When you’re researching amenities needed to sustain your RV and make it a happy healthy environment, your first thought may not go to parts for your refrigerator. Although this appliance may seem relatively unimportant, it’s the roof vent of your refrigerator that requires some knowledge. RV refrigerator roof vents play a vital role, believe it or not, in the life of your refrigerator. RV fridge vents keep water and hot air out of your fridge.

Weather and sun exposure can limit the life of your RV refrigerator roof vent. So, researching to find quality and durable products is a must. However, most RV refrigerator roof vents are a cinch to remove and replace. We compiled this list to help you find a brand new one or a replacement for your current vent, including a cover.

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The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Kit

Atwood – White Refrigerator Roof Vent Kit

The Atwood 13004 comes in two colors: white and black. The Atwood brand comes to you with a deal: a vent base and cover included together. We love that we can purchase a vent and a cover together in one seamless transaction, not having to worry about buying them separately and then not having them fit together.

This product is UV resistant, helping it achieve a longer life span. It also is aerodynamic, adding to you saving on gas mileage for your RV. It weighs in at 5 pounds and the warranty covers some parts associated with it. It is made from strong and sleek polypropylene materials. This is a perfect choice for someone who does not want the hassle of purchasing vent and cover separately, or someone who wants a very durable vent.


Dometic – Cap and Base Vent Kit

The Dometic 3311236 is a vent and cap kit, meaning it comes with both. If you have an older style Dometic in this model and need a replacement, you will have to purchase the kit. The newer lids do not fit the older vents properly. It fits the roof hole of 24 inches by 7 inches. Unfortunately, this kit does not come with assembly materials that other vents and covers come with.

It is lacking the screws needed. This is a minor setback for a very durable product. It weighs almost 3 pounds, but that is including both the vent and cover. This product is for someone who really wants the convenience of purchasing a vent and lid together, ensuring proper installation.



The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Base

Camco – Refrigerator Vent Base

Camco has provided consumers with a replacement vent base that goes on the roof of the RV. It comes in the color white. It is listed as #1 on our list due to its simple design, easy installation, and coming from the reputable Camco brand. Camco is a leader in Recreational Vehicle appliances and accessories. They pride themselves on durable, yet affordable products that meet the needs to your typical everyday consumer.

While their products are not as luxurious as some brands, they are also rated very high in RV accessories. Their products have been known to feature extensive warranties. This refrigerator roof vent is composed of highly durable polypropylene plastic and features UV stabilization. This refrigerator vent works for a 24 inches by 6 inches fridge opening.


Norcold – Base for Refrigerator Vent

This product is a vent by Norcold Inc for an RV refrigerator. It is the base only and is made of durable plastic. It is low to the roof and is very versatile. This product works with almost every model on the market. The cutouts are 5.25 inches by 24 inches. The color is white and it weighs around 20 pounds, making it a bit on the heavier side. It features a simplistic design with easy to use screws. The Norcold Inc RV refrigerator roof vent is very easy to install due and will fit on almost every model refrigerator. It is an excellent choice if you are unsure of which cent will go with your fridge and want something virtually universal. Consider getting this refrigerator roof vent if you want something simple, but it looks great in your RV.


Dometic – RV Roof Vent Base

​Unlike the Norcold, the Dometic 3100528045 refrigerator roof vent is not universal. It will not fit on just any refrigerator, only certain models. For this reason, you will want to measure the hole very carefully before purchasing. We love this product because it comes with a full manufacturers warranty. Another plus with this product is that it is extremely light, weighing in at only two pounds. The sides of this vent are made out of a type of galvanized metal, which pairs well in outdoor conditions. The metal is painted white and the supports where the screws go in is very sturdy. However, this product does lack a simplistic design. This product is perfect for a replacement for an RV refrigerator vent that was originally a cheap plastic material.


Ventline – Base Refrigerator Roof Vent

The Ventline V0523-00 is also a very lightweight model, weighing in at 2 pounds. This product is made of a very sharp looking gray galvanized metal material. We found the screen to be a perfect size. Not only is it optimal for keeping out moisture and heat, but it also works for keeping out bugs and rodents.

This product is 5 inches by 24 inches. The metal gives it a very appealing look and would look nice with any color refrigerator for a more modern look. Ventline is a brand we trust in RV vents and accessories. So, we are not surprised they made the list as one of the best RV refrigerator roof vents.


Barker – Trailer Refrigerator Vent Base

This RV refrigerator roof vent is compact, but will only fit a certain model of refrigerator. Unlike the brands listed above, the Barker model is very specific. It will only work with model number 65833. However, it is very sleek looking. The color is colonial white and it only weighs just a little bit over a pound. The warranty for the Barker vent does cover some assembly parts. This item does not have the cap included like the Atwood kit. However, it is not uncommon to buy the two separately. This refrigerator roof vent fits holes 4.5 inches by 18 inches.



The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Cover

Camco – Refrigerator Roof Vent Cover

The Camco RV refrigerator roof vent cover fits Camco vents and some Norcold vents. We have also researched and found that it even fits some Dometic models. You will always want to measure the dimensions you need before purchasing a new product. This model is very uniform looking and is made of polypropylene plastic.

This product is also UV stabilized. We think this would be perfect to use with a UV stabilized vent for added protection against the sun. This product is highly durable and is super easy to install. It only weighs two pounds and looks appealing on top of an RV. This cover is perfect for protecting your vent from bird droppings, rodents, and bugs.


Dometic – RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement Part

This Dometic Ventmate RV refrigerator roof vent comes in the color polar white. The lid is made of a resilient UV stabilized material. The plastic is reinforced and fairs well against heavy impact. It fits the Dometic line of refrigerator vents and is an easy replacement. However, the newer lids are now the color polar white. It is a very compact model. It fits securely and sits low to the roof of your RV, making it less noticeable and more aerodynamic. It conveniently comes with four screws for quick and easy installation. Purchasing a cover is almost essential. You don’t want your vent exposed to the elements. This could significantly damage your refrigerator and vent.


Camco – Refrigerator Vent Cover Top

This Camco RV refrigerator vent cover is specifically designed to blend in with the roof of your RV. It has the main goal of being sturdy and aerodynamic while remaining almost undetectable. The product comes in one color: black. It is made of a durable polypropylene plastic, which is what several other vents and vent covers are made of featured on this list. This plastic makes them, even more, weather-resistant. The sun’s damaging rays can have a significant impact on a vent lid and the vent itself. Once exposed for too long, the softness of the vent may become brittle and cracked, causing it to break off and leading to possible damage to your refrigerator.  It is UV stabilized and will last you for years to come. It is easy to install and only weighs a little over 2 pounds.


Recreational vehicles are a fun commodity to have. They can be great for road trips, camping, and spending time with family. The worst thing that can happen to your RV is something not running properly. You may not believe it, but refrigerators on RVs, as well as other appliances, require a lot of careful maintenance.

RV refrigerator roof vents, once they get old, weathered, and cracked, are known to leak in water and let in other unwanted things, like bugs and rodents. This could be a catastrophe for your family vacation. It is important to do yearly inspections on your refrigerator roof vent and check for any signs of damage.

If you do notice you need a replacement, this list is a good place to start. Camco is an excellent brand in RV accessories and their products are super easy to install. The Camco 42161 has a sleek design and easy installation. The Norcold, however, has a very modern design and is perfect for someone who appreciates the versatility. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a vent and lid together, you may want to try the Dometic cap and base kit.

RV refrigerator roof vents and lids are essential to properly run a refrigerator in your RV. You do not want moisture, heat, bugs, or rodents into your fridge. Vents can keep out some bugs and keep your fridge cool. But, covers can prevent sun damage to your vent. They also prevent weathering and debris getting into your vent. It is always a good idea to measure the hole your vent needs to go before purchasing. You also always want to measure your vent before purchasing a lid, unless you purchase them both together. Be aware that newer models may not fit your older appliances.

Weather and sun exposure can limit the life of your RV refrigerator roof vent. So, researching to find quality and durable products is a must. #rv #rvroof #rvrefrigerator #rvlife #outtdoors


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