According to a report, 82% of motor vehicle theft is from trailers and it was also revealed that 66% of thefts occur while the trailer was in transit. These should be enough numbers to ensure anyone who owns an enclosed trailer is on guard. However, there are certain steps you can take that will help prevent you from adding to these statistics. The best locks for enclosed trailers will help deter thieves and keep your enclose trailer safe. They offer optimal security and protection for your cargo.

Coupling locks are quick to attach and very straightforward and can be used on virtually all sorts or sizes of trailers. These locks offer a versatile security solution perfect for when you are on the road and at home. Another popular another is a hitch pin lock – it operates on a similar principle. Both of these types of locks have the advantage of being compact, so they are quite easy to carry with you in your trailer at all times.

How to Choose the Best Locks for Enclosed Trailers

Hitch Size

The proportion and size of your enclosed trailer hitch will keep some hitch locks from effectively working. Always ensure you take the necessary measurements and be aware of other objects that have the potential of keeping the locks from securing the trailer properly. Read the specifications from the lock’s description and cross-reference them with the information about your own enclosed trailer. Most negative reviews of enclosed trailer locks have to do with the lock not fitting the pre-existing equipment of the buyer.


An important indicator of low quality is the type of metal the lock parts are made from. Security-wise, you are just as strong as your weakest link, and some of these locks have several pieces. They can try to hide the metal constituents by redirecting focus to the other part of the lock. The shackle could be hardened steel while the housing is made of inferior material. Other important parts are the securing ball or the bolt that fastens the ball to the housing. Any weak points in any of these can compromise the entire lock. Aluminum and zinc are metals to avoid – both are too fragile or malleable for high-security purposes. Although extruded aluminum can often work.

Coupler Attachment

How the coupler attaches to your enclosed trailer has lots to do with the type of security you need. For instance, you can ignore the enclosed trailer hitch lock altogether if the coupler is bolted on. Similarly, another issue is using only a padlock to secure the coupler’s hasp. Sometimes, you can remove the hasp entirely by just going under the device. Having an appropriately sized socket wrench allows you to remove the hasp entirely. The hasp and padlock can be discarded, and the enclosed trailer can be taken away.

10 Best Locks for Enclosed Trailers

Blaylock DL-80 Cargo Trailer Door Lock

The Blaylock DL-80 Cargo Trailer Door Lock is designed for enclosed trailers, including tractor, utility, vehicle, and cargo trailers. It works on both vertical and horizontal lock rods. This unit is made from rugged aircraft-grade aluminum, which is rust-resistant. The barrel of this push-button lock type is specifically designed to be pick-proof. It comes with 2 tubular keys per lock and you can request for the device to be keyed alike. The lock covers the bottom, the top, and the sides, making it almost impenetrable. There is a perimeter gasket at the back of this lock to minimize vibration noise and scratching. The extra security measures incorporated into this lock make it a top choice for most enclosed trailer owners.

Additionally, the option that allows you to have over 2 locks keyed alike is particularly convenient for those owners with multiple locks. The Blaylock DL-80 Cargo Trailer Door Lock is for you if you are looking for absolute value for top-notch enclosed trailer security. However, the drawback with this lock is it may not fit some hasps, as the cutout or the handle relief depth where the handle is meant to go through, measures just an inch. Some buyers have adopted minimal modifications to address this issue.

Master Lock 6271KA ProSeries Padlock

Puck locks are specially designed so the latch isn’t susceptible to bolt cutters as well as other devices that may compromise the lock. They are a cheaper alternative to cargo locks and a safer alternative to padlocks. The Master Lock 6271KA ProSeries Padlock is a puck-style lock crafted from hardened steel. Its body is designed to withstand bolt cutters. Also, the shackle is made from boron alloy, which makes it virtually impossible to cut, if the body is ever compromised. It features a dual-ball bearing lock mechanism which makes it impossible to open.

Additionally, it is equipped with stool pins and BumpStop Technology, making it very hard to pick. This device fits most hasps on the market, but you can check your hasp dimensions to make sure it fits well. If it does not fit, installing a hasp for puck locks is a good option. The Master Lock 6271KA ProSeries Padlock is built as solid as a rock and is easy to use. The layers of built-in security features and overall design make this device superior to padlocks. Due to its versatility, this lock sounds like a smart choice for your enclosed trailer.

Proven Industries 2 5/16″ Coupler Lock

This trailer lock has taken the standard of locks to a new level. Its thick steel construction with thick armor plating makes this unit very hard to compromise. It is bolt cutter proof, pinch bar proof, and sledgehammer proof, making it one of the best locks for enclosed trailers available. With an emphasis on being Anti-Theft, you can rest assured this product is top-notch. Unlike many other locks, this device also secures the safety chains of the trailer for extra security. It is available in 3 color options – red, orange, or blue – to suit your preference. The Proven Industries 2 5/16” Coupler Lock is a premium option that is designed to provide the best protection possible. It offers a glove-like fit and will fit most couplers on the market. Although it is a bit pricey, its top-notch security features give you value for your money.

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set

The Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set is made for all 2½ – inch trailer receiver lock, 1¼ – inch and 2-inch trailer hitch. This set comes with 2 extra-long truck hitch locks (5/8 inch and ½ inch sizes), 2 keys per hitch lock pin, a safety clip, a silicon key slot cap, and 10 anti-rattle rings. The key slot cap is weather-resistant, so it prevents all sorts of debris from entering the lock mechanism. This lock is crafted from solid hardened steel which is powder coated, making it corrosion and rust-resistant. The push-to-lock-technology of this device makes it easy to use. It is also easy to unlock as it comes with a ¼ key turn system.

We like the fact that this lock does not need the key to be inserted while the hitch is locked. The lockable pins help to keep the lock in place. The anti-rattle o-rings give trailer owners peace of mind while transporting their enclosed trailers. For its security and functionality, the Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set is definitely the best in providing both value for money and all-round security.

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler and Receiver Lock Combo Pack

This combo pack contains a trailer lock, a trailer coupler lock, and a receiver lock. This unit boasts a watertight cap and weather tough seal for extra protection from moisture and dirt. The trailer coupler lock can fit 48mm (1-7/8 inch), 51mm (2-inch), and most 59mm (2-5/16 inch) couplers. Meanwhile, the coupler latch lock is very flexible as it adjusts from 14mm to 70mm. The receiver lock is for both 5/8-inch and ½ inch receivers. The push-to-lock locking mechanism of this receiver lock will instruct you to firmly push the lock body onto the pin to remove the key. For easier use, the pack comes with a swiveling stainless steel locking head. We like how easy all the components were to use. Additionally, the included storage bag makes handling the keys and locks fuss-free. Another convenient plus is the fact that all the locks are keyed alike. The Master Lock Trailer Lock Combo Pack is a durable and long-lasting device.

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Trailer Lock

The hard exterior casing of this lock is created from airborne nylon to provide maximum power while also protecting from all the elements. The metal base material and the plastic covers help to soften the blow of a hammer. The cover helps to hide the main element insertion spot to keep grime, dust, and dirt away. The lock teeth are present on the chrome bar sides to offer improved security. This lock is quite easy to remove or install. It features a special design that delivers 360° of hardened metal protection for your unattended enclosed trailer. When it isn’t installed in your vehicle, this lock offers immediate security to your trailer. The Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Trailer Lock is very convenient and simple to use.

Reese Towpower 7005300 Brass Coupler Lock

If you are looking for a high-strength lock that is reasonably priced, then the Reese Towpower 7005300 Brass Coupler Lock is for you. Made of high-quality steel, this is designed so the lock shackle is not too visible after being locked. A less visible lock shackle means greater security for your enclosed trailer since it reduces the possibility of a thief compromising it with bolt cutters. Also, this unit is made of brass with a stainless steel shackle, which makes it corrosion-resistant. Beyond that, the design of the lock is ideal for most couplers as it comes with 2 locking positions. We like this device for its resistance to corrosion and its affordability. The Reese Towpower 7005300 Brass Coupler Lock is great for all-round use as it can be used to secure enclosed trailers and other valuables in your shed.

Tyger Auto Solid Hitch Pin Lock

If your enclosed trailer has a class 3, 4, or 5 hitches, with 5/8 inch pinholes, then the Tyger Auto Solid Hitch Pin Lock might be for you. This sturdy barbell locking pin is designed to carry a load of about 12,000 pounds, making it one of the strongest and best on the market. This unit also comes with a sliding cap over the lock that protects the lock mechanism from water as well as other debris. Also, this lock comes with 2 keys. The only downside is the company doesn’t keep spare keys of their locks, so we advise you to hold on tight to the spare with you. The Tyger Auto Solid Hitch Pin Lock is very affordable and yet holds up quite well. This device is for those owners who want extra strength and security in the enclosed trailer gear.

Connor 1615320 Swivel Head Receiver Lock

The Connor 1615320 Swivel Head Receiver Lock offers you the best value as it comes with everything from the rubber key slot cap to the push-to-lock technology. It not only fits all hitch classes from I to V but also fits most hitch setups. This lock is made from heavy-duty solid steel, which makes it very durable. The 360° locking head makes it convenient to use as you can rotate the head to the angle that is easiest for you to secure the hitch. Although the key slot cap might pose a problem, this unit does the job, and it does it well. For its price, this device is pretty durable. In terms of security, versatility, and strength, the Connor 1615320 might be the best-enclosed trailer pin lock on the market. With its frustration-free design, you no longer have to fumble around with your keys to protect your trailer.

Trimax THPXL Trailer Door Lock

The Trimax THPXL Trailer Door Lock is a puck-style device made of stainless steel and is weather-resistant. Its thicker body offers maximum strength and there are no internal springs to jam or rust. This universal fit internal shackle trailer door lock protects against bolt cutters as there is no visible shackle to saw or cut. It is easy to use and comes with just one key. We liked that it is re-keyable, so you can easily replace the pins and cylinder. The design of this unit wards not only thieves off but it is also very sturdy. Overall, the Trimax THPXL Trailer Door Lock is long-lasting, durable, and most of all affordable.

There are many factors that affect an individual’s choice in buying a safety device, especially a lock for an enclosed trailer. It all depends on the amount of comfort and security your trailer door lock holds. There is nothing as spending too much on security as you are basically investing to keep your possessions safe.


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