There are a couple crucial components that add to a great photo; you have to consider the setting, the mood, lighting, the model, the lens, and of course the camera itself, among other things. But one of the most crucial components is a tripod of course! You know that three legged crab creature that holds the camera up. We’re going to be looking at some of the best A6000 tripods that are compatible with the Sony A6000, which is an awesome portable camera which can be used for vlogging or taking HD selfies on the go.

I mention in one of my reviews below that it’s interesting seeing the different brands from name brands to lesser known brands and the differences in opinion. We’re going to talk about tripods that are the standard in expectation and also explore other non-conventional tripods like desk tripods and a gimbal rig. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual vlogger, I’m sure you’re going to want to snag either one of the tripods listed below!

The Best A600 Tripods​


This is Ultrapro’s 72 inch tripod for photo and video which is compatible for cameras like the A6000. This particular tripod comes in a bundle which includes a carrying case and bonus accessories including a mini travel tripod, LCD screen protector and a camera cleaning package.

This tripod boasts a sturdy carrying handle with a comfortable foam grip. It includes self leveling rubber tips and built in bubble levels which seems to be standard on most tripods. As a novice photographer, I find that feature to be useful in getting the right angles when shooting. It has a three way pan head and 3 sectioned legs. I like that this tripod maxes out at 72 inches when fully extended. It’s been useful in taking scenic shots. The only thing this thing is missing is a 360 degree swivel head which is an upgrade I personally would want. However, this is a fairly straightforward no frills tripod that would work great for beginners.

Though the company UltraPro isn’t very well known in the camera industry, if you’re looking for a very standard middle of the road tripod, this product works great.


And now for our final tripod we’re bringing it full circle by going back to ZOMEI with the Z699 magnesium aluminum alloy travel camera tripod with ball head. This 2 in 1 tripod can be converted into a full size monopod by screwing the center column and the removable tripod leg. Being compact and lightweight this tripod can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees making it a compact size of 13.8 inches and weighing in at 3.62 pounds.

The maximum load for this tripod is 28.66 pounds so it can also safely hold a DSLR or other camera types. This tripod comes with a padded carrying case with shoulder strap. This also comes with a free warranty, should any issues arise. One user commented that it feels solid and is really sturdy and a strong piece of equipment but still light weight enough to travel around with comfortably. This tripod can also be used as a monopod.

Another standout about this tripod is that it has leg spikes which would be useful for shooting in places where there might be soft ground. I also must say that visually this is a very stunning tripod to add to your arsenal.


Up next we have the Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 4-section pro carbon fiber tripod, this one comes without the head mount. This one also ranks up there in terms of price, which to be quite honest when working with photography equipment, you can expect to be spending a lot of money at some point.

That’s not to say that the lower end options aren’t a good buy, but I happen to believe that you get what you pay for with camera equipment, and if you have the money you should definitely go ham with it. This tripod features 100% carbon fiber tubes for the legs and the center column with all of the central castings being made with magnesium which adds to the overall light weight and performance of the tripod itself. These new CX Pro versions of the tripod include tri faceted 100% carbon fiber tube slides which makes it easier to go from a vertical to a horizontal position. The unit weighs 4 pounds, and unfortunately this tripod does not come with a carrying case with purchase. The height of this tripod maxes out at 57.5 inches.

According to reviews online this tripod is aces all the way, great for travel, very sturdy and amazing quality.


This tripod was literally made for vlogging. The Sony Alpha A6000 digital camera flexible tripod for digital cameras and camcorders. This little mini dude stands tall at 13 inches, meaning you can set this comfortably on your desk and do a makeup tutorial using only cream cheese, or whatever silly Youtube makeup artist tag is the latest craze.

There is a quick release plate for fast and easy camera mounting and dismounting. The safety knob locks the mounting plate in place for additional security and stability which you can rotate clockwise to lock, and counterclockwise to unlock. The flexible joints bend and rotate 360 degrees which you can bend and snap into any shape you please. The joints have rubber rings and foot grips that provide extra gripping power for a super secure hold. Another super great thing about this tripod besides the fact that it’s perfectly made for vlogging with the A6000 is that it’s one of the cheaper options offered, which is always a plus in my book.

I love this for travel, you can use the bendy legs to wrap around anything and it holds on tight. For the price you really can’t beat this tripod.

ZOMEI Z818 65″

Here we have the Zomei Z818 65-inch lightweight camera tripod monopod, with aluminum portable detachable monopod. This excellent tripod has a 360 degree ball head with a ¼ inch quick release plate and comes with a carrying bag. This tripod is compatible for Canon, Nikon, and Sony models. This professional camera tripod gives you a height range of 18 inches to 65 inches when fully extended.

The legs can be inverted and folded back on itself by up to 180 degrees. The quadruple sections of the legs offer a range of height to get the best shot! What I like about this tripod is the universal ball head which swivels with maximum precision while also decreasing accidental camera damage in the unlikely event of drops. This particular tripod can also be setup as a full size 37-72 inch monopod that has a removable center column and tripod leg. And when they say this thing is lightweight, at 3.7lbs you can tote this bad boy anywhere.

This comes in 5 pretty cool colors which makes it fit your personality. It comes in Black, Golden, Blue, Orange and Silver. This also comes with a carrying bag making this an all around great purchase!


Up next we have the B671C BONFOTO lightweight tripod in Carbon Fiber material. This tripod also offers the monopod feature with a ball head. Utilizing the strength and durability of the lightweight and stable carbon fiber tubes, this tripod will stand up to heat and corrosion and weighs in at only 2.5 pounds which makes this tripod lighter than your iPhone.

The maximum height of this tripod teeters out at 55 inches, while its folded height measure in at 15 inches. The adjustable four section legs offer a twist knob lock for height adjustment and a two position leg angle mechanism which gives it a unique design and ease of operation. The leg that has a sponge on it can be easily unscrewed and able to work on its own as a monopod. As a side note, the center column can be unscrewed and removed from the tripod and joined together with the monopod to make it longer. It also has dual bubble levels for perfect aligning of shots and a compass to boot!

The ball head is made of an aluminum alloy design with pan and ball locks with 360 degree panning scale for easy and quick adjustment. This thing looks sleek and modern and would be sturdy and long lasting for sure.


Looking more like the classic design of most tripods we’re familiar with, we have the Neewer portable 62 inch aluminum alloy camera tripod which once again has a 360 degree ball head. The load capacity on this thing is up to 17.6 pounds which makes it durable for any size camera.

Using aluminum in its materialization, but still holding steady at a solid 4 pounds makes this tripod a pro to use in the field. It also boasts rigidity intensity, high-efficiency shock absorption, better heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The universal ball head design has two locks with a 360 degree dial that can be adjusted quickly and freely. This tripod also comes with a bubble level indicator. It has non slip feet which ensures it won’t skid around ruining the perfect shot. This heavy duty tripod will hold up to 30 pounds of weight making it a beast. I’m ‘new’ to the Neewer brand but surprisingly this company manages to hold up with the big boys.

The quality and functionality is something to witness. After testing this guy in the field I’m confident in its ability to do its job in the field. With the added tripod bag this is an overall good investment for a tripod.


Here we have a tripod from K&F Concept. I love finding about all these new brands and seeing how they stack up against each other. Usually we can only think of a few household names for camera brands, but it’s interesting to see where the name brand holds up with brands like K&F Concept.

This guy is an aluminum tripod and measures up at 62 inches. This brand offers all the way up to 72 inches with the price seeming to match the quality. It says its tripod legs are made of high-quality military use metal, and can be folded 180 degrees reversely, which gives it a compact size of 16.15 inches. The bottom part of the center column is removable with the center column still being reversible to achieve low angle shots. It has a recessed center-column hook which is a spring loaded recessed hook located in the bottom of the center-column which allows you to hang additional weight from the travel tripod’s center of gravity, giving it increased stability.

The metal die casted ball head can be rotated 360 degrees, but note that the center column is not removable and therefore cannot be used as a monopod which gives this tripod a negative point. Weighing in at 4 pounds makes it a semi-light but sturdy tripod option.

Andoer 54 inch

Moving on to this Andoer 54 inch lightweight aluminum camera tripod with a rocker arm ball head which functions with both standard cameras and smartphones including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, including the A6000. This tripod which comes in black features a high quality aviation aluminum alloy.

The tripod is lightweight and compact and really light weight, coming in at 30.1 ounces. It has a 360 degree adjustable shooting angle with support for 90 degree vertical shooting as well. With the nonslip rubber feet and anti-skid rubber plate with a ¼ inch screw, it will ensure your camera or phone will mount safely and securely. Andoer is a pretty cool brand, they carry a pretty wide variety of products ranging from camera equipment to home electronics. As far as tripods go, this is standard fare. It’s also on the shorter side of the spectrum clocking in at 54 inches, which could be a positive or negative aspect if you prefer some length. As some of us do. But what I really like about this is that it’s interchangeable in accommodating both cameras and smart phones.

All in all, I’d say if you’re an at home vlogger or photographer, this could be the tripod for you.


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