Fishing can be a fun sport to try out for many, but the issue is that it is hard to land a bite. This is probably the main reason why many don’t try or end up quitting the sport. What they might not know is that there are tools that make the sport a lot easier. One of these tools is fishing lights! But unfortunately it can also be hard (go figure) to find the best fishing light to use.

No worries, this list will both inform you what to look for in a fishing light and the best ones for sale right now on amazon. The first thing to look for in a fishing light is the color. The color of the fishing light may seem like an insignificant detail in choosing a fishing light but there is actual research that supports the idea that the color is important. Choosing the wrong color might do nothing for your fishing experience except make you realize that you just wasted a lot of money!

After going over what to look for, we will be going over the 10 best fishing lights. The research is thorough and I am sure that you will have a wonderful experience with any of these products. Let’s get started with my top 10 best pier fishing lights!

About Fishing Lights

The most important feature to look for in a fishing light is the color. According to Darrell Keith (, the best fishing lights are green with white coming in second place! He found that the green light is the best at attracting tiny baits called plankton. Once the plankton gathers around, the fish starts to gather to consume them. This is the main reason why the fishing light is important because it acts as a secondary bait option. White light does the job too but it is seen as inferior compared to the green light option from his research. 

There is another important point to be made though about the fishing lights. There is a possibility that it may attract insects to where you are fishing which worsens the fishing experience. However, the fishing light that you use can change this. A certain fishing color can attract more fish and less insects. Can you guess which one? Correct it’s the green one!

10 Best Pier Fishing Lights

#1: OLIDEAR – LED Headlamp

A headlamp is my #1 on my list. The OLIDEAR Headlamp might not have a green light but it’s flexibility makes it worthwhile in my opinion. It comes with a white light and mostly the same features as the ODEAR Headlamp Flashlight. However, this headlamp is better than the other one on my list because it is easier to use. The reason for that is because you can adjust the light intensity with a simple button.

The button will change the light from high to low. It should be worth noting however that the light last differing amounts depending on the intensity. Hard light can last a minimum of 6 hours and a soft light can last a minimum of 20 hours. You also wouldn’t have to worry about lugging a huge battery along with you to attach this light to.

It comes with a rechargeable battery which makes portability a lot better. This is why it ranks #1 on my list!

#2: BESTSUN – Underwater Fishing Light 

The BESTSUN Green Submersible Fishing Light is one of the easiest products to use. All you have to do with this product is to clamp it onto a battery of your choice and it’s ready to go. The product is quite strong so you wouldn’t have to worry about it causing an overheating issue. This puts the product a step up over the other products due to this detail.

When looking for a fishing light you would ideally want it to be green or white. Also ideally it doesn’t attract bugs that much. This product does all of that with the added benefit that it wouldn’t cause the battery to overheat. It’ll put in 110% without the hassle!


#3: ODEAR  – HeadLamp for  Fishing

This product has excellent flexibility as well. The main reason for that is because you can attach this floating light to your head. By attaching it to your head, you will be able to shine the light quicker than all others. It can also be used as a safety tool. Walking in night is dangerous but this product will help with that. You will be able to use this product as both a flashlight and a fishing light! The light is incredibly strong and will light up to 500 yards away.    Which is why you will be able to see any danger from far away!

Overall this product ranks so high despite the limited amount of features. The reason for this is because what it does do, it does really well. I highly recommend this product to fishers of all skill levels. This product would be your old reliable at an affordable price.


#4: OTYTY – Fishing Light Portable

The OTYTY Fishing Light is an excellent choice at number 4. The reason for that is because it provides a wide variety of color options. You can adjust the color if you feel like you are not getting any luck with a certain fishing light. The colors are good, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the green light option that does a better job of attracting fish. As long as you require a light source for a night time operation, this fishing light should be sufficient for the task.

There is also the added bonus that this fishing light is waterproof and sturdy. This means that it doesn’t lose out to the other products in terms of longevity. Arguably the best thing about this fishing light is that the intensity of the light can be adjusted to your liking. The versatility of this product makes it a quality recommendation to fishers of any skill level. 

#5: SAMDO –  Underwater Fishing Light 

The SAMDO IP68 Underwater Fishing Light has 6 different options that you can buy on amazon right now. It’s useful in lighting up your fishing experience. For fishers who don’t want to spend the time waiting for a bite will find this product incredibly useful. The SAMDO Fishing Light can light up cages and nets.

Then a fisher would be able to figure out when to pull their nets or cages in with the help of the fishing light. This product is highly recommended to beginners only. For more advanced fishers, they may prefer the other products in my list! It places at number 5 because of its value compared to the other products. You might not need something super strong which is where this product comes to play.

#6: Bright Night Fishing – 300 LED 

Our number 6 fishing light that I will be talking about is the Bright Night Fishing Underwater Fishing Light Green. The main appeal of this fishing light is that the color is green which will also attract a lot of fish and less bugs. It also gives fisher’s a lot of bang for their buck because of the battery length. The product has a 12v battery which is normally seen in things like cars (, which is extremely powerful for a fishing light.

The battery is supposed to last for a total of 43 hours which is very good for the average fisher. It provides more lumen than our number 7 spot with its 15000 lumen. It also lights up a wide range of 35ft which will attract a lot of fish. The only thing that may concern potential buyers is the lack of reviews.

That may be a valid concern but the people who have reviewed the product have given it good to great reviews. This is why I consider this fishing light as an underrated product. It’s possible that if more people bought the product, the reviews might go up but at the same time it can go down. This is why this product is my number 6.

#7: Jiawill – Underwater Fishing LED Light 

The Jiawill Underwater Fishing LED Light is my number 7 fishing light on amazon. You can actually purchase a green light option or a white light option, but it is highly recommended to get the green light fishing option which promises to attract a lot of fish. It’s battery lasts long because it has 4000 lumen and 100 lumen ( can give you about 5 to 10 hours of use. This is a long time for the average fisher.

You wouldn’t need to continue to buy a lot of fishing lights because this product promises to last a long time. It has the best heat dissipation which helps ensure the longevity of the product. I give it high marks for its efficiency, great design, and its portability.  

#8: THlighting – Underwater Light 

The THlighting Submersible Deep Drop Fishing Light is a really good quality buy for people who are trying to save money. It has a better warranty deal than the YIDAZN and has the benefit of customer support. If you have any issue with the product, you can contact them and can expect a very quick response. It also has a wide arrangement of color options that comes with the product compared to the YIDAZN.

Thus you can adjust the light to your preferred choice for fishing. Otherwise there isn’t much of a difference between this product and the YIDAZN fishing light.  

#9: YIDAZN – Underwater Fishing Light 12V 

The YIDAZN Underwater Fishing Light is my number 9 choice in this list. The reason for this is because it matches the products below it in terms of quality. In fact, the quality might be better because it is reported to be an “upgraded product”. It can attract more than just fish, for example it can even attract prawns.

The effects are a bit different because it is supposed to allure bait fish which would then lure in the bigger fish. However, there is conflicting data due to the light not being green or even white. Thus it is possible that the fishing light won’t be as effective as the other lights. However, this product comes with a return policy that is very lenient.

You wouldn’t have to provide a reason for the return but just make sure that you return the product in 30 days. The confidence the producers have in their product is large enough for me to recommend it to fishers who are just beginners.

#10: Deep Drop – LED Fishing Light 

This is the 10th place product of the list and the most basic compared to the rest. It has a wide range since it is usable at 2100 ft. It’s good because it has a green light which has research to support the idea that it is the best light for fishing. It may have few reviews but the reviews that it has received are all good. The Deep Drop Fishing Light is a solid product for people who want something cheap to try out for their first time with a fishing light.

Essentially this product has the minimum qualities that you want to look for in a fishing lights.  You want a fishing light as good as this one or better. Anything worse than this product and you’ll be wasting your money.

My Tip For Fishing

The best tip I can give for fishing is to fish at night or early morning when it is dark. It may seem obvious from this article but I think it is still worth mentioning. I have seen a lot of people at the beach pier fishing in the morning with no luck. They would probably have better luck if they fish during the night time with a fishing light. The experience would most likely be much better.

Final Thoughts

Well I hope you enjoyed your journey through my top 10 best pier fishing lights. While choosing my top 10, I tried to focus on a wide variety of characteristics. That would be the type of fishing light, durability, portability, and flexibility. I think I done just that with this list and I thank you for reading!



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