Finding the perfect awning replacement for your RV can be challenging, considering there are so many different options. We compiled this list of the best RV awnings and accessories to aid you in making the final decision.

When considering a new replacement for your RV, the most important thing to do is to measure how long you will need it. It is not recommended to measure the length of your current one when ordering a new replacement. Awnings can come in different sizes, so this is an important step. To properly determine the size needed, you should first measure from the center of the right arm to the center of the left arm. Then, check product descriptions when choosing a product. Some times they will state that the actual product is shorter than what it says on the page.

Another thing to consider is: color. Are you looking for something that’s going to pop or are you looking for something that is more subtle?

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing an RV awning. You would want to pick out the best RV awning for you and your camper. This would also have to match up with your lifestyle. If you use your RV frequently you will want to invest in a product that’s durable and long lasting. If your awning is lighter then your awning has a lower chance of sagging, but it might not have all the weather resistant that a heavier model may have.

This list will help you gauge what you’re looking for when you are browsing new RV awning fabric replacements.

The Best RV Awning

ALEKO – Retractable RV Awning

This RV awning is designed to fit many different models of RVs, but it can also fit on patios. It features a deep blue color that looks very chic. This versatile product has the capability to be opened in less than one minute. This product is made of polyvinyl chloride. This material is the third most used synthetic plastic polymer and is behind polypropylene. It is 19.7 feet by 8.2 feet. This RV awning is easily retractable and very easy to open. It features excellent sun and rain protection. This awning easily rolls out and is not electrically controlled. The awning’s legs can be positioned to sit sturdily on the ground or up on the awning. It has a very cute and chic design, which would make a lovely addition to any RV. It only weighs 18 pounds. We love this product for being extremely versatile and for being very durable.

The Best RV Awning Replacement Fabric

ShadePro – RV Awning Replacement Fabric

This replacement RV awning fabric is similar in style to SunWave, but this product is sold by Shade Pro. The color is also an ombre charcoal that fades into white. This product fits Carefree of Colorado, Domestic, Libbert, and Faulkner.

When your awning has hit it’s limit and needs to be changed out, use one of the best RV awning fabrics on the market. This awning fabric features a 13 oz, 3 ply fabric reinforcement. Although this makes the awning a little heavier, it is one of the sturdiest on the market today.

This product is very convenient, as it comes in one piece with a covered roller. The two different poly cords, 3/16” and ¼”, are sewn directly into the fabric. The awning comes with simple instructions so you can easily install this yourself.

It also comes with a replacement pull strap. This awning selection is was perfect for an RV owner who relies on convenience. This was the only model we came across with poly cords directly sewn in.

SunWave – Awning Replacement Fabric

The fabric of this RV awning is made of durable vinyl and is coated in a 16 oz weather shield to help protect your awning from the elements. We love this feature. Nobody wants an awning that is not resistant to the weather. Unfortunately, there are these on the market. Weather resistant awnings are perfect for when you get caught in the rain. They are also good when your awning is rolled up for long periods of time. Being rolled up can cause mildew and dirt build up. But, a weather resistant model would protect against this. This is one of the best RV awning fabrics because it is colored on both sides.

The design on the front which is a fading blue is mimicked on the underside of this awning. So, while this product is extremely functional, you don’t have to take shortcuts when it comes to how appealing it looks. The awning comes ready to install, which we love. It comes with ¼” poly cord for the rail and 3/16” poly cord for the tube. This awning is very lightweight, weighing in at only 20 pounds. This product features a beautiful ombre effect where the blue fades into the white of the awning. This product also comes with a three year limited warranty. We love this product because it will have a small chance of sagging quickly due to its lightweight design. Sunwave offers a 14 day return policy. The company states that the actual product will come in measuring ten inches less than what is listed. This is very common for awning brands to mention this. It is up to the consumer to determine the actual length they need for their RV.

Carefree – Awning Replacement Fabric

This Carefree product only fits Carefree awning attachments. However, it is to be noted that this brand is very trusted and their attachments can be used with other awning brands. It has ¼” cording at the awning rod and 3/16” cording at the roller. It weighs 17 pounds. It can also fit campers as well as RVs. Unfortunately, this product will not work with a Carefree Longitude awning.

If you’re looking for a sturdy long lasting replacement awning, then the Carefree line of awnings are definitely ones to consider. They are similar in product design to ShadePro, but these do not have the poly cords sewn in. However, we love that this product has attachments that can be used for other awnings.

You can always keep the attachments and decide to upgrade at a later date! This product is 20 inches by 17 inches by 7 inches. This off white canopy is perfect for someone who does not want a bright pop of color on their RV and wants something a little more toned down. If your RV has Carefree features then this would be the perfect addition, considering most Carefree products are not as versatile as other brands. The off white model is not colored on the underside, but is weather resistant. This is perfect for when it is raining and your awning is exposed to the elements.

Awnlux – Awning Fabric Replacement

The Awnlux vinyl replacement fabric can be fit onto Carefree and domestic models. It comes with an instruction manual and everything you need to assemble it without the help of a professional. The color is a deep blue ombré. The finished fabric size is 12 feet long.

This product can be customized additionally if you were to contact the retailer, which is a feature we really appreciate with RV products. The product can be customized based on size restrictions after you measure from arm and arm how much you need. These fabrics are made to order. It is never good to measure an old awning before ordering a new one.

The weight of this fabric is about 13 pounds. It has a poly cord for the rail and tube. It also comes with a free gift! This product is very easy to install, although the poly cords are not sewn in like the previous product we discussed. With that being said, this product still upholds exceptional quality standards.

This product is 100% waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about rolling your awning up. If you’re caught in a downpour, your awning will be fine. Over time, rolling up your awning can cause moisture build up. With this product, you don’t have to worry about the build up affecting the quality of your awning.

The Best RV Awning Cleaner

Thetford – Premium RV Awning Cleaner

This Thetford RV awning cleaner comes in a 64 oz jug. This product is extremely versatile and can be used on more than just your RVs awning. This product can be used on shower stalls, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and carpets.

Thetford Cleaner is chlorine-free and color safe, making it a leader in RV awning cleaners. The product is safe and gentle on surfaces, but also removes stains and debris easily. It offers unique UV protection cleaning power for RV awnings. It is also biodegradable and non-toxic.

You can trust that this product will knock out those stubborn stains on your awning and then you can keep it around to use on other surfaces as well. This product is very easy to use. Although it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, this product can be put on any scrubbie or towel on hand. It is even gentle enough to be put directly onto an awning.

It is gentle, but is highly recommended for mildew buildup and discoloration due to dirt and debris. Simply apply the product, wait five minutes, and gently wipe clean.

B.E.S.T. – 52032 Awning Cleaner

The B.E.S.T. formula comes in an easy to use 32 oz spray bottle. If your RV awning is starting to look old and dingy, B.E.S.T. is a powerhouse at removing stuck on grime and mildew. It protects against UV rays, weathering, and salt. It works on acrylic, synthetic, vinyl, and natural fibers. Use this product around five times a year and it will help prevent your awning from aging and increase it’s lifespan, thus saving you money in the long run. It is safe to use on every awning.

All you have to do is spray generously, wait a few minutes, and then gently hose off the product. This product is smaller than the Thetford product, making it easier to store. But, we did notice that Thetford had more active ingredients to really fight dirt and stains. We found that hosing off the product was more effective than the product itself, but we did notice a significant color change in the awnings when using this product. This product is perfect for convenience, but we love the punch it packs as well. It is extremely easy to use and is perfect for quick fixes. Another bonus with this product is it can be used on more than just your awning. But, if you are ever unsure about a surface to use it on you should always do a spot test first.

The Best RV Awning Tape

Camco – Awning Repair Tape

Camco is a leading name in RV accessories. Camco started in 1966 and only had one employee. Now they have over 130 patents, some pending, and pride themselves on high quality products and excellent service. They feature top of the line quality merchandise and make it an easy one stop shop for RV enthusiasts. Their awning repair tape comes in two different sizes: 3 inches and 5 inches.

It only comes in white. Camco states this product is a permanent fix for rips and punctures on your RV’s awning. We love this product because it really extends the lifespan of your awning. Nobody likes the look of holes or even small fraying on an awning. This product fixes that problem and leaves the appearance of the awning looking more positive. Simply pull out the length of tape you need and rip off. It’s that easy! This high quality tape can be use for RV awnings, boat sails, canvas and so much more.

Incom – Awning Repair Tape

This product is extremely aggressive when it comes to adhesion. This product is impressive in just the way it sticks to an awning. It is nothing short of a permanent fix.

It is 6 inches by 20 feet long. It repairs all kinds of rips, tears, fraying, and holes. This repair tape can be used on a variety of different fabric and products.

This includes tents, canvas, awnings, seat covers, and pool liners. This tape is heavy and durable, perfect for sealing your awning against the elements of it ever were to rip or tear. This product is rip resistant and only requires one application to do the trick.

The Best RV Awning Support

Carefree – Automatic RV Awning Support    

Carefree awning support works automatically with Carefree awnings, making it a simple choice if you are already invested in a Carefree awning. This type of support system is perfect if you notice the weight of your awning is causing it to sag. The cradle receives the roller and reduces the sag of your awning. It is available to consumers in black and white. It is entirely made of metal for extra support. When you roll up this awning, the cradle supports it. When the awning is open the cradle pivots out and provides extra support. Although it works automatically with Carefree awnings, this product can be used with virtually any brand of awning. It is not for awnings with metal shields. It includes all fasteners that are needed to install it. 

Camco – RV Awning De-Flapper

Camco is a leading name in RV accessories. This de-flapper is a perfect add on for your RV from a trusted name. It is designed to protect your RV from rips and tears by providing valuable support in weather conditions. It also protects your awning during day to day use. It holds on securely with state of the art hook and loop straps that hold the awning firmly. It is chemical and rust resistant. This product is also perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet when the wind starts to pick up and your awning starts to flap in the breeze. It comes in a pack of two and they only weigh around 8 ounces, which is a perfect lightweight addition to your RV. 

This list represents only the best in RV awnings, fabric replacements, and other accessories. It is always important to correctly measure your RV awning before placing an order and assessing what your color preferability is.

If you’re looking for something more muted, the Carefree off white awning might be for you. If you want a bright pop of color, try checking out SunWave’s ocean blue. The Sunwave charcoal replacement is definitely first on the list due to it’s convenience with sewn in poly cords. However, it is heavier. So, if you’re preferring a lightweight option, try looking at the AwnLux replacement.

The other accessories featured here were awning repair tape, awning support and a de-flapper. Always consider purchasing tape for your awning. Not just any duct tape will do. You will need a high quality durable tape specifically for the canvas fabric of an RV awning. Awning support systems, including de-flappers are also important. If your awning is a little heavier, support systems can give your awning a boost and prevent it from sagging. Not only do de-flappers prevent sagging and folding, they keep your awning in place during strong winds. 

What is the best fabric and/or material to be used for RV Awnings

The answer is not as cut and dry as one may think. Awnings can be made from a variety of different outdoor fabrics. One of these, vinyl or sometimes commonly referred to as PVC, is a non-stretchable fabric. Vinyl fabric can not be penetrated, making it waterproof. But, vinyl is not mildew proof. Another type of fabric is acrylic. Acrylic is not waterproof, but usually dries quickly. It also retains it’s color nicely. Polypropylene is another fabric an awning can be made out of. Polypropylene is very durable and weather resistant, but it does have the potential to get holes in it. For this reason, we have chosen vinyl fabric to be the best fabric an awning can be made from and definitely something to consider when choosing a replacement awning for your RV.

The other accessories featured here were awning repair tape, awning support and a de-flapper. Always consider purchasing tape for your awning. Not just any duct tape will do. You will need a high quality durable tape specifically for the canvas fabric of an RV awning. Awning support systems, including de-flappers are also important. If your awning is a little heavier, support systems can give your awning a boost and prevent it from sagging. Not only do de-flappers prevent sagging and folding, they keep your awning in place during strong winds.

Finding the perfect awning replacement for your RV can be challenging, considering there are so many different options. We compiled this list of the best RV awnings and accessories to aid you in making the final decision. #rvawnings #rvfabrics #rvsupports #outdoors #outdoorliving


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