Lobsters are a species that people don’t normally fish for. There may be people who try to fish for a lobster but don’t really know what to do. They don’t know that the lobsters that they are searching for are hard to reach places. If you tried to put your hands into the area where the lobsters are, they would just fight back with their claws. What they need to know is that you need the right tools for the job!

You need a lobster snare and the great thing about this is that there are a wide variety of snares to use. You can buy a lobster tickle stick, its purpose is to “tickle” the lobster out of their little cave and then you can catch them with a net. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can buy a specialized lobster snare that does the job of a tickle stick and a net. 

I’ll introduce to you my top 10 lobster snare that I believe works the best. You’ll get an in depth reasoning as to why they are ranked the way they are. If you don’t like the snares on my list, then I only have one recommendation. Focus on getting a tickle stick that you can use effectively. The whole product is pointless without the tickle stick doing its job!

10 Best Lobster Snares

Scuba Choice – Lobster Tickle 

Here is a solid alternative to the typical lobster snare. This product is for the fishers who are more experience but it can work well for a beginner as well. This is just a tickle stick but there are a lot of good things about this product as well. This product is made with aluminum which means that the lobster won’t damage the product if it gets their claws on it. 

It also has a solid reach by boasting a 13 inch length and a 8 inch diameter. The length isn’t as good as the first rank product but you will still definitely be safe while fishing out those lobsters. I do recommend that you pair up this product with a glove and a very good fishing net for lobsters. You will have to capture the lobster somehow once you get the product out. The last thing to mention is that there are three different colors, so feel free to choose the best one for your fishing style!

Overall this product is a very solid snare as well. Beginners might hesitate to use this product which is definitely understandable and more advanced fishers will definitely have a blast. The only other negative is that this won’t do both the job, but overall this is still a very solid lobster snare.

Scuba Choice – Lobster Tickle Stick 

This product is a great alternate buy to the more specialized lobster snare. The first thing I like about this product is that you have three different options right now on amazon. You can pick the best color that helps with your fishing suit style. They are all bright colors as well so this means that if you drop the tickle stick for whatever reason, you’ll have an easier time to find it. 

You wouldn’t normally have that problem because you can just clip the lobster snare to yourself. But I am mentioning the benefit of the color just in case you are forgetful like me! Overall this is a durable,sturdy, an old reliable product!

kinnoscuba –  Lobster Tickle Stick

Here we have an old fashioned tickle stick for the confidant fishers. There are 9 different types of this product that you can buy right now on amazon which is just great. I always give points to a product when they give more options for the buyers. This product mainly focuses on durability so this means you will get your money’s worth. You don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion so you’ll have to really try to break this product.

The focus on the durability of this product also serves different purposes as well. You can use this product to communicate with other people with you by banging it on your air tank. This can be invaluable in the most dangerous situations. For example if you just happen to run out of air for whatever reason, you can bang on your tank to get the other swimmer to help you. I know this isn’t a likely scenario but just in case it happens, you’ll be prepared!

Lobster Tickle Stick with Snare

This is another solid lobster snare for you to use. This is just like the lobster snare from the number 1 ranked product but there are some important differences. This whole product is made with aluminum which makes it stronger than the number 1 product. You might have concerns that this might corrode or fall apart due to other possible situations. But it is corrosion resistant and it promises to be a highly durable product, so you’ll have to do something major to break this snare!

For the reason mentioned above I have to put it high on my ranking. I highly doubt there will be a situation where you will end up destroying your snare. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money by buying a replacement. The only other negative thing is that it is in a silver color which might be a bit bland to the eyes. I obviously don’t mean that this will apply to everyone but regardless, this is still an excellent buy!

Innovative Scuba Concepts – Aluminum Lobster Net 

This is another alternative to a lobster snare that you can use. I have several good reasons as to why I placed this so high ranked. It’s a very simple product that you can use easily while fishing. The frame is made with aluminum which makes it a highly durable product as well and you have a rubber hand for a good grip. So this means that if you see a lobster out of their caves for whatever reason, then you can use it to capture them easily!

Now let us talk about the problems with this snare. This snare won’t help you get the lobster out of hard to reach places. This means that your fishing ground will be significantly smaller for all the fishers. The last thing I want to point out is that you have to get very close to the lobster which may be a negative to people. 

Now why would this product be so highly ranked on my list? The reason for that is because I highly value how easy it is to use. There will be many casual fishers who may not know how to find the right spot for the lobster. So they might just swim around until they see a wandering lobster that you can get. Essentially all beginners and very confident fishers will like this product!


Trident Deluxe Lobster Snare With Stainless Coated Cable

This product isn’t at all different from the number 1 ranked product. In fact the only real difference between this product and the number 1 product is that they are made by different people. It is 34 inches long which means that you will also be safe from the lobster when you are trying to capture them. You won’t have a problem with capturing the lobster when they are in their lair either!

Now why would I have this product ranked at number 5 which might be too high to some people. The reasons for that are simple. The product still does the job very well despite being a carbon copy of the number 1 ranked product. But by being a carbon copy, I have to knock it down points. Taking both of those thoughts into consideration, I feel like the number 5 spot is a good place for this product. 

 Lobster Snare – Green

Another lobster snare that looks just like the other two I have ranked at 1 and 5. It may seem like I am not looking for other types of lobster snare but I am. These types of lobster snares are just really good for getting the job done. All you have to do is lasso the loop around the lobster and press the button on this product and you’ll capture those lobsters. 

This product’s neon green color also helps you find the lobster snare if you accidently drop it. That’s also worth considering because accidents like that do happen and you don’t want to have to spend more money to replace it. Overall it does the job well but it’s not ranked that high because of originality.

Trident – Lobster Tickle Stick 

I like this product at this spot because of the comfort that it provides for users. You don’t have to constantly hold the product thanks to the attachments on this product. Once you capture the lobster successfully, you can just attach the lobster snare to your hand and work on securing the lobster. The comfort is a really big deal because with extra hands to handle the lobster, you can prevent an accident with their claws!

Main problem I have with this product is that it also has a small length. Beginners will have a hard time with this product if they are scared. However more advanced fisher will have no problem with this product. That said I am still sure that beginners will eventually get used to the fishing process and thus this is still a solid buy!

Equalizer Lobster Snare

This might seem like a very good product at first glance but I am not confident in it. There is one main reason why I dislike the product and it is in the products name (gasp). The lobster snare is only 4ft long which will prove to be problematic for a lot of fishers. You will have to get even close compared to the other lobster snare on my list and accidents could happen!

Other than that main reason why I dislike the product, it still has good qualities that make it worth a buy.The product makes it even easier to snare the lobster if you can get the loop around the lobster. Once you do get it around the lobster, all you have to do is press the button on the snare and tightens it. You can get the job done with one hand! It has the other necessities like durability, etc, which are the bare minimum that you want and anything less is not worth your time and money.

Jcs – Lobster Tail Snare With Stainless Stranded Cable Lanyard

The first ranked lobster snare on my list is a specialized one that does both jobs. With this lobster tail snare, you can pull out the lobster from a safe distance. Considering it is 38 inches long, you don’t have to worry about my claim. The only problem you might have with this lobster snare is that you don’t know how to get the lobster out. But a video on youtube and some practice with this beauty will get you your lobster!

The next great thing about this lobster snare is that the hooking part is also very easy. All you have to do is use the cable lanyard and hook it around the lobster. You don’t have to worry about the lobster breaking apart the snare as well since it is made with durable PVC. It is a simple product but sometimes you need simple and not something that is overly complicated!

I can’t give enough praises for this particular product. This might make you expect some sort of negative about this product which is good thinking. However, I can’t think of anything bad about this product. It’s an affordable snare that you can get on amazon right now and will help give you a positive fishing experience!


Well that sums up my list for the best lobster snares that you can buy. I think I did a very good job despite the fact that there are very similar products. I tried to look for better alternatives but there weren’t any, thus I chose the one that I believe to have the best quality. Even if you don’t like the ones I have, I still encourage you to look for the bare minimums that I wrote about in this list. Good luck on your fishing experience, I am sure you will have a fantastic time!


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