Traveling the world in RV can be one of the most freeing things in the world! Whether you go across the country or on small family trips, the accessories you include in your RV are just as important as the RV itself. New technological advances have made owning an RV and its amenities simpler than in the past.

The list below features several unique and portable options for your RV. Traveling in your RV can mean plugging into different parks and different power sets. You wouldn’t want to plug your RV with all your expensive appliances into a faulty plug. This could potentially ruin your entire vacation. These surge protectors can also protect your RV after you have been plugged in and conditions change. RV surge protectors come in 30 amp and 50 amp. They can be plugged into any power pedestal at an RV Park. AC units, refrigerators, televisions and other appliances can be damaged due to a power surge.

But, having all this new powered equipment in your RV can take a toll on the wiring. That is why it is important to invest in a good quality RV surge protector. You must take precautions and invest in equipment that will protect the products you love inside your RV. Especially if you take your RV to different parks, where power is known to sometimes get dangerously high or low, it can be extremely beneficial for you to invest in one of the best RV surge protectors from the list below.

Top Overall Best Surge Protector

Camco – Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer

This surge protector is one of the best RV surge protectors around. Protect your electrical equipment for your RV and keep everything working smoothly.

This little box features diagnostic lights that will tell you if there are any faults in your wiring. 

These lights are extremely useful and are not found on every single surge protector, making this product uniquely helpful. The Camco Dogbone will go up to 30 amps.

Not only is the Camco Circuit Analyzer an excellent surge protector, but also a fault indicator. It weighs about five pounds and is a handy compact tool to use for your RV.

Progressive Industries – Smart Surge Protector

The Progressive Industries SSP30X is one of the best RV surge protectors because it is lightweight and portable. Progressive Industries is a name you can trust in RV surge protectors, which is one of the reasons we love their products. It is extremely light at only 1.8 pounds.

 There is no installation required and it is very easy to use. This product provides multiple polarity detection. These include open ground, open neutral and reverse polarity detection. It is thermal protected and designed for outdoor use. It also features three LED indicator lights to alert you of any potential faults in your wiring.

The Best 50 Amp RV Surge Protector

Progressive Industries SSP-50XL 

This RV surge protector can go up to 50 amps. The design is very similar to the SSP30X, except it weighs 3 pounds and also comes with a cover.

 Progressive Industries is a leader in the best RV surge protectors and other accessories. Several of the new features on this model are patent pending, proving they are paving the way in RV accessories.

This product also features open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity detection. It comes equipped with a surge failure indicator and is thermal protected. Just like the SSP30X, it had three LED indicator lights.

Surge Guard – 44270 Entry Level

Don’t let your expensive RV equipment get damaged! Invest in one of the best RV surge protectors. Surge Guard is only two pounds and is extremely portable for bringing to campsites with you. This surge protector can identify faulty power at parks you travel to. This is important because running on too low or too much power can be detrimental to your appliances in your RV. This product is not bulky at all, which is one of the reasons we love this product. It’s easy to store and easy to use. It also features three indicator lights on top. It also tests for open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity. This product is about 22 inches long and is only about 4 inches wide. We also like this product because it has the capability to analyze circuits to verify pedestal power.

The Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protector

Camco – 30 AMP Power Defender

We love how this product protects your RV from dangerous low voltages and high voltages. Even if you’re not around to read the indicator lights, this product will automatically disconnect when it detects a fault within the wiring. This product is available for 30 amp and 50 amp. It features diagnostic lights to help detect faults.

It also weighs 5 pounds and is 27 inches long. This product will make sure all your appliances are kept safe during a spike. It shows faults for reverse polarity, open neutral, and pedestal wiring problems. This is a perfect product to bring to the RV park because it registers pedestal wiring problems.

Surge Guard – 30A25MFST RV Extension Set

This surge protector ranks one of the best RV surge protectors for several reasons. This product is an extension cord and comes in a set. It has a male and female molded plug. The product is 7 pounds 13.5 inches long.

We like it because it is weather resistant and made of durable PVC material, making it perfect to bring with you in your RV. The ends of the plugs feature easy T-pull handles. This makes having to disconnect them easier and safer than other products on the market. The inner portion of this product is made of 100% copper. This is a very important safety feature.

Best RV Surge Protector with Voltage Protection

Surge Guard – 34830  with LCD Display

This surge protector goes up to 30 amp. It features a convenient LCD display screen that we love, which provides easy readability versus other older models. This device has a built in intelligence capable of protecting your TV from faulty park power. It also has an automatic reset on power restoration. This device is able to continuously gauge voltage, amp draw, and polarity.

It scrolls through these stats on it’s easy to read screen, which adds to the functionality of this product. It is only 4 pounds and 27 inches long. This unit also features overheating protection and will shut down temporarily to prevent itself from overheating. This is another feature the older version is lacking.

Progressive Industries – HW50C Surge 

This device is a little larger, but we still like it because it is able to hold supplies inside of it. Progressive Industries makes the list again for the best RV surge protector. The display box and cables are neatly tucked inside. This complete system provides full RV protection against negative power conditions. This product is only 5 pounds.

It’s display screen scrolls continuously through the information you need to know. This information includes: voltage, current, frequency, and all error codes. This unit is powered by a mini computer software, but replacement parts are easy to find. This unit features easy snap on and snap off replacement parts, which adds to the functionality of this product. If the software ever needs an upgrade, it is free to obtain one.

The Best RV Surge Protector Lock

Technology Research – 34590 Universal Lock

This product works for both 30 amp and 50 amp portable plugs. Keep your plugs for your RV safe and protected with Technology Research’s RV Universal Lock. Don’t buy one of the best RV surge protectors without investing in a lock to keep it in your possession. This lock is perfect for bringing to those busy RV parks with you.

You will no longer have to fear someone snatching up your surge protector for themself. This lock is only 1.2 pounds. A padlock is able to be attached to the Universal Lock’s Hasp. It is compatible with all portable Surge Guard models and Surge Guard voltage regulators. It comes in the color black. It is made out of a durable high quality plastic.

Epicord Dogbone RV – Electrical Twist Lock

This product is made of durable flame retardant material, is heat resistant, pressure-proof, and flexible. The product comes in a bright yellow, which makes it easy to find. It is only 1.5 pounds, so it’s easy to store and lightweight to use. While it is in use, you must keep it away from water.

This locking connector has a threaded ring, which is convenient for making the product more water resistant. The prongs are extremely durable, which we love, and aren’t easily bendable. The wire is 100% copper and corrosion resistant. When you purchase this product you also receive a 2 year limited warranty and 24/7 online customer service.

it can be extremely beneficial for you to invest in one of the best RV surge protectors from the list below. #surgeprotector #rv #rvliving #rvtools #outdoors


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