Choosing the best waterproof walkie talkie for your next outdoor adventure can be challenging, but we have attempted to take out some of the leg work. Here, you will find the best waterproof walkie talkies that we have hand-chosen just for you. Whether you’re a professional that needs something for your field or an outdoor enthusiast, we have something for you.

Waterproof two-way walkie talkies are perfect for anything involving water or if there may be severe weather conditions. All of the walkie talkies listed below can not only withstand a splash or two, but are completely waterproof. One model we have listed can even be submerged and has been designed to float. However, if you plan to only take your walkie talkie hiking and not by bodies of water, you may choose more of a long distance model.

When shopping for a waterproof walkie talkie you will want to ask yourself what it’s main purpose will be. Are you using it just for emergency situations? Will you be using it to keep in constant contact over long distances? These questions will help you determine what product you will need out of the list below.

The 7 Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Midland – GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio

We listed the Midland GXT1000VP4 as number one on our list of the best waterproof walkie talkies because of it’s extensive list of high quality features. This product can go up to 36 miles. It is 100% waterproof. It has a sleek black design with an orange interface and black bold numbers. It comes with 50 channels. This product has hazard weather channels and weather scanning technology.

It comes complete with accessories for hands-free use. This product has 142 privacy codes. We love this product because it includes a “whisper” feature. This allows you to whisper into the walkie talkie and still be heard crystal clear on the other side with no interruption. Midland also has the capability to make group calls and direct calls. It also can emit a distress sound for emergency situations. This package comes with two radios, a desktop charger, mic headsets, and a wall adapter. It comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Baofeng Radio – BF-F9 V2+ 8-Watt Dual-Band

We love this walkie talkie because it comes in five different colors. It comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and green. Not only that, this product features a high quality bright LCD screen.

The Baofeng brand prides itself on producing top of the line products and some of the best waterproof walkie talkies. They update their product features yearly. So you can rest assured that they will keep you updated with the latest technology. This product is water resistant. It features a dual watch and dual standby mode.

The exterior casing of this walkie talkie provides noise cancellation, which provides you with crystal clear performance. A unique feature of this product is that it can be easily programmed with a computer to work on private repeater systems.

Motorola – T600 Talkabout Radio

This waterproof walkie talkie has a VibraCall feature that allows vibration in place of a loud call. It also features a personalized keypad lock. This Motorola product is bright green with a nice display screen. We love this product because it has a built in LED flashlight with red and white lights. The flashlight is water activated. This product features real time weather updates so you are never caught in nasty weather. It features 11 weather channels. It comes equipped with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. This walkie talkie is one of the best waterproof walkie talkies for several reasons. But, one of these reasons is that it has the capability to alert you on the screen when there is a low battery. This product can work by land or by sea.

Cobra – ACXT545 Walkie Talkie

The Cobra is a waterproof walkie talkie that also has an NOAA weather receiver built in. The sides of this product have built in rubber grips that make it very easy to hold, but also extra durable against falls. It comes with an LED flashlight on the front. There is a vibration setting that will alert you of incoming calls more quietly than a ring.

This waterproof model will make sure you are not able to stop communicating due to the weather. This product will help you be prepared in any circumstance and be able to remain connected. It comes with 22 channels with 142 privacy codes. This product also has the capability to do voice activated transmissions, which means it can be used hands free.

Retevis RT6 IP67 – Waterproof 2 way radio

The Retevis RT6 is designed to adapt to severe weather conditions. This kit comes with five walkie talkies. This product ensures you will have crystal clear calls even in the rainiest of weather. It offers consumers a battery power saving mode. It is drop resistant and dustproof as well.

This product has the ability to go into loudspeaker mode. It also has a custom designed earpiece for quieter environments. The earpiece is also waterproof. There is a flashlight built in, as well as an emergency alarm. The product is on the heavier side, weighing in at seven pounds. We like that this product offers three different LCD display colors: orange, blue, and purple.

Olympia R100 Rugged Waterproof Two-Way Radios

This 37 mile range waterproof walkie talkie is perfect for an outdoor enthusiast. There are 50 preset channels. Each of these channels have 121 possible privacy combinations. This particular model is also compatible with a lot of headsets, making it a perfect option for hands-free use.

It has a convenient USB charger for on the go charging. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The NOAA weather alerts are available to you anywhere 24/7. There is an option to either use a ring or a vibration feature. This is perfect for times when you do not want to be interrupted with a loud ring. The small design and material of the Olympia makes this product extremely durable.

LSENG – Waterproof Two Way Radio

The LSENG kit comes with two 5 watt walkie talkies that are waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof. It is outdoor approved. Each walkie talkie weighs about 2.5 pounds. They are super simple to use. They do not have a screen, just two knobs and an antennae. This would be perfect for someone who wants something that is more lower maintenance, but still performs well.

This product comes with a charging pod that has a wall adapter. All you have to do is lock the walkie talkie into the pod and plug it in. Then your walkie talkies will charge. They will stay charged for up to 5 hours of continuous use. It has a power saving mode and low battery alarm. This product also comes equipped with priority scanning capabilities and a busy channel lock

It is important to identify your main purpose for needing a waterproof walkie talkie. If you need it for crossing bodies of water and water sports, you may consider the Uniden Submersible. If you just need something for emergencies, you may consider the basic model: LSENG T-518. For long range use, consider the very last two models listed: Uniden and Olympia.

Waterproof walkie talkies are excellent ways to communicate when cell phone service is not available and staying connected is vital. You would not want to get caught someplace dangerous while on a vacation or other venture. Weather can change quickly and without cellphone service to check the forecast, your eyes can only do so much as a predictor. Most of the models listed up above come with weather channels that are active 24/7 for your area. They are perfect for camping or any other outdoor recreational activities.

Choosing the best waterproof walkie talkie for your next outdoor adventure can be challenging, but we have attempted to take out some of the leg work. #walkietalkie #waterproofradio #waterproof #outdoors #outdoortools


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