract crab, eets, lobster, etc. This is great because of the implication. If it can be used to contain all of these different animals, then it means the design is really durable. Furthermore it has 8 solid steel brackets that helps strengthen the crab trap. So you don’t have to worry about buying another crab trap anytime soon!

Finally the last thing great about this crab trap is that it has a special zipper design. This design makes it easy for you to place the bait and take out the bait once you are done. You can save on time more and you get an efficient crab trap. I am just in love with this crab trap!

Danielson – Pacific FTC Crab Trap

A good solid crab trap that also has a bit of a reputation. It has sold over 1 million traps with this design. This implies that there have been many fishers using this trap and found the trap to be quite satisfactory! So this means that a beginner fisher or an advanced fisher who is looking for a new crab trap will find this to be an excellent crab trap. You would also be getting good value because the trap is durable.

It is durable because the steel wire is coated with vinyl. This helps the crab trap deal with the salt water and that is invaluable because that is where you get crabs. You don’t have to worry about the crab trap deteriorating as well due to heavy use. This is because the design helps with heavy usage. You’ll be able to get a lot of crab with a one time purchase!

RUNACC – Folded Fishing Net Trap

If you have fished before then you know how difficult it is to deal with wet fishing equipment. You don’t have to worry about that anymore since this crab trap is durable and easy to dry. Furthermore it is strong enough to withstand use in deep water. This becomes invaluable since deep water helps with the amount of blue crab that you catch. Also you don’t have to worry about the hassle of fitting this in the back of your car since the shape is flexible.

Sometimes it can be a hassle to take out your catch if they get stuck in the net. Also don’t have to worry about that since the zipper design makes it easy for you to take out your catch. Finally you don’t have to worry about doing any other extra work because of the design again. You can just set it and let the crab swim through the holes. They can not get out again once they go through the hole. Fantastic for the people who are uncertain about their fishing skills. 

Drasry – Crab Trap

An excellent crab trap with a simple yet at the same time complex design. It is entirely made with steel wires that also helps with containing whatever blue crab that goes through the hole. It is also hand processed to create stability and durability which helps with convenience. I also love that this crab trap works well with both saltwater and freshwater. This means that you don’t have to worry about being limited with fishing areas.

This crab trap also makes it easy for you to take out the prey. But it goes one step further with the design. It is designed in a way for you to avoid getting bit from the crab. Great for people who have a hard time with dealing with sea animals. It also has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry and easy to fit in the back of your car when you go out to fish for crab. The last thing worth mentioning is that it can be used to catch other things as well if you ever get tired of blue crab!

Protoco – Economy Crab Ring

Another very easy to use crab trap with a small design. But luckily for you the design doesn’t hamper the amount of crab that you get. This is because it has an upper hole and a basket design. Also you don’t have to worry about the shape of your bait as well since it comes with a bait box. Just place the bait in the bait box and you are ready to use this crab trap to get all of the blue crabs you want.

The last thing to mention about this crab trap is that there is a heavy focus on being durable. You can expect to get years of long use with this crab trap. There also isn’t any worry about how many times you use it because it can be used a lot. So you get a crab trap that can be used a lot for many years! The only problem you may have is finding something to hang this onto. But that shouldn’t be a big deal! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!


Well I hope you found this article helpful with your purchase of crab traps. It can be a very fun activity to do with friends and family. Furthermore you can get a good lunch or dinner out of this. But on the chance that you don’t like any of the crab traps that I recommend, then I just wanted to give a small tip. Find a crab trap that is very durable, that is all you need. Fishing for crab isn’t really that hard, so for the most part any crab trap will get the job done!


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