As of right now we are living in uncertain times. The Coronavirus has made people resort to panic shopping. In fact, some of us have resorted to hoarding and selling the product at a huge markup. The point I am trying to make with that statement is that the economy has become completely unpredictable. It’s entirely possible that important things in our lives like plumbing get affected as well. 

This is why it is important for you to consider buying a macerating toilet for your household. If you get problems with your plumbing then you’ll have a difficult time to get someone to come to repair your problem. Which is why a macerating toilet will work wonders, it will still work despite having plumbing problems at your home. Of course you might still have a problem with toilet paper (hoarders) but you’ll have one problem taken care of!

I’ll do my best to give you a top 10 list worthy of your time. If you disagree with my list, I still wish you luck in finding the right macerating toilet for you. Let us begin!

10 Best Macerating Toilets

Liberty Pumps – Macerating Toilet

Now here is a toilet that anyone would find useful in any situation. This toilet is big enough for people of all sizes. This is important because a toilet could become useless to you if it is too small or too big. The next important thing to look for in this toilet is how well does it flush away your feces. I am glad to say that it does well because it has razor cut technology to improve the maceration of waste. 

You also wouldn’t have to buy a toilet seat since this product comes with it. This means that the product is definitely more affordable than others. You also won’t have a hard time working on this product because it has a removable service panel that provides quick access to the cutter area without disconnecting the plumbing. It gets a lot of points for this because you wouldn’t want a mess on your hands while handling the product!

The last thing I like about this product is that you can put this baby anywhere. Even if we don’t have a serious plumbing problem because of the Coronavirus, you can still find a use for this toilet. If you are ever on the road and you have an emergency on your hand then it’s not a big deal with this product. Overall solid product and a great buy for everyone!

INTELFLO – Macerating Toilet Kit

This is a great toilet for those who are willing to invest into their toilets. The reason why I say this is because this toilet has 4 water inlet which is 1 more inlet than other maceration toilets. This means that you can install this toilet anywhere with one pump. You won’t have to worry about having problems with this toilet as well because it flushes all the waste away with its strong power. 

You also wouldn’t have to worry about a loud noise while using it. It is constructed with stainless steel non clog blades which provide a low noise while in use. This is a minor positive but I like the convenience. There are people who don’t want a loud noise while flushing the toilet. The last thing I love about this product is the warranty that you get which is 1 year for replacement and 2 year for repair.

If you don’t like the toilet while using it then you can just replace it. This is great and I always value what is essentially a free trial. There isn’t anything to dislike about this product and I am sure you’ll love it as well.

Saniflo- SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl) 

I like this product due to the fact that it doesn’t cause a mess when you install it. You don’t have to worry about the floor breaking apart when you install it. That is great because you wouldn’t want a mess when you install something you might not even use. A downside for this product is that it doesn’t include a toilet seat. This would be a problem for people with weak stomachs because if it doesn’t flush things away well than you might see something unpleasant. 

Of course you could just buy a toilet seat but this is still a negative in my book. It just adds more to your expense which no one should want in these times. Saving expenses in these times are important which is why the free shipping that it comes with is great as well. You also would receive the product quickly since it comes in 2 to 3 days. Finally you wouldn’t get a damaged product since it guarantees to be delivered professionally.

Overall this is a solid product for those who are willing to spend a bit more on their toilet!

Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit with Standard Bowl

I just love that there are two different purchase options on amazon right now which provides flexibility. Regardless of what you choose, you will be able to install a full bathroom anywhere. This means that you can be prepared if things get worse during the Coronavirus or you will have one while on the road. You also wouldn’t have to worry about possible structural damage which makes installation a lot easier for you. 

If you care about your product having some sort of professional validation then this product will make you just happy. It is both CE and ROHS certified which is pretty impressive. You also get a 1 year warranty with this product so you’ll get a long time with this product. This is a product that you’ll definitely be happy with.

Sanimove – Macerator Pump Toilet 

This is a rather unique toilet because of one important feature. There is a non return valve on this toilet which prevents any waste from back flowing. Again for those who have weak stomachs like I do, this is an amazing feature to have! It also provides you with a wide seat which offers more comfort. You also wouldn’t have to worry about a difficult time cleaning this product because it is easy to do due to the design. 

Finally even if there is no non return valve, you wouldn’t have to worry about back flowing. That is because it promises to have a powerful flush. A lot of the features on this toilet can be seen as minor but they add up in my book and you’ll definitely be happy.

Lift Assure – American Elongated Macerating Toilet Kit

Here is a product that is quite strong. It is powerful enough to pump the shower, sink, and toilet which is amazing. Such a powerful toilet is also not hard to install in your house. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking the concrete foundation while installing this beauty. Its 15 inch height is family friendly so you, your significant other, and your kids can use this toilet. 

You’re given a little more flexibility in where you install this product. It is perfect for tiny homes, rv, and not just for your basement. Since it can be used in an rv, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth since you’ll have other uses for this product. Finally it is great at lifting waste water up to 22 feet and it prevents clogs from foreign objects. Since it is family friendly, it is possible that one of your children might drop something into it which makes the last feature important. 

It is a fine product for those with a family. If you don’t have a family, this product will still be fine but the other toilets on this list might be better.

600 Watt Macerating Toilet

This is one of the more water efficient toilets in my entire list. ECO FLUSH only uses 0.75 gallons of water and a FULL FLUSH uses 1 gallon of water per flush. The option is nice if you are having water problems wherever you are. It only requires one button to flush down everything which means you don’t need a toilet tank since everything is automatic. You even have more options to install this product than the other ones on the list.

You can install it in the loft/attic, upper floor, ground floor, etc. This model also requires less space than other toilets since it has a power grind pump installed inside the toilet. The only problem I have with this product is that installation might not be easy and your floors might break. You get a one year warranty with this product which makes my complaint a rather minor one. This means that you should be satisfied or your money back guaranteed!

Saniflo SaniCOMPACT Toilet

By Saniflo

The first thing I would like to point out about this product is the amazing warranty that this product comes with. You get a 2 year warranty which is long as is, but if you want a longer warranty than you can even extend it up to 3 years. This is some amazing confidence that their product will succeed all of your expectations. Let us go over what this product actually does.

Essentially it does the same thing that the other toilets on this list does. You’ll have an easy time installing this product almost anywhere you want. It also has a no gravity flow tank which allows water to pass through really easily. It also doesn’t need to be vented or connected to a vent stack which provides convenience. This isn’t any different from the other toilets but the warranty that this product has makes me believe that it will all be high quality.

You will definitely be satisfied with this product because of the quality guarantee!

Liberty Pumps – HP Complete Toilet Macerator System 

By Liberty Pumps

Here is a product that will give you an easy time with adding it to your bathroom or for any general remodeling. It has a versatile design that pumps wastewater up to 25 inch lift and 150 inch horizontally. You can connect it to your tub, shower, and sink which shows how powerful this product is. It also provides a minor convenience because of the stainless steel blade that is in it. 

It provides even more convenience with its sensor based design which eliminates the mechanical float switches. The last thing that is great about this product is that it has a 3 year warranty which makes me believe that the product has great quality otherwise they would end up losing a lot of money because of returns. It is a fine product but it only provides small benefits. It does add up though so you’ll still find that it does the job.

Elongated Toilet Macerating Upflush Macerator Pump,Finish Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit With Elongated Bowl White And Extension Pipe Between Toilet And Macerato

By Bratyk 

This product comes with everything you need for the toilet seat to work. It comes with an elongated bowl, tank, toilet seat, and a macerating pump. Not having to buy anything extra is always a plus in my book due to the times we are in. You could also install this 18 feet below the sewer line and 150 feet away from a soil stack. Of course you might not even need to go that far but it’s always nice to know you aren’t that restricted in where you install this. 

You’ll get a 1 year warranty for a replacement and a 2 year warranty for any repairs. However I doubt you’ll need it with this product. It’s a fine toilet but the lack of features knocks it down my ranking. However you’ll still be satisfied with what you get here. 


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