Yay! You have an RV and the freedom to hit the open road whenever you please. But before you put the pedal to the metal, you need to make sure that you have the best RV drinking water hose on board. RV drinking water hoses are made of government-approved materials which are safe for drinking water; your good ole green garden hose just won’t do the trick as these hoses leach dangerous and toxic chemicals.

There are tons of options in terms of RV drinking water hoses, and choosing the right one can be kind of tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best heated hoses, heat tape for hoses, and hose reels. And then we’ll share our list of the top four RV drinking water hoses currently on the market.

Top Best RV Drinking Water Hose

Apex – NeverKink Boat and Camper Hose

Manufactured with FDA-approved materials, this 50-foot hose is must have onboard your RV. It is lead-free and complies with all state and federal laws regarding lead levels. Apex uses a patented Reflex Mesh technology that prevents kinking, twisting, and tangling. This hose is extremely flexible for easy use, handling, and maneuverability.

All NeverKink products have a microshield that protects against molding and mildew on your water hose. The end of the hose has a Thum Thing coupling that makes attaching your hose to the faucet a breeze.

This hose is made in the USA and crafted using only the finest materials. The female hook up is made from solid brass and features a plastic winged cover for tightening. 

Valterra – W01-5120   Drinking Water Hose

Made from FDA-approved materials, this drinking water hose is great for use in your RV. It provides lead-free, non-toxic drinking water. With this hose, you don’t have to worry about your water smelling or tasting like metal and plastic. It is available in many sizes: ½” x 10,’ ½” x 15,’ 1/2” x 25,’ ½” x 50,’ 5/8” x 25,’ and 5/8” x 50.’

This hose will fit a standard outdoor house faucet, eliminating the need for additional equipment. The female end has a larger coupling than most water hoses, making it easy to screw onto faucets and other sources of water.

Valterra provides their customers with a ten-year warranty, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Camco – 22783 TastePURE Drinking Water Hose

This lead-free drinking water hose by Camco is the perfect solution for your RV drinking water needs. It is 25 feet long and weighs only 2.8 pounds.

The product is made with NSF certified PVC and is BPA free. The TastePURe by Camco complies with all federal and state low-level lead laws (say that five times fast!). It is also reinforced for maximum kink resistance.

Though it is compatible with most standard garden hose connections, this hose won’t give your water that garden hose taste. The female end of the hose is equipped with an Easy Grip connector that allows you to connect your hose to your water source effortlessly.

Camco – 50ft Premium 24Drinking Water Hose 

This heavy-duty drinking water hose is 20 percent thicker than your standard drinking water hoses. They are available in four sizes: 10 feet, 25 feet, 35 feet, and 50 feet.

Providing safe, lead-free, BPA free, and phthalate free drinking water, this hose is a must have on your RV. It doesn’t leave a strong plastic taste in your water and is compliant with all federal and state lead level laws.

The hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance, and the machined fittings and strain-relief ends add durability. The ends of the hose are nickel-plated brass for maximum corrosion resistance and are compatible with standard garden hose connections, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

The Best Heated RV Water Hose

Winter is an excellent time for RVing. The scenery is beautiful. Thanksgiving and Christmas break give families ample time off to explore the great wide open. However, if you and your RV find yourselves in a place with freezing temperatures, getting water into your tank can be an issue. That’s where heated RV water hoses come into the picture.

Camco TastePURE  Heated Water Hose

Camco is king when it comes to heated RV drinking water hoses. This heated hose combines safety with functionality. The hose’s interior is made with NSF 61 certified material that is approved as safe for drinking water. It can operate in temperatures as low as forty below zero and prevents water from freezing while in your hose, ensuring that you can fill your tank while camping or traveling.

Each hose comes with a matching female hose fitting that can be used with power from your RV or campground power source. This hose by Camco operates on 120VAC / 2.27 AMPs. The self-regulating heater prevents the water from freezing and from overheating.

Transporting this heated RV drinking water hose is super easy because it is so lightweight. It is 25 feet long, half an inch in diameter, and weighs only five pounds. The TastePURE won’t leach dangerous chemicals and won’t leave your water tasting like metal or plastic.

Pirit PWL-03-50 50-Feet Heated Hose

Frozen drinking hoses got you feeling down and dehydrated? Make that a thing of the past with the Pirit heated hose. Drinking water from this hose is safe and provides a constant source of water in temperatures as low as -45 degrees Fahrenheit. However, because the hose is very stiff when it’s cold, you’ll want to plug in the hose and let it get warm before using it.

The thermostat feature is a lifesaver. It is hardwired to the outside of the hose, providing a consistent and customizable reading. Whenever the temperature plunges below 42 degrees Fahrenheit, the heating device becomes activated and automatically turns off whenever temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to conserve energy.

This hose weighs 13 pounds and is significantly heavier than the five-pound Camco. However, it is 50 feet long – twice as long as at 25-foot Camco. It has an internal diameter of 5/8”, and the power cord is six feet long.

The Best Heat Tape for a RV Water Hose

Sometimes investing in a heated RV water hose is simply out of our budget. Other times, you may need an additional source of insulation. With these top-of-the-line heat tapes, you can provide your RV water hose with extra protection against the elements.

Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier

Give your water hose an added layer of protection with this thermal tape by Thermo-Tec. This aluminized heat barrier is made up of woven silica and a flexible aluminized finish. Its highly reflective surface can help to prevent freezing on frigid days by absorbing any available heat.

This heat tape is backed with an adhesive that can be applied to practically any surface and can also be wrapped around a hose or wire. One roll of heat tape measures 12 inches by 24 inches, so you may need to buy several rolls if you have an unusually long hose.

Design Engineering – Cool-Tape Self-Adhesive Heat Reflective Tape

This ultra-lightweight heat reflective tape by Design Engineering can give your RV water hose an extra layer of protection against the elements. Whether you’re in extremely hot or cold conditions, this tape can help.

This tape can withstand direct heat of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit radiant heat. Rolls of tape are available in the following sizes: 1.5” x 15’, 1.5” x 30’, 2” x 30’, and 2” x 60’.

The Best RV Water Hose Reel

When your RV water hose is not in use, you need a way to store it without cluttering your storage compartments. With these fantastic drinking water hose reels, you can keep your RV’s water tank full and your storage bins organized.

Shoreline RW40RMK Drinking Water Hose Reel For RV’s

You can eliminate the hassle of storing your fresh water hose with this motorized reel by Shoreline. The reel includes a NSF-approved kink-free water safe drinking hose. The reel’s high torque motor provides three times the pulling power of previous designs and operates more quietly.

Shoreline’s hose boasts superior craftsmanship and is made using only the finest materials. The spool sides and the core of the reel are constructed from anodized aluminum while the side frames are made from powder coated galvanized steel. The rotator and fittings are made from brass.

The switch is not located on the reel itself; it is a separate device that must be purchased separately. If you don’t care for the hose that’s included or if it’s time for a replacement, the hose can easily be replaced using standard hand tools.

 Even if space is limited, Shoreline’s drinking water hose reel is likely to be a perfect fit thanks to its compact size. It is only 10.9 inches wide, 11 inches in depth, and 13 inches tall.

Reelcraft CA32112-L Hand Crank Hose Reel for 1/2-Inch Air/Water Hose

Why spend money buying cheap and low-quality hose reels when you can make an investment that will last you a lifetime?

That’s precisely what the hand crank hose reel by Reelcraft is – a long-lasting investment.

Built in the United States with a quality finish, each component of this hand reel is powder coated to provide maximum protection from premature corrosion. The gooseneck can be easily removed, allowing you to add long lengths of hose to the reel. The T-handle tensioning device applies the proper tension to the spool and eliminates the free spooling of the reel.

To ensure maximum service life, the full flow swivel combines the highest grade seal design and material with bearing areas.

Weighing 45.4 pounds, it is a rather heavy piece of equipment but well worth it. This hose reel can hold up to 250 feet of hosing material.

Keeping RV Water Fresh

Having fresh potable water onboard your RV is a necessity. However, there are certain things you must do to keep the water on your RV clean and suitable for consumption. If your freshwater tank has water that is older or has been sitting for a while, you should sanitize it. Simply pour diluted bleach into your freshwater tank. Use the ratio one cup bleach for four gallons of water for a 40-gallon tank. Add this solution to your tank and fill the rest of your tank with fresh water.

Run all of your sinks and faucets – one at a time – until you catch a whiff of bleach from each and until the tank is empty. Once it’s empty, fill with fresh water and let it sit overnight. The next day, repeat the process of draining through all of the faucets and refilling with clean water. Repeat until you can no longer smell bleach.

Preventing a RV Hose From Freezing

If you are camping somewhere with temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing water and hoses and become a bit of an issue. To prevent your RV hose from freezing, you can simply purchase a heated hose. Heated hoses don’t heat your water; they just heat the hose to prevent it from freezing.

You can also purchase heat tape and wrap it around your hose for extra insulation. There are also dozens of pipe insulators that you can simpy wrap around your hose in cold temperatures.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best heated hoses, heat tape for hoses, and hose reels. And then we’ll share our list of the top four RV drinking water hoses currently on the market. #rv #rvtools #rvliving #drinkinghose #waterhose #outdoors


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