A squid jig is used when fishing for squid, otherwise known as squid jigging or squidding. A good squid jig is essential to catching squid, with there being a wide assortment of different colors and weights, all suited to different environments and squid.

Most fishermen have their favorite squid jig that they use, but it is almost up to you to decide which works best. A lot of it is luck, but there are definitely some squid jigs that work better than others.

Along with a good squid jig, here are some other essentials that you will need to take when going squidding.

Fishing rod – You will obviously need a fishing rod, and the best one to take is one that is not too light, and not too heavy. Something fairly weighted and fairly stiff will work well, and the best one to use would be a long, fast action trout rod.

Reel – You don’t need an overly-specialized reel to go squidding. The most important thing to remember is to have a salt-resistant reel to avoid any wear and tear on your reel from the saltwater. A spinning reel is best, and make sure to use a reel that allows you to pick up slack and reel in your line quicker, as squid are notorious for wriggling off jigs.

Line – You need to use a light monofilament with a 4- – 8-lb test. This will allow you to fish deeper and allow the jigs to move more freely when in the water.

Squid bucket – As schools of quid come and go in a few minutes, it is handy to have a squid bucket around to quickly unhook the squid to get your jig back in the water. Buckets are also easy to clean when you are done.

Here are some of the best squid jigs to try out!

12 Best Squid Jigs

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig

This squid jig allows you to double your invisibility with the  H.D fluorocarbon disappearing pink feature. The fluorocarbon maximizes the squidding with the disappearing pink tint, making it virtually invisible in the water, with red being the first color to disappear within the water column.

Even if the fluorocarbon is nicked, the pink color does not allow for the jig to become more visible, reducing the risk that the jig will be noticed when squidding.

This jig will be your go-to when fishing, and the pink is a versatile color that adapts to almost all squidding environments, giving you some of the best squidding results possible!

OriGlam – Luminous Squid Jigs

This 5pcs squid jig pack gives you options on colors to use when out squidding, suiting many different environments and conditions, optimizing your chance to catch some squid.

The squid jigs have a luminous effect, with laser eyes that offer long duration illumination. The thin hook needle has good rigidity, but is free from barbs, allowing for easy removal from the squid.

All parts of the squid jigs are handmade, down to the stainless steel hook, and the claw jig which allows it to be thicker and stronger, making sure that when the squid is hooked, it is difficult to detach. The stainless steel hook is strong enough to fight against large squid, and will not break easily which will leave the squidding pointless. The glow in the dark lure is perfect for saltwater.

Different colors are suited to different squidding conditions, and this 5pcs set will make sure that you are properly prepared for any environment you might find yourself squidding in.

Agool – Fluorescent Squid Jig Hook

With 8 identical squid jigs in this pack, you will never find yourself without everything you need to go squidding.

The fluorescent squid jigs have a dual-layer round sharp split hooks which make it easier and more effective when it comes to catching squid. The body of the squid jig is made from PVC material and is painted with fluorescent paint that glows to attract squid in darker waters. The noctilucent products need light in order to produce a fluorescent flow.

These jigs are perfect for sleeve-fish, octopus, squid, and cuttlefish, in either freshwater or saltwater. Made with PVC and stainless steel, the jigs are environmentally friendly and durable for extended fishing.

The 8 pieces come in a plastic box, making them easy to carry around with you whenever the squidding bug bites!

Yo-Zuri – Squid Ultra Bait Aurora Sinking Jig

Yo-Zuri is well-known for creating some impressive lures and jigs, and this squid jig shows exactly why.

This jig is made from a durable material, and has an internal luminescent finish. The super-strong hook is perfect for when the squid are not eating the larger prey, with each different line tie matching the lure finish, offering a seamless color.

What makes this jig stand out above the rest is the red feather pectoral fin finish and the glow in the dark technology.

Being perfectly balanced with a super strong set of hooks, this jig will offer seamless squidding. The swivel line tie makes way for effortless life-like movement in the water, attracting the squid to your lure.

With state of the art glow in the dark technology, squid will be attracted to this jig as it so closely mimics natural squid prey. It is one of the most effective squid jigs out there and will take your squidding to the next level.

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Jshanmei Squid Jig Hard Fishing Lures

These needle-sharp stainless steel squid hooks come in a pack to ensure you always have a squid jig to suit your fishing environment.

The squid jigs have a luminous tail with bright colors that attract big fish. The best addition is that the paint used is eco-friendly, and the stain allows for the brightest possible colors with a luminous effect. The eyes are also luminous and bright underwater.

Either side of the wooden shrimp jig features bright feathers, which help to control the swimming direction of the jigs, creating a more natural sinking angle.

This squid jig is perfectly suited for squid fishing, sea fishing, and freshwater fishing, and there are enough in the pack to last you quite some time.

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure

The Ultra Lens Sinking Squid Jig from Yo-Zuri is perfectly balanced to allow for a precise lifelike swimming action, making it irresistible to squid swimming by.

The all-round jig belly is translucent, creating an enticing holographic flash that is not to be missed. A wide darting pattern allows for the jig to have a realistic and natural-looking swimming action.

Strong and flexible trick hooks allow for maximum hook set and strength, which comes in handy when fighting larger squid. The jigs are available in different enticing colors that work well under different circumstances and environments.

With a near natural swimming action and the most enticing colors and holographic effect, this is a squid jig that will bring you success time and time again.

Squid Jig Series EGI Auri-Q

This state of the art glow in the dark jig uses the latest technology to mimic the natural prey of squid, helping attract them more than what other squid jigs do.

The swivel line allows for effortless life-like movement that seems incredibly natural in the water. Being perfectly balanced, the squid jig is able to maneuver water in a streamlined way, with no resistance.

The durable body and super strong hooks make for surefire squidding, with minimal breaks and tears. The line tie matches the lure for a seamless color, creating a more lifelike appearance. With red feather pectoral fins and glow in the dark technology, this squid jig is a step above the rest.

The latest technology and state of the art design makes this one of the best squid jigs available at the moment, and it will be your best accessory when out squidding.

Squid Jig Ultra Cloth Slow Sinking Lure

This floating squid jig is designed to sink slowly, allowing you to maximize the time spent with the jig in the water.

Strong polycarbonate material is wrapped in a luminous cloth to give the jig a more realistic look and feel, with the more realistic feel driving squid to attack for longer, giving you more chance to hook up the squid more often.

The small feathered pectoral fins, the swivel line tie, and sticky sharp hooks will keep the squid jig flowing throughout your squidding, and offer up some great results.

Available in four different colors, this unique cloth wrapped jig offers some state of the art squidding that will have you walking away successful each time.

Halco Twisty Chrome Jig

Made with chromed brass, this jig provides flashy action when underwater, no matter the condition.

The jig comes with a complete single hook braided leader which helps with sinking and jigging while on the line. A unique curved edge is easily retrieved by a slow wobble or high-speed splash action.

Made with quality components, the jig has maximum durability, taken further by a heat-sealed hook. Suited for rock, beach and offshore fishing, this jig is really versatile and can be used in many different conditions and environments.

Ahi USA Weighted Hard Body Squid Jig

Made using only the highest quality materials, this long-lasting and durable squid jig can be used time and time again for the best results possible.

This giant squid jig will allow you to tackle even the largest of squids and has been tested by expert anglers for durability and maximum effect.

The design of the squid jig allows it to move naturally in water, perfectly mimicking the natural prey of squid, without any flashy colors that might make the jig stand out too much.

Properly durable and effective with the largest of squid, it won’t hurt to keep this squid jig on hand in case you come across any monsters!

LED Squid Jig Hook

With the ultimate luminescence, this squid jig is perfect for night fishing, suited even to the darkest of fishing environments.

The squid jig uses a double layer hook design with an umbrella shape that allows it to move easily and naturally in the water. The hard body and front ring which connect to the fishing line are both strong and durable, reducing the risk of breaks and tears.

The design of the jig belongs to broad-spectrum bait and can be used in many different water conditions to catch squid, octopus, inkfish, sleeve-fish, and cuttlefish, either in freshwater and saltwater.

With an LED light that shines underwater, the squid will be attracted to this jig before any others, being more noticeable and enticing in the darkest of environments.

Fishcm 5pcs Plastic Squid Jig

This 5pcs set is everything you need to get set and go squidding, offering a variety of colors for you to try out to hit success.

The life-like profile and swimming action offer great fishing for squid in freshwater and sea fishing. Featuring double straight hooks, the bait is piercing and durable, making them effective for even the strongest squid.

Made with an eco-friendly stain and paint, the bright colors and luminous tails feature 3D eyes that appear very realistic. Feathers on either side of the bait helps to control the swimming direction, making the squid jigs appear more natural in the water.

With a rainbow variety, you will not be left wanting with this assortment of effective squid jigs.

Finding the most successful and reliable squid jig will take some time, but these listed above are a great start. They are all durable and look incredibly natural in the water, while still working to attract the squid to the hook.

When squidding, and with the nature of squid, you need to have strong, reliable jigs that allow for quick hooking and fast resistance to reduce the risk of the squid breaking free. With these squid jigs, you are sure to have some of your best squidding sessions yet!


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