We compiled this list in order to help you find the perfect light for you and your RV. Whether your RV sees the road all the time or only a few days a year, we have you covered. Whether you use your RV for solo camping or cross-country family road trips, outdoor lighting is always an important thing to factor in. Who likes travelling without fashionable and functionable lighting? Nobody!

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, as do the lights you can put on them. You can buy a light track for your RV, awning clips, or hangers. All of this depends on your lifestyle, weather conditions, and how frequently you’ll be at your RV.

This list will feature only the best RV awning lights and give you an idea of what could be perfect for you and your family. From flashing lights, timed lights, and even solar powered lights, there is something here for every RV owner. 

The Best Awning Lights

RecPro Awning Light

This state of the art and top of the line LED light comes from a reputable brand. The 16 inch light is easy to install and is 100% waterproof.

It’s covered in a crystal resin and then encased in silicone. This high performance LED impressed us and is sure to withstand the elements. The light comes with an awning kit for quick, easy, and long lasting installation. The color of the LED is a bright white. The light fits perfectly. So, it’s not needed to remove the light when opening and closing your awning.

We love how simple the RecPro is at putting up and keeping it up. It is a lighting fixture specifically designed for an RV awning and there is no track necessary. This fully equipped light is sure to keep things bright for years to come.

Brighttown – Globe String Light

Is your RV the most fashionable and trendy on the block? The Brighttown globe string lights have 24 clear glass bulbs, but you have the option of two different colored wires: black or green.

They are listed as both indoor and outdoor lights. These 1.5 inch bulbs are energy efficient. There are 12 inches between each bulb and up to three strands can be connected. The back of each bulb features a clip, which can be used directly on an awning or hanging from an awning.

We loved this feature that Brighttown offered. Brighttown also offers it’s customers a one year satisfaction guarantee. Try them out. If you don’t like the way they fit or they burn out, contact customer service. These are perfect for giving off a little light, but also looking very chic. 

Polymer Products – Globe String Lights

These black and etched bronze globes are ready to light up your RV and definitely have earned their spot with the best RV awning lights. Not only are they weather resistant, but they are also shatterproof!

We loved this aspect about Polymer Products. Another great think we found about this listing: it includes hanging hooks. These will work perfect for hanging off an RV.

The initial string is 20 feet long, but it includes extensions for up to 30 inches more. The string features 6 etched globes and is only 8 pounds total. Choose these to add a little fancy essence to your RV. 

This option is perfect for RVs that frequently host family vacations with little ones. Sometimes, lights can become dangerous, especially if they somehow become broken. Even if these manage to fall off your RV, you can rest assured that they won’t break and shatter glass everywhere. 

Prime Products – Multi-Colored Globe Light

These globe lights are on the list for the best RV awning light because of their functionality. We found their rechargeable battery to be very convenient. Prime Products offers these lights in 3 different colors. The LEDs come in warm white, multi-colored, and white. The globes give off a crystallized look, which looks unique with each color.

These lights are not super bright, but give off a really nice ambience. These lights have 8 different modes and include a control box. They can be flashing or static, whatever your choosing! This control box also works as the battery charger, so there’s no need for extra cords and extra hassle. The control box also has a built in timer. Prime Products allows you to time the lights however you please. This is perfect for when you leave the RV to do some exploring, but want a lighted way home! 

Noza Tec – Outdoor String Lights

These lights are 25 feet indoor/outdoor globe lights. These lights, similar to Brighttown, also feature a clip on the back that is perfect for attaching to an awning. It is available in three different wire colors: black, green, and white. These are incandescent bulbs with 12 inches in between each bulb.

The bulbs are approximately 1.5 inches in size. You are able to connect up to three more strands to make the lights go on even longer.

These globes give off a warm hue that make your RV feel cozy and inviting. Make your RV atmosphere a little more romantic with the addition of these globes.

easyDecor Globe Solar String Lights

We love this set of string lights for it’s innovation with solar power usage! For this reason, you will have no utility energy costs. This is why it is included as one of the best RV awning light. It is available in three different different colors: white, blue, and multi-colored. There are 30 LEDs on one string. The lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn.

They need six hours of sunlight for them to be charged and ready to go at dusk. They even still power-up on cloudy days. Who doesn’t like being eco-friendly? It also includes eight different light modes. All you have to do is stick the solar panel into the ground and power it on. So, you can pick out whichever one you want for that night! 

LEDwholesalers – Color Changing Strip

This 12 volt color changing 16.4 foot strip comes in an easy to assemble kit. The remote that comes with it is wireless and the strip itself is flexible.

The flexibility is why it is included with the best RV awning lights. The IP requires this product to remain in dry locations only. So, don’t have these plugged in during a rainstorm. This is the only product on our list that isn’t rated for outdoor use. This just means if it gets wet, there’s a chance it will stop working.

The kit comes complete with a strip, remote, and power supply. The remote features 16 different colors plus multiple different settings. The remote also allows you to adjust brightness. The strip is very energy efficient. The color changing strip is also equipped to be cut at certain lengths! 

Coleman – LED String Lights

These little lantern lights are the cutest embellishment for your RV! They are super light weight. This string is six feet long and features ten lanterns.

They are water resistant and come with a battery pack. They hang easily from all types of awnings, although you may need to pick up more than one to cover the length of your RV’s awning. It runs for 20 hours on three AAA batteries.

 What makes these lights so special, is that they are produced by a well known camping brand: Coleman. 

It’s a name that’s been around for over 100 years and a it’s a name you can trust for quality outdoor products. These lights come from a line of quality Coleman lights that are extremely long-lasting and durable in weather conditions. 

AMLIGHT –  String Lights

AMLIGHT, coming from detailed oriented designers, brings you the very best in string light technology.

Their glass bulbs are designed specifically to withstand the elements and remain air-tight. 

The original 24 feet of string is able to connect up to 10 more strings of lights. The light gives off a warm amber glow, which is perfect for night time around an RV.

These bulbs are designed with copper wiring, providing safer electrical current passage and longer durability. 

One of the many reasons it is considered one of the best RV awning lights. For when you’re RVing in a place with less than perfect conditions, AMLIGHT has you covered.

RC – Color Changing LED Light

If your RV doubles as a party house, look no further. Do you want your RV to be the coolest spot in the campground? This light strip features 32.8 feet of color changing technology, equipped with a remote control. If that’s way more than the length of your RV awning, fear not! This unique strip is equipped to let you cut it every three LEDs.

Take your pick of 15 different colors and multiple different settings. You can have blue one night and red the next! This rope light is rated IP65, which means it is labeled for outdoor use. This LED is perfect for conserving energy and is easy to install. The strip is self adhesive and is adhered from the back. Put a little party in your RV with RC’s color changing light strip! 

Still not sure which product is the best RV awning light?

Each RV is different and unique to you. Whether you’re doing a day trip or going across the country with family, investing in a good source of light is something to consider as an RV owner.

All the lights listed here have pros and cons. If you’re looking for something that will trek day in and day out with you, lean more towards the RecPro Awning Light. If you prefer to use your RV only occasionally and love hosting guests, one of the color changing strips might be an option for you. If you love staying in campgrounds and impressing your neighbors, Polymer Products provides a durable and appealing product. If you treat your RV more as a bungalow and are trend-savvy, test the waters with one of the globe lights! Surprise your camping neighbors and light up the night with the cutest in string lights by Coleman. No matter your taste or need for functionality, one of the lights here could work perfectly for you. Hopefully you find the best RV awning light for you!

This list will feature only the best RV awning lights and give you an idea of what could be perfect for you and your family. From flashing lights, timed lights, and even solar powered lights, there is something here for every RV owner. #rvawninglights #rv #rvliving #rvtools #lights #awninglights #outdoors #outdoorliving


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