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Running your RV propane tank without the best RV propane detectors – what could go wrong? Well, we’ll tell you! You could:

  • check
    Get stuck somewhere because you have way less propane in the tank than you thought (and that’s the best case scenario!)
  • check
    Have a leak that causes a fire
  • check
    Blow up the whole damn RV
  • check
    Die from carbon monoxide poisoning

So maybe there are a lot of very bad things that could happen if you are not using a propane detector for your RV. Angie’s List says that there are twice as many accidents like the ones described above caused by RV propane tanks than propane used in the house – like more than 30 deaths each month more!

Granted you can usually smell propane when it’s leaking but that’s not always the case. Especially when it is leaking outside, it becomes even more dangerous to detect since propane loses its odor when it mixes with air or water. You could be out camping and not smell a thing, all the while you’re RV propane tank is leaking dangerous, highly explosive propane and gas.

If you’re driving an old or used RV that’s been sitting idle for a while, using a propane tank that’s passed its expiration, or you are using propane without a propane detector, you’ve just increased the odds of something terrible happening tenfold.

With that in mind, if you own an RV that runs on propane, we don’t think it’s worth the risk to go with some cheapo knockoff propane detector. That’s why went on a search to find the best propane detector you can buy. Here are our top 10 choices:

The Best RV Propane Detectors

Before we reveal our top choice, let’s do a quick propane safety check. First, if your tank is more than 5 years old, it probably should be replaced. If you’ve had the same tank for 7 years or longer, you definitely should replace it. Check the date on the back.

Anxious to hit the road in your RV – pump those breaks – have you cleaned your propane tank? Wipe it down with a damp lint-free cloth or use a paper towel. Finally, if you’re going to be cooking near your RV propane tank, mind the fumes – including your butt cheese!

Yes, even the fumes coming out of your butt can set off your propane detector alarm…probably won’t cause an explosion, but just to be on the safe side – aim butt bombs away from the tank.

Topping our list at #1 is the Master 161 Splitter. We chose this as the best RV propane detector because of its versatility. You can choose from several different nozzle and splitter combinations including a 6-way splitter plus hose nozzle configuration!

It has a two-way nozzle built sturdier than ever. Lab tested and upgraded just last year, the Master 161 is cased in rubber so that it’s easy to shut on and shut off. The nozzles are bolted in so they will never disconnect.

Talk about convenience, the spigot can spin all the way around so it’s super easy to move the hoses in different directions. Worried about propane leaks? Not with this monster! Installing this splitter is as easy as hooking up a water hose and you are guaranteed a full refund if for any reason you don’t like the Master 161 Splitter.

Next we chose the SAIDE Propane Tank Detector Gauge. This gauge is a leak detector, level indicator, and gas pressure meter all in one. It is made to fit any RV camper and the safety valve can be attached to any Type 1 QCC cylinder propane tank.

Whether you are heating the inside of your RV or cooking on your detached gas grill, this gauge works with all propane fueled appliances. The SAIDE propane detector puts safety first. The gauge itself is color-coded so that you can easily read your gas levels. It also comes with an automatic shutoff valve.

If you need less propane to operate your RV indoor grill than to heat the camper, you can manage the flow of the fuel and adjust it with the emergency flow valve. Know when you are low on fuel or you’ve sprung a leak with our top safety pick for the best RV propane detector.

Propane leaks on an RV tank are especially dangerous because you use it outdoors. If it’s leaking outside, you won’t smell it. Next thing you know, you light your campfire and KABOOM! We chose the X Home Propane Adapter as part of our top 10 for its ability to alert you when your gas levels are low – a sure way to detect if you are losing fuel.


X Home puts safety first. You can rest assured that this adapter meets all regulations governing leaks, fuel flow, and gauge meters. If your RV grill isn’t working right or there is a problem with the gas hose, the adapter automatically cuts the flow of gas.

The gauge itself is made of solid brass and fits on all Type 1 RV tanks and appliances. You won’t need any special tools to install it. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your X Home Propane Adapter, the manufacturer promises to go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Colibrox also offers a brass constructed propane tank adapter. The Colibrox Propane Tank Brass Adapter comes with a pressure meter gauge and leak detector. It is made to work with your RV’s 4 burner gas grill and BBQ. This is the perfect propane detector for replacing old tanks and gauges that have seen one too many camping trips.

One drawback is it won’t fit tanks over 40 pounds. Even still, it has long gauge handles so that you can easily see when your fuel level is low or needs to be recalibrated. The 100% brass adapter is lead-free and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are buying a new RV propane detector because your RV has been sitting for a long time, this is the one to choose. Make sure that you have your propane tank inspected too and replace it if necessary.

The GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge is made of 100% heavy duty solid brass and is a fuel level indicator and leak detector in one. It is compatible with all QCC1 propane tanks, ACME tanks, and tanks or appliances with a Type 1 connector. Like the Colibrox, it only works with tanks weighing 40 pounds or less.

One feature that makes this tank standout above the rest is the ability to check your fuel levels without needing to unhook the tank. It promises that all interior connectors are air tight to prevent leakage. The GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge can be used to control the fuel flow to all RV appliances and heaters.

To install, you’ll only need a hand tool for tightening the gauge to the tank. Beyond that, it is an easy, do-it-yourself install.

SHINESTAR makes a universal Propane Tank Gauge for RVs. This excellent propane detector gauges fuel levels, includes a gas pressure meter, and has a leak detector. Best thing about this gauge is that it can connect to a wide variety of appliances inside and outside of your RV including:

  • Firepit Tables
  • Standalone Grills
  • Camper Stoves
  • Heaters
  • Smokers
  • Turkey Fryers
  • BBQ Gas Grills
  • And More!

Of course you are limited by the size of the tank; fits 40 pound tanks max. But, it attaches to any Type 1 connector. A great thing about this RV propane detector is that its color-coded dial makes it very easy to see when your fuel levels are low. No need to detach the tank to check fuel levels and it’s quick and easy to install. Plus the brass construction prevents corrosion.

This Propane Tank Gauge by JUWO is also made of solid brass and comes with a gas pressure meter, gas level indicator, leak detector, and connector adapter. It fits any QCC1 propane tank and connects to any appliance with a Type 1 connector. It is ideal if you plan on hooking up many different appliances to your propane tank.

For the waste-conscious RV owners, the indicator on the JUWO Propane Tank Gauge lets you know exactly how much fuel is left in the cylinder down to the very last drop using pressure to determine just how much fuel is left in the tank. The anti-leak detector shuts off fuel flow whenever a malfunction is detected.

You can camp in the roughest terrain and not worry about damaging this gauge. Its high quality construction resists corrosion, inclement weather, and scratching. You can install the gauge yourself without the need for pipe threading or tape.

All propane tanks include gas – another highly flammable chemical. If the balance of propane and gas is off, that’s when explosions and fires occur. The Premium Gauge Master Propane Tank Gas Meter lets you know exactly how much propane is in the cylinder even in pitch blackness!

The level needle is glow-in-the-dark so that late at night when you’re out camping, you can still see where your levels are. This gauge fits all Type 1 connected appliances, is made for RVs, and includes a cap cover and leak detector.

Safety is king with the Premium Gauge Master Propane Tank Gas Meter. It is Department of Transportation approved and its anti-leak detector restricts the flow of fuel whenever a malfunction is detected. In addition to a 1 year warranty, Gauge Master offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

When you have a lot of appliances that run on propane, you want a universal tank gauge like the DozyAnt Propane Tank Gauge. As long as the appliance has a Type 1 connector, it will fit this handy propane level indicator and leak detector.

It comes with a gas pressure meter also so that you know precisely how much fuel is left in the tank. Its heavy duty brass construction is made to withstand the elements and you can check your fuel levels without detaching the tank. The DozyAnt Propane Tank Gauge fits tanks up to 40 pounds and has a color-coded dial for easy reading.

Easy DIY install only requires a hand tool for tightening the gauge to the cylinder. You can use this gauge with propane adapters, regulator hoses, and propane tank cylinders with no problem and it comes with a dust cover to keep your gauge clean.

Last but certainly not least, we wanted you to know about the GASSAF Propane Tank Gas Gauge and Leak Detector. This awesome piece of equipment is compatible with all QCC Type 1 connected appliances and cylinders, as most of the RV propane detectors on our list are.

This gauge also limits fuel flow in case of a malfunction. The settings on the dial are unique and indicate low gas, natural gas, and when to add more gas. It uses a gas pressure meter to measure exactly how much fuel is left in the tank.

The connectors are made of sturdy brass so that as long as the gauge is locked on, there will be no leaks. Whatever appliance you attach to this gauge, the connection is air tight. You will not need any special tools to hook it up either. You can do it yourself and rest assured that if there is anything wrong with your connections your gauge will detect it and alert you to it.

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Top 10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors https://www.waterskyland.com/top-10-best-carbon-monoxide-detectors/ https://www.waterskyland.com/top-10-best-carbon-monoxide-detectors/#respond Wed, 10 Jan 2018 02:00:02 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1632 Carbon monoxide poisoning happens to around 20,000 people a year and some cases even result in death. Carbon monoxide has…

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Carbon monoxide poisoning happens to around 20,000 people a year and some cases even result in death. Carbon monoxide has always been referred to as a silent killer. This is because it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Our bodies do not react well to carbon monoxide, leading to throwing up, intense headaches, and passing out. Poisoning most commonly occurs in indoor places because there when it is present outside it has enough room to dissipate. However, smaller areas like your home or RV are subject to this danger. That is why we have included this list of some of the best carbon monoxide detectors for your RV.

You might be wondering what a carbon monoxide detector is. When looking at these devices at their face value, they have similar characteristics to a smoke detector. Using biomimetic strips, semiconductors, and electrochemical sensors these alarms are able to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and alert you accordingly. It is recommended to keep these detectors outside where you sleep, being able to alert you awake before being potentially poisoned.

Top Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Atwood 32703 comes from a trusted brand in RV accessories. Atwood always strives for the best technology in their products and it is one of the many reasons we really appreciate this brand. This model is considered one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors due to it’s extremely easy to read interface. It has a bright LCD display screen and easy to use front-facing buttons.

The Atwood carbon monoxide detector uses fuel cell technology that has been patented. This, in turn, makes the Atwood less susceptible to false gases and humidity. We love this technology because it means that this detector has a more accurate reading. You can trust that this carbon monoxide detector will have a long lifespan, since Atwood has a 10 year warranty on it. This also means you do not need to worry as much about replacing it. The detector is very compact and only weighs 4.8 ounces.

The MTI Industries dual carbon monoxide and propane detector is more a heavy duty alarm with several different functions. Not only can it detect high amounts of carbon monoxide, but if you have a propane leak it would be able to alert you of that as well.

We love this carbon monoxide detector and have marked it as one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors because it also features a low voltage warning for your RV. This is also a convenient feature because you will not have to worry about dead batteries or when to replace them since it has an easy hookup into your RV. When to change the carbon monoxide detector is clearly labeled on the front of this product.

This detector does not have a screen, but relies on different colors of lights to alert you to a potential problem. The different lights are for propane levels and carbon monoxide levels. This product weighs .48 ounces and is very easy to install.

The First Alert GCO1N has a very simple interface with a bright LCD display. The screen allows you to see possible threats and current levels. The First Alert makes our list as one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors because it not only detects high levels of carbon monoxide, but also can detect high levels of propane and methane gas.

It is able to plug into any AC outlet, perfect for an RV owner who appreciates the convenience of that set-up. This carbon monoxide detector can be hooked up to any remote controller and can easily be muted and unmuted. When you are sleeping, even if you are a very heavy sleeper, this detector will be sure to alert you.

 It functions at 85 decibels. It protects you from methane, propane, and carbon monoxide. It uses an electrochemical means of testing the air for carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide detector weighs approximately 14.4 ounces.

The Kidde KN model features a simple design and an easy to use interface. It does not have a screen and only features one button. The button is for testing and resetting the alarm. This battery operated carbon monoxide detector features a loud alarm that runs continuously when elevated levels of carbon monoxide are sensed.

The Kidde detector features an easy slide out battery door and locks when batteries are not replaced, making it difficult to close. A blinking green light will be noticeable every thirty seconds when there is no carbon monoxide present. When the Kidde detects carbon monoxide, a red light will be noticeable and a loud alarm will sound. There will also be a distinct sound to alert you when the battery is running low. This product features a seven year warranty and only weighs 7.2 ounces.

This easy to read and simple to use backlit LCD screen alarm is one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors. The backlit screen is extremely easy to read, even from a distance, and displays the temperature on screen.

This carbon monoxide detector is battery operated and does not have to be attached to the wall or ceiling. It can easily sit atop a table or counter due to it’s thicker design.

First Alert designed this product to not need to be replaced for up to ten years. The screen does not only list the ambient temperature, but can also display the current and peak levels of carbon monoxide inside your RV.

 There is a test and silence button on this product as well. But, when there are dangerous levels detected this device releases an 85-decibel alarm. The First Alert CO710 weighs 7.5 ounces.

This carbon monoxide alarm features a unique design that is very colorful. It is still small enough to not be detectable right away, but does look nicer than a traditional alarm. The Sunnec requires 3 triple A batteries and the battery slot is located on the back panel. When carbon monoxide is detected a red light will go off and a loud alarm will sound.

The red light surrounds the product and will flash repeatedly. This makes it brighter than the smaller lights that some alarms use. But, not only does an alarm sound when levels are elevated. This detector will also tell you how much carbon monoxide is being detected by displaying it on it’s LCD screen. This product also features a test button. The Sunnec uses electrochemicals to detect carbon monoxide. This product weighs 5.6 ounces.

The Kidde KN-COPP is unique in the fact that it will display the highest peak of carbon monoxide recorded by the device since it was last active. It is perfect for an RV user because it can function on 120 volts of power and has a 9 volt battery backup. However, this product can fit into any standard outlet. The digital display that this product has brightly displays the current carbon monoxide levels. When carbon monoxide levels are detected to be too high the Kidde Nighthawk delivers a very loud continuous siren. Besides an optional six-foot power cord, this carbon monoxide detector also has the capability to be able to stand on a table or counter. It weighs just over one pound.

The First Alert CO410 comes with two double A batteries and they are easy to access. It features a bright digital display with two buttons. One button is to test the detector and the other button is to see what the peak level of carbon monoxide detected has been. As with the other First Alert products listed, this carbon monoxide detector uses electrochemicals to detect when levels have become poisonous.

A loud alarm will sound a light will flash, signaling you to move to fresh air. This unit will keep the alarm on continuously, but will constantly monitor the air while the alarm is sounding and keep you updated on the conditions. You do not need to wire this product into your wall or plug it into an outlet, it will fit comfortably anywhere you put it in your RV. This product weighs 9.6 ounces.

Kidde KNCOB-DP2 Tamper Resistant Plug-In Carbon Monoxide

This Kidde KNCOB carbon monoxide detector is tamper resistant and will not need to be replaced until up to ten years after purchase. The product will then instruct you to replace it. It is able to plug into any outlet. But, this product also features a battery backup. This is extremely convenient for an RV user.

RV parks can sometimes have power surges or you RV may experience a lack of proper power. Your other appliances may then start to malfunction, but you will not have to worry about your carbon monoxide detector going out due to the backup. This product only has one button and it is the test and reset button. It stores carbon monoxide levels in it’s memory. It weighs about 13 ounces. 

This carbon monoxide alarm is one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors because it has a sealed battery that will never need to be replaced. It is able to last up to 10 years. This alarm is able to be mounted or can be set on a tabletop. This smart alarm is able to adjust to humidity and other factors to virtually eliminate false alarms.

It features one button, which is the reset and test button. You will never have to worry about listening to the sound an alarm makes the battery is low, because this battery will keep going for 10 years. It gives you a sense of peace knowing you will not have to worry about replacing the battery. This product weighs 4.8 ounces and is compact enough to fit virtually anywhere.

Picking a safe and efficient RV carbon monoxide detector is essential to owning a motorhome. If you would have it in your traditional home, you should heavily consider it for your RV. RVs come with their own list of problems, some of these being power surges. These surges and electrical malfunctions can lead to increased risk for poisoning by monoxide and other gases. One of the leading causes of deaths by poisoning is from carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable unless you have an alarm. You can not see it, smell it, or taste it. Carbon monoxide poisoning can make you extremely sick and can even lead to death.

Having a carbon monoxide detector in your RV can be a decision that saves your life. If you are looking for an option that comes with a battery backup option, you may look into the Kidde KNCOB. If you are leaning more towards an option that features a bright easy to read screen, you may want to try the product by Atwood. If you want a detector that can adjust automatically to humidity, you may choose the detector by Universal Security Instruments. Most of these options are able to be tabletop friendly. Having a carbon monoxide detector should be just as essential as having a smoke detector in your RV.

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Glamping Malibu Yurt Adventure https://www.waterskyland.com/glamping-malibu-yurt-adventure/ https://www.waterskyland.com/glamping-malibu-yurt-adventure/#respond Fri, 05 Jan 2018 08:11:50 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1602 On a gorgeous Wednesday morning at dawn, we decided to take a fresh getaway just outside the hustle and bustle…

The post Glamping Malibu Yurt Adventure appeared first on Water. Sky. Land..


On a gorgeous Wednesday morning at dawn, we decided to take a fresh getaway just outside the hustle and bustle of the city of Los Angeles in Malibu. Generally, Malibu is known for it's posh beaches, luxurious homes, and upscale beachside living. However, we wanted to dive deep into the Malibu hills to go glamping in a very special Malibu yurt.

I know you're probably thinking, "What exactly is glamping, anyway?" Glamping is where unforgettable experience in nature and luxury meet. It allows people to experience the natural world without having to sacrifice comfort and amenities. Read more about it at Glamping Hub.

However, it's much more than just a glorified tent. Many glamping locations allow you to experience unique lodgings across the globe like sleeping in glass housing in the Northern Lights. We were lucky to find this yurt location within driving distance.

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind yurt is nestled in a beautiful 17-acre tenderly cared for property named Great Spirits Ranch. Not only do you get a full 360 degree view of the Ojai mountains to the ocean, you also are fully immersed in the peace and quiet of nature.

For those of you who are animal lovers, the property has over 50 rescue animals that roam openly and are completely docile. They're also extremely adorable and love to eat carrots (bring extras).

Also, the yurt is equipped with a fire pit, heater, and electricity. If you really want to stay connected, they even provide wifi across the entire ranch for an extra charge.

There's also a beautiful patio where you can enjoy your food and the peaceful quiet of the Malibu night in nature. You may even get a chance to meet your neighbors in the teepee a few hundred feet away from the yurt!

Overall Rating

In the end, we absolutely recommend this location for any first time glampers or those with a little more experience. Debbie, the site owner, is an absolute delight with so much knowledge and respect for her ranch. She lives on the property walking distance, so it's very safe.

It's a gorgeous site that you'd absolutely need to see to believe! 

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The Best Solar Ovens for Your Outdoor Adventures https://www.waterskyland.com/best-solar-ovens/ https://www.waterskyland.com/best-solar-ovens/#respond Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:49:06 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1496 Solar ovens are a unique and convenient option when traveling. Solar ovens harness the power of the sun, making them…

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solar oven with cake

Solar ovens are a unique and convenient option when traveling. Solar ovens harness the power of the sun, making them extremely eco-friendly and produce no waste. They do not require open flames, meaning your food will never burn. They are easy to assemble and easy to transport. Most of the time, slow cooker recipes will work great with them!

The products listed below are some of the best solar ovens we could find. Each one has unique features. We loved the compactness of Sunflair’s products. But, we also love the high quality of Sun Oven’s solar oven. Some of these ovens can fit in a backpack, while others are made of reinforced stainless steel. Whatever your preference is, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for!

solar oven

The Best Solar Ovens

This product is made of an unbreakable post-industrial plastic. It makes our list as one of the best solar ovens because it is heavily marketed as being kid-friendly. Solavore cooks food, but has no hot surfaces or breakable glass pieces.

The top of the Solavore features a clear lid, which is perfect for viewing the food cooking. This product weighs 9 pounds, is easy to use, and is very portable. The Solavore has the ability to hold up to two 3 quart pots or a large lasagna dish.

The Solavore solar oven kit comes with a free standing thermometer, two pots, a detachable reflector, and a reusable water pasteurization indicator.

Sunflair is a wonderful brand and this particular product makes the top of the best solar oven list. It does not matter what the ambient temperature is. As long as there is sun, this product is able to function properly.

This oven has the ability to fold down into the size of a seat cushion. The sides of this product have the ability to be molded, making it easier than other products to fit into spaces. The Sunflair only weighs one pound. It can reach temperatures upwards of 285 degrees. It is extremely easy to use and sets up within seconds.

The product kit for the Sunflair comes with a thermometer, two heat conducting trays, two dehydrating racks, one enamel pot, and two silicone pots. A convenient carrying bag is also included in your purchase.

We love this product for it’s stainless steel finish and unique features. This SunCore product features a sundial meter. This handy tool guides you to place your oven in the best light to cook your food. It has a built in thermometer that is very easy to see and use.

The SunCore uses heat reflectors to maximize heat and minimize cooking time. This product is able to cook in any season, as long as there is sunlight available. Cooking times will however vary with different seasons. This product is heavier, weighing about 13 pounds. But, this product is very sturdy and has reinforced side panels.

The SunCore also has the ability to enclose on itself and become it’s own carrying case. This portable design means purchasing a separate bag for carrying is not needed.

Sun Oven’s products are used all over the world. Sun Oven updates their products year by year, ensuring you are provided with the best quality products.

This particular model is twenty-percent larger than other models, equipped to handle more food. It has improved wind resistance and is made to boost temperatures by fifteen-percent versus the previous model. This product only weighs 22 pounds and is made to withstand years of regular use. It features rust-proof mirrored aluminum reflectors.

It is extremely easy to setup and use. It can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees fahrenheit. The body of this product also features a handle, which makes for easy carrying for portability.

This solar oven is very similar in design to the Sunflair listed above, except this is a miniature version. This is one of the smallest solar ovens on the market. Sunflair argues that it is in fact the smallest.

The entire solar oven folds down to the size of a three ring binder. This solar oven can reach temperatures up to 285 degrees. This solar oven kit comes with a silicone pot. We love that the pot is made of silicone because it is very pliable and can easily fit inside a backpack.

This solar oven heats up quickly and does not require constant monitoring. This product weighs only about 1 pound.

We listed this product as one of the best solar ovens due to it being extremely lightweight and having one of the most unique designs in solar ovens. 

This product is definitely one of the lightest on the market today, weighing in at 6 ounces. This product requires no assembly and has no glass or metal parts. Temperature can reach up to 350 degrees. This product starts as pocket sized and inflates to a two foot by two foot by four foot solar oven. When this product is inflated, you will need to be able to hold it down to keep it operable.

It does not come with any cooking equipment. The entire solar oven kit includes an oven bag, a cooking liner, an oven bag, and straws.

This solar oven by LeJoy Works as the perfect cooker and grill. This solar oven includes a vacuum tube oven, two parabolic reflectors, stainless steel cooking tray, and wooden spoon, thermometer, and sundial.

The entire product is made of reinforced stainless steel, which is extremely durable and easy to clean. This solar oven has the capability to go up to an amazing 626 degrees, which means faster and more reliable cooking. Simply load with food and slide it closed.

There is no monitoring required and the juices will stay locked into your food. If you’re not ready to eat, just keep the tray closed and your food will stay warm. This product weighs 6.4 pounds and comes with a handbag for easy portability.

The GoSun Grill’s design is completely based on the redesign of a regular sized grill. This amazing versatile grill powered by the sun can make stews, soups, breads, and roasted vegetables.

This product’s reflectors have the ability to convert eighty-percent of sunlight into heat. GoSun says that there is no need to monitor the food after putting it in and your food will never get burnt. The heated tube cooks all the food evenly. This product weighs 35 pounds and comes with an outside thermometer that is easy to read. The entire product is made out of stainless steel.

This makes the product extremely durable and easy to clean. It is sure to last for many years of regular use and makes the perfect addition or replacement to a backyard grill.

The GoSun Sport solar oven is the perfect oven for camping. It has been featured by Top Chef, the Discovery Channel, and Outdoor Magazine.

This model features a borosilicate glass tube for cooking, parabolic reflectors, and a stainless steel cooking tray. This product is perfect for camping because it has a very laid back approach to usability and design. Simply pop in the food and forget about it. The food will stay hot for hours after cooking and cooks evenly due to the patented design. What makes it even better is it is safe for kids to be around.

This design is cool to the touch. An extra layer of insulation on the side of this product keeps heat in and cold out. The reflectors and the base fold easily together into a perfect carrying case. The entire product weighs around 7.5 pounds.

The Total Survival solar oven products are specifically designed for easy survival in the outdoors, providing you with innovative technology.

Total Survival provides some of the quickest solar technology, making it perfect for camping. It is able to heat up food to appropriate temperatures in twenty minutes. It comes with a handy thermometer and sundial.

This product can hold a total of three pounds of food. This solar oven can collapse into an 11 pound carrying case. It can be used any time of the year, as long as there is sun.

All the solar ovens listed above are some of the best solar ovens on the market and are perfect for explorers. They feature some of the newest solar technology and provide you with the utmost convenience.

Whether you’re looking for something compact, like the Mini Sunflair. Or, are looking for something to replace your normal grill, like the GoSun. This list has something that could potentially fit everyone’s needs. All these designs are very portable and would work for bringing along on an adventure.

What foods are perfect for cooking in a solar oven? 

When considering food to be cooked, you want to consider convenience. You also don’t always have the same amenities as using a full service kitchen. But, you are also given the luxury of not having to monitor your food.


Soups cook very well in solar ovens. Simply put in the cold soups or make your own using broth and vegetables. Set your thermometer if the setting is available and wait for your soup to warm up.


Meat is also excellent in a solar oven, especially an enclosed one such as a GoSun product. This is because the meat is guaranteed to cook evenly. Because it is enclosed, the juices tend to stay within the meat longer, making it more delectable.


Baked apples are a perfect summery treat or dessert to make in a solar oven. First, you will need to peel and core the apple. You can either dice or slice them. Then, sprinkle them with cinnamon. They usually need around twenty-five minutes to cook.


Rice is extremely easy to cook in a solar oven. You will need the ratio: one cup of white rice to one and half cups of water. You will want to heat the water with a lid on top until you can see bubbles. Then, add the rice and cook for around thirty minutes.


If you’re fishing and happen to catch a trout. Trout tastes amazing in a solar oven. Clean the fish and salt and pepper the outside. Then, add butter and parsley to the inside. Put thin slices of lemon on top and cook for around thirty minutes.

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The Best Lithium Jump Starters https://www.waterskyland.com/best-lithium-jump-starters/ https://www.waterskyland.com/best-lithium-jump-starters/#respond Sat, 09 Dec 2017 01:44:03 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1548 Waking up to a dead car battery is an unpleasant situation for anybody. But, what happens when your car battery…

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Waking up to a dead car battery is an unpleasant situation for anybody. But, what happens when your car battery dies while you are staying overnight on vacation? Or even worse, it dies while you’re somewhere with absolutely no cellphone service. Now, you’re just hoping someone stumbles across you or you put on your hiking boots and start walking.

You might want to consider storing a lithium jump starter for your car battery in your emergency pack or glove box. All of the products listed below are some of the best lithium jump starters and are perfect for keeping stored in your car. They are compact, portable, and can charge more than just your battery.

The Best Lithium Jump Starter

The Suaoki U28 delivers enormous amounts of power for being a portable lithium ion jump starter. This makes it one of the best lithium jump starters on the market today. This jump starter delivers 2,000 amps to your vehicle to restart the battery.

It safely generates power to any 12 volt vehicle. This means your family’s car can be restarted or even an RV. It is designed for up to 10 liters gas engines and 8 liter diesel engines. The Suaoki is compact enough to fit in your glove box, but packs a punch.

It features a built in LED light with four different modes. It also has a DC power source available, perfect for air compressors and lights. The Suaoki also comes with two USB ports. These two ports are able to provide enough power to charge phones and tablets. It restarts a battery in mere seconds and only weighs 3.8 pounds.

This lithium jump starter is designed for gas engines up to 5.5 liters. It can be used for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Per charge, this little jump starter can provide thirty full power jumps. We love this product because it was designed with safety in mind, which is why it makes the list as one of the best lithium jump starters.

There is no consequence for accidentally hooking up the battery backwards or clamping the cables together, providing you with peace of mind. This product comes with one USB port, perfect for charging your small electronics.

If you are ever stuck on the side of the road at night there is no need to worry because this handy pack also comes with a built in LED light with an SOS mode. It has 14,000 mAh power and weighs only one pound.

The Aickar 800A jump starter is perfect for jumping any gas engine. It can also jump up to 4.5 liter diesel engines. This means cars, boats, motorcycles, and even RVs can be jump started by this handy lithium ion battery jump starter. We love that it provides extensive battery power: up to 19800 mAh.

This is extremely convenient for plugging in and charging laptops, cellphones, and other electronics. We also love when products are really safe to use. That’s why the Aickar, similar to the BEATIT, makes the list as one of the best lithium jump starters. It has 5 safety features. These features are reverse polarity, overload, over-current, over-voltage, and over-charge protection. This product can go up to 800 amp of power and weighs 2.8 pounds.

The Schumacher SL161 provides up to 20 jumps per charge, which is why it is included with only the best lithium jump starters. This product includes a USB port, cable, and lightning charging cable. It quickly jump starts 4 to 6 liter cars.

It comes with a smart cable that protects against reverse polarity, reverse charging, short circuiting, and high temperature. It is perfectly compact to fit inside your center console or to put in your emergency bag. It has the capability to quickly jump start a vehicle, but also quickly charges other electronics. It provides an 8,000 mAh battery and weighs 1.4 pounds.

The Best Lithium Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank

The GOOLOO brand prides itself on putting safety first, which is why it is on this list alongside the best lithium jump starters. This brand is the highest quality when it comes to lithium jump starters with portable power packs. GOOLOO assures that nothing will happen if clamps are touched together or the battery is hooked up backwards.

It provides massive battery power to your vehicle, but also protects you from it. It provides 600 amp of power and can charge a 6 liter gas engine or a 4.5 Diesel engine. This uniquely designed product also features spark proof technology. It comes with a USB port and LED flashlight. The flashlight features an SOS mode. This product has a portable power bank and weighs 15.5 ounces.

No need to call a towing service when you have one of the best lithium jump starters at the ready. It provides you with up to twenty jumps per charge. The PowerAll can charge all of your portable devices, from MP3 players to tablets.

To charge these products, the PowerAll is equipped with two USB ports for your convenience and has a portable power pack. The LED flashlight is extremely bright and comes with three different settings: SOS, solid-on, and strobe. The LED light can last up to 120 hours on a full charge. The battery capacity of the PowerAll is 16,000 mAh. It can jump up to a 7 liter engine and weighs two pounds.

The Most Powerful Lithium Jump Starter

The NOCO Genius Boost Pro is one of the best lithium jump starters we have come across, providing some of the most power on the market. On one single charge, the NOCO can provide up to 80 jumps. We love that it was made with safety in mind. You don’t have to worry about the clamps touching or hooking up the battery backwards. The power created by the NOCO is 2,500 joules. It is safe to use on engines of any size. It also has a 12 volt outlet. This is perfect for powering accessories that have a 12 volt power inverter. It has a USB port and a built-in voltmeter. The voltmeter reads the voltage and is also able to provide you with diagnostics. It’s compact, goes up to 4,000 amp and weighs 1 pound.

The Best Portable Lithium Jump Starter 

The DBPOWER jump starter’s sleek handheld design makes it the perfect portable jump starter. Like some other products listed, the DBPOWER can jump vehicles thirty times on a single charge. It has the capability to jump vehicles with a 6.5 liter gas engine and 5.2 liter diesel engines. This jump starter has an LED with three different light modes: high, strobe, and SOS. It also features a red emergency light. The emergency light is perfect for flagging down cars and people if you are stuck on the side of the road. This product has a very informative LCD screen, making it one of the best lithium jump starters. The screen displays a handy compass and diagnostics. This product has 600 amp and weighs 3.2 pounds.

The CYCMIA has a sleek white design. This product is compact and can fit easily in your hand. It can jump up to twenty times in a single charge. It has a powerful LED light. This is perfect if an incident happens at night or you’re having an emergency situation. The LCD screen is bright and allows you to view the diagnostics of your jump starter. The CYCMIA has specialized safety features. It has a smart chip built-in that will detect the best current for a device plugged into the USB. We love this feature and have yet to find it included with any other lithium jump starter. It also protects against reverse charging and short circuits. This product only weighs one pound and provides 800 amp.

The Best Compact Lithium Jump Starter

The Bolt Power is one of the most compact lithium jump starters on the market, weighing in at only 13 ounces. This makes the Bolt Power extremely compact and perfect for storing. It operates at 500 amp. It can jump vehicles up to 5 liters with a gas engine and 3.5 liters for a diesel engine. It features a 12 volt, 16 volt, and 19 volt power option.

There is a key that you turn to choose the different options. The Bolt Power also hosts a 7 in 1 laptop charger. This laptop charger can fit a variety of different brands. It has a USB port that is perfect for charging mobile devices and other electronics. The Bolt Power features an LED emergency light that can last up to 120 hours. This product is only 6.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.5 inches.

When traveling or on the road, you always want to plan for the worst case scenario. You would not want a broken down car to ruin your family vacation or prevent you from getting to your vacation in the first place. Packing a lithium jump starter is an essential for any car owner.

This list has provided you with some of the best lithium jump starters on the market today. Some of these products are designed to be more compact and portable than others. But, all of these will fit comfortably in your car and will not take up much room at all. If you’re looking for something with the most power punch, GOCO’s jump starter doesn’t take any shortcuts. If you want something more sleek and comfortable to throw in a glove compartment, you might consider the CYCMIA. This little jump starters are very handy and will be extremely useful in several situations, including emergencies.

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The Ultimate List of the Best RV Refrigerators https://www.waterskyland.com/ultimate-list-best-rv-refrigerators/ https://www.waterskyland.com/ultimate-list-best-rv-refrigerators/#respond Sat, 09 Dec 2017 00:40:57 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1499 Whether you are looking for a small compact portable refrigerator for you RV or a larger more fully functioning refrigerator,…

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Whether you are looking for a small compact portable refrigerator for you RV or a larger more fully functioning refrigerator, this list will have it all. This will serve as your complete buying guide to finding the best RV refrigerator. After all, keeping your food and drinks cold for the adventures ahead is a must!

This guide will feature only the best products from the best brands. We have chosen these products because they resonate what it truly means to be traveling the country in an RV. RV goers prefer convenience, but don’t want to sacrifice quality or functionality. Now, you don’t have to! Whether you want a full blown refrigerator or a compact portable option, we have something for everyone.

The Best Overall RV Refrigerator

The Avanti RA7316PST is number one on your list of the best RV refrigerators. This product is energy star rated and features a two door design. The entire refrigerator weighs 92 pounds. The inside is quite spacious and features adjustable glass shelves. There are three glass shelves included.

The inside also has a very bright light, which is activated upon opening. It comes in a sleek design. The Avanti is all black, with platinum finish doors, and a white inside. The door is reversible. The door also features shelving and there is one shelf that fits snugly in the freezer section of this model. We found that the door seals quite nicely, keeping the cold air in and warm air out.

Dometic - Americana RV Refrigerator

This Dometic model refrigerator is one of the top in RV refrigerators. It has improved electronic controls and a solid steel frame. Dometic is the leader in innovating new technologies and the only the best materials for their RV products. This refrigerator model does not fall short.

One of these high quality features is their adjustable shelving technology and three-position freezer shelf. When you open the refrigerator door, the control panel is conveniently located right at eye-level for your use. Also, if your RV adventures are prone to bumpy rides, this product features a locking door system to make sure everything stays secured in place. This product weighs 122 pounds and features 2 crispers.

The Best 2-Way RV Refrigerator

The Smad two-way RV refrigerator runs on 110 volts. It features absorption cooling and low noise. It has adjustable glass shelves and reversible doors. There is an egg tray, ice cube maker, and clear balcony. This fridge has a bright LED installed on the inside.

It weighs 146 pounds and is 25 inches by 26 inches by 58 inches. It has a capacity of 6.1, including the freezer. The inside and outside of this product is white. It features a thermostat, flame indicator, front mounted control panel, and one large crisper.

This completely stainless steel RV two way refrigerator is a perfect sleek addition to your RV. The stainless steel makes this product extremely easy to keep clean. It features an LCD control panel that is extremely to use and at eye level.

It also features built in diagnostics to provide you with information regarding the operation of your refrigerator. This product weighs 142 pounds and is 24 inches by 23.5 inches by 59.8 inches. This product runs off of 120 volts. It is an extremely sleek and modern design, which we love.

The Best 3-Way RV Refrigerator

SMAD is a well known brand for home and RV appliances. They have been producing products since 1999. This SMAD fridge makes the list for one of the best 3-way rv refrigerators on the market today. This model is 2.1 cubic feet and does not have a freezer. The battery ignition and safety valve are available to you by accessing underneath the model.

The outside of this product is a sleek uniform black and the interior of this product is white. This product comes with a gas and electric thermostat. It will work well in an RV because it is a free standing refrigerator, which means it can be used virtually anywhere. The refrigerator runs relatively quietly for being a smaller design. It weighs only 48.5 pounds. This model also has adjustable removable shelving.

This Norcold 3-way RV refrigerator is one of the largest models we have seen with these specific features. It features 5.5 cubic feet of storage. The controls for this model are located outside of the fridge at eye level. You will never have to worry again about shoving things into the door holding areas. This product can easily fit two liter bottles into the door bins.

One of the features we absolutely love about this product is that it has the ability to sense ambient temperatures. The unique thermostat then has the ability to adjust the temperature on it’s own. It features an easy latchable reversible door. This product has multiple automatic features, making it a cinch to use. It has automatic changeover between gas and electric, automatic cycle to limit the buildup of frost, and automatic reignition if the gas flame goes out.

The Best 12 Volt RV refrigerator

This Avanti model RV refrigerator has the capability to work off of 12 volts of power. If you are looking for a more compact and easy to use fridge for your RV, the Avanti SHP1712SDC-IS would be the perfect choice for you. If your RV is full of other appliances and you do not have a lot of storage space or extra room, this product will not take up that much space.

It features 1.7 cubic feet of storage. It features a black wrap around material and a stainless steel door. It is 19 inches by 17 inches by 20 inches. It can also run off of 115 volts, if needed. It weighs only 26 pounds. This product also features an automatic defrost system. It does not feature a freezer option. So, if you need to make ice or keep things frozen, this small refrigerator is not a good fit for you.

It is perfect for someone needing to keep things cold in a small compact design. It would also be a good option for an RV owner that already has a full size refrigerator and freezer, but would like something in their room or in a child’s room.

This 12 volt powered RV refrigerator has a larger capacity than most 12 volt fridges. It also has a strong interior door, which is designed to hold liter bottles and cans without cramming them in. ​

 product is not a thermoelectric cooler as stated by the company. It has a thermostat that is controlled by the 12 volt compressor that provides complete refrigeration. This product also provides you with the ability to freeze goods as well in a top compartment. It provides a fast cool down of food products from room temperature to 38 degrees fahrenheit. 

This medium sized refrigerator is not as small as the other 12 volt listed above, but is still small enough to not take up as much room as a larger model. This is perfect for someone wanting ample space for a fridge that does not need more than 12 volts of energy. The dimensions of this fridge are 24 inches by 19.8 inches by 23.5 inches. It weighs about 52 pounds.

The Best RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit

Norcold refrigerators are uniquely designed for RVs and life on the road. These fridges are best known for being able to automatically switch to propane if for some reason electricity is not available.

But, what happens when the cooling unit goes out in on the these high functioning refrigerators? Instead of replacing the whole fridge, it may only be necessary to simply buy a new cooling unit. This cooling unit fits 1200 and 1210 models. Norcold focuses on great performance and reliability of their products.

This product is able to keep your RV refrigerator frost free and works with any model. This is one of the reasons we love this product. You do not have to search high and low for a product for your specific model because this product is designed to fit them all.

It is easy to install and will most times connect to the interior light of your fridge. It features a very low amp draw. This compact product has the ability to keep your fridge cold top to bottom and helps your refrigerator get cold faster. It features a 12 volt DC fan motor and a one year warranty.

It takes up absolutely no room once it is attached and weighs only about 5 ounces.

The Best Electric RV Refrigerator

This electric RV refrigerator uses a lightweight compressor so it is perfect for easy portability. We describe this product as being a perfect addition to any camper or RV that may be lacking on the availability of space for a full-size fridge.

These convenient portable refrigerators also double as coolers. But, don’t get us wrong here. These products may be listed as “portable”, but they function exactly as a regular refrigerator and this particular model also has a freezing section. This model also features an electronic thermostat for easy reading and an energy efficient LED light on the inside.

This Dometic refrigerator also features space saving folding carry handles. It is perfect to bring with you to function as a small refrigerator or to bring with on picnics or road trips. It weighs less than 25 pounds and has a battery protection system.

This means it can be run at low, medium, or high power and will cut off when the voltage drops too low. The temperature can be set from 3.2 degrees to 50 degrees. It can hold up to 51 cans.

This electric RV refrigerator has a 36 quart capacity, which means it has plenty of room for food and drinks. It does not require any ice and functions as a regular refrigerator. The Koolatron has modern day technology and even some advancements that a normal refrigerator may not have. These thermoelectric coolers draw less power than an average parking light and plug directly into a 12 volt power source.

These fridges have the power to cool food and beverages up to 40 degrees cooler than the surrounding air temperature. This is perfect for keeping drinks cold or for storing your leftovers. It features a brushless fan and a very quiet motor. This product is perfect for long hauls or short road trips. We also are in love with this product because with a simple switch this product becomes a warmer. This is very convenient for campers and RVs when you don’t want to take up a ton of space, but need convenience as well. The Koolatron is able to warm up food to 130 degrees.

The Best Small RV Refrigerator

This SMETA model refrigerator is one of the best small refrigerators to use in your RV. This refrigerator is compact and runs silent. It uses no fans and no compressors. This product has the capability to be used for both AC and DC. It is a free standing refrigerator that can be used anywhere, including in your home, RV, and camper.

It is small and compact to fit in almost any space and leave you room for other appliances. There is an LED light on the inside of the refrigerator. This product weighs 46.9 pounds and is 24.8 inches by 19.8 inches by 18 inches. It has a locking reversible door and automatic defrost.

This compact RV refrigerator is an energy efficient option for you RV. It is perfect for small spaces in your RV or camper. It has a reversible door hinge and integrated door handle. This product has a sleek black design with a stainless steel door.

The shelves inside are adjustable and are very durable. This is also an environmentally friendly option. It uses a natural R600a refrigerant. It only weighs 45 pounds. The product dimensions of this fridge are 23 inches by 21 inches by 35 inches. It runs on 120 volts of power.

The Best AC DC RV Refrigerator

This AC DC RV refrigerator can operate on 12 VDC or 110 VAC. It uses only 6 amp and is perfect to use in an RV or camper. It has a thermoelectric cooling system. It has a very quiet operation.

It has the ability to cool 54 degrees below the ambient temperature. It has a compact sleek design. This Koolatron has advanced cooling technology. It brings heat away from the fridge using pipe technology for improved performance. It only weighs 25 pounds and is 17 inches by 19.8 inches by 19.8 inches.

This compact model features 1.4 cubic feet of storage, but does not have a freezer. It can be run on propane or electric. It can be run on AC 110 volts or DC 12 volts. The ignition and safety valve are both located on the bottom front of the fridge.

The outside is a sleek black and the inside is white white two adjustable shelving units. There are two balconies on the side for extra storage on the door. Since this is a free standing refrigerator, it can be used in an RV, camper, or even in your home. This product weighs 44 pounds and is 24.8 inches by 17.7 inches by 15.8 inches. The fridge temperature can be adjusted from 32 degrees to 50 degrees.

The Best RV Refrigerator Thermostat

This universal thermostat will work perfect in an RV refrigerator. From this thermostat, if your refrigerator does not already come equipped with one or if one fails, you are able to adjust the temperature of your fridge. This product only weighs 2.4 ounces. The model number is WPF-22. It is mounted by a hole in the metal. This hole’s diameter is 3mm. A thermostat is perfect for keeping your food and beverages cooled to the perfect desired temperature. You will never have to worry about your

The Best RV Refrigerator Thermocouple

This thermocouple is one that we definitely trust due to it being made and distributed by Dometic. It only weighs 0.3 ounces. This thermocouple fits only a few specific models, so it is important to check the model of your refrigerator before purchasing. A thermocouple is used for gas refrigerators.

We found this product by Dometic to be one of the best RV refrigerator thermocouples on the market. A thermocouple converts energy from the pilot light into a small current of electricity. If the thermocouple begins to fail, the refrigerator will stop working and pilot light will not be able to stay lit. When you are testing a thermocouple to see if it is working properly, if the reading is below 20 millivolts when heated then the thermocouple needs to be replaced.

These products feature only the best RV refrigerators and technology. If you’re looking for something more compact, you may consider one of the smaller RV refrigerators. The AC/DC refrigerators tend to run a little bit larger to regular size. The 12 volts require so much less energy that they also are more compact.

These products are handpicked, lovingly, to help aid you in your RV travels and outdoor experiences. To help better aid yourself when deciding on a fridge your RV, it is important to consider what kind of amenities you prefer. What do you want this fridge to be able to do? Some fridges listed above have the convenience of being portable, but may not have all the features of a standard refrigerator. Also, it is important to note that additional equipment like cooling units and thermocouples are something worth looking into. Eventually, these features may need to be replaced.

But, regardless of what you’re looking for, this guide will help you see your potential options and hopefully allow you to come to a concise conclusion on which product will be perfect for you and your RV.

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The 7 Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies https://www.waterskyland.com/7-best-waterproof-walkie-talkies/ https://www.waterskyland.com/7-best-waterproof-walkie-talkies/#respond Sun, 03 Dec 2017 20:25:10 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1476 Choosing the best waterproof walkie talkie for your next outdoor adventure can be challenging, but we have attempted to take…

The post The 7 Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies appeared first on Water. Sky. Land..


Choosing the best waterproof walkie talkie for your next outdoor adventure can be challenging, but we have attempted to take out some of the leg work. Here, you will find the best waterproof walkie talkies that we have hand-chosen just for you. Whether you’re a professional that needs something for your field or an outdoor enthusiast, we have something for you.

Waterproof two-way walkie talkies are perfect for anything involving water or if there may be severe weather conditions. All of the walkie talkies listed below can not only withstand a splash or two, but are completely waterproof. One model we have listed can even be submerged and has been designed to float. However, if you plan to only take your walkie talkie hiking and not by bodies of water, you may choose more of a long distance model.

When shopping for a waterproof walkie talkie you will want to ask yourself what it’s main purpose will be. Are you using it just for emergency situations? Will you be using it to keep in constant contact over long distances? These questions will help you determine what product you will need out of the list below.

The 7 Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies

We listed the Midland GXT1000VP4 as number one on our list of the best waterproof walkie talkies because of it’s extensive list of high quality features. This product can go up to 36 miles. It is 100% waterproof. It has a sleek black design with an orange interface and black bold numbers. It comes with 50 channels. This product has hazard weather channels and weather scanning technology.

It comes complete with accessories for hands-free use. This product has 142 privacy codes. We love this product because it includes a “whisper” feature. This allows you to whisper into the walkie talkie and still be heard crystal clear on the other side with no interruption. Midland also has the capability to make group calls and direct calls. It also can emit a distress sound for emergency situations. This package comes with two radios, a desktop charger, mic headsets, and a wall adapter. It comes with a three year manufacturer's warranty.

We love this walkie talkie because it comes in five different colors. It comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and green. Not only that, this product features a high quality bright LCD screen.

The Baofeng brand prides itself on producing top of the line products and some of the best waterproof walkie talkies. They update their product features yearly. So you can rest assured that they will keep you updated with the latest technology. This product is water resistant. It features a dual watch and dual standby mode.

The exterior casing of this walkie talkie provides noise cancellation, which provides you with crystal clear performance. A unique feature of this product is that it can be easily programmed with a computer to work on private repeater systems.

This waterproof walkie talkie has a VibraCall feature that allows vibration in place of a loud call. It also features a personalized keypad lock. This Motorola product is bright green with a nice display screen. We love this product because it has a built in LED flashlight with red and white lights. The flashlight is water activated. This product features real time weather updates so you are never caught in nasty weather. It features 11 weather channels. It comes equipped with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. This walkie talkie is one of the best waterproof walkie talkies for several reasons. But, one of these reasons is that it has the capability to alert you on the screen when there is a low battery. This product can work by land or by sea.

The Cobra is a waterproof walkie talkie that also has an NOAA weather receiver built in. The sides of this product have built in rubber grips that make it very easy to hold, but also extra durable against falls. It comes with an LED flashlight on the front. There is a vibration setting that will alert you of incoming calls more quietly than a ring.

This waterproof model will make sure you are not able to stop communicating due to the weather. This product will help you be prepared in any circumstance and be able to remain connected. It comes with 22 channels with 142 privacy codes. This product also has the capability to do voice activated transmissions, which means it can be used hands free.

The Retevis RT6 is designed to adapt to severe weather conditions. This kit comes with five walkie talkies. This product ensures you will have crystal clear calls even in the rainiest of weather. It offers consumers a battery power saving mode. It is drop resistant and dustproof as well.

This product has the ability to go into loudspeaker mode. It also has a custom designed earpiece for quieter environments. The earpiece is also waterproof. There is a flashlight built in, as well as an emergency alarm. The product is on the heavier side, weighing in at seven pounds. We like that this product offers three different LCD display colors: orange, blue, and purple.

This 37 mile range waterproof walkie talkie is perfect for an outdoor enthusiast. There are 50 preset channels. Each of these channels have 121 possible privacy combinations. This particular model is also compatible with a lot of headsets, making it a perfect option for hands-free use.

It has a convenient USB charger for on the go charging. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The NOAA weather alerts are available to you anywhere 24/7. There is an option to either use a ring or a vibration feature. This is perfect for times when you do not want to be interrupted with a loud ring. The small design and material of the Olympia makes this product extremely durable.

The LSENG kit comes with two 5 watt walkie talkies that are waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof. It is outdoor approved. Each walkie talkie weighs about 2.5 pounds. They are super simple to use. They do not have a screen, just two knobs and an antennae. This would be perfect for someone who wants something that is more lower maintenance, but still performs well.

This product comes with a charging pod that has a wall adapter. All you have to do is lock the walkie talkie into the pod and plug it in. Then your walkie talkies will charge. They will stay charged for up to 5 hours of continuous use. It has a power saving mode and low battery alarm. This product also comes equipped with priority scanning capabilities and a busy channel lock

It is important to identify your main purpose for needing a waterproof walkie talkie. If you need it for crossing bodies of water and water sports, you may consider the Uniden Submersible. If you just need something for emergencies, you may consider the basic model: LSENG T-518. For long range use, consider the very last two models listed: Uniden and Olympia.

Waterproof walkie talkies are excellent ways to communicate when cell phone service is not available and staying connected is vital. You would not want to get caught someplace dangerous while on a vacation or other venture. Weather can change quickly and without cellphone service to check the forecast, your eyes can only do so much as a predictor. Most of the models listed up above come with weather channels that are active 24/7 for your area. They are perfect for camping or any other outdoor recreational activities.

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The 10 Best Head Torches for Fishing https://www.waterskyland.com/10-best-head-torches-fishing/ https://www.waterskyland.com/10-best-head-torches-fishing/#respond Thu, 30 Nov 2017 23:20:32 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1448 Fishing at night can be just as fun as fishing during the day, assuming you have the right equipment. Different…

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Fishing at night can be just as fun as fishing during the day, assuming you have the right equipment. Different species that come out at night provide you with different opportunities. Whether you are a sport fisherman, a newbie, or just someone with a hobby, fishing provides the same rush of adrenaline to everyone. Camping and fishing at night can also be a world of fun. However, like we mentioned above, it is a good idea to invest in a quality light source. You could bring a flashlight, but that would only end up getting in the way. You don’t want to have your pole propped up with one hand and a flashlight in the other. Or worse, be fumbling for light while you’re reeling in the big one!

That’s where we come in. Here, we have provided with a list of only the best head torches for fishing. Most of these are made of sturdy and durable aluminum alloy and rubber. Some of these are light enough to simply throw in your snack pail or coat pocket. You will want to invest in a product that will fit your needs and how much use you will get out of it.

The Best Head Torch for Fishing

The MsForce head torch is an essential for any fisherman to have in their supply box. This product uses three extremely powerful LED bulbs to produce 6000 lumens of light. These LED lights are attached to a pivot mount, giving you the freedom to adjust the direction of the light as needed. The lights also feature four different modes. The four different modes are: battery saver, medium brightness, ultra bright, and flashing strobe.

This product only comes in one color: black. The adjustable headbands are perfect for fitting over a baseball hat or stocking cap for the colder nights. We love this product because MsForce makes this head torch water resistant, making it one of the best head torches for fishing on the market. The MsForce is one-hundred percent handsfree. The lightweight, comfortable fabric bands that hold the product together are sturdy and comfortable. This product is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fishing where a durable and lightweight head torch is needed or could be useful.

The Boruit head torch features three LED bulbs that produce 5000 lumens. It is powered by two double A batteries. The material of this product is abrasion resistant and features comfortable headbands. The batteries are able to be rechargeable battery pack that is water resistant. One charge of the batteries gives you ten hours of continual use. This product can make your night time fishing routine a little more convenient.

Each base of the three LEDs is equipped to pivot 90 degrees. There are four different settings: ultra brightness, medium brightness, battery saver, and strobe light. One of the reasons this product is listed in the best head torches for fishing is because it comes with a car charger and usb charger, making it easy to charge this product on the go. This product weighs less than a pound and comes with 2 lithium ion batteries. 

The Zglon head torch makes our list for the best head torches for fishing for several reasons. It is a snug head lamp with three LEDs and one red light in the back. We love that it has seven unique light modes. It is rechargeable and features a black headband with blue accents. There is a power switch on the side that can be used to navigate between the different modes.

The center LED light can pivot 90 degrees. The two smaller lights on the side of the main light can rotate 180 degrees. These LEDs produce 3000 lumens. This Zglon product is perfect for nighttime fishing, due to it’s safety light design in the back. It can be activated with the main switch. It is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and rubber. This product has a waterproof rating of IP65. The Zglon head torch comes with a regular charger, usb charger, and two batteries.

This Litwod product provides you with six different lighting modes for night time activities, perfect for fishing after dark. There are 5 LEDs altogether, with the most powerful being the top three. These lights allow you to see up to 984 feet in the dark. You have the option with the six modes to have the top middle light on, the bottom two on, top two outer on, top three on, all five on, and all five lights strobing.

This product comes with two rechargeable batteries. It has the capability to charge from any usb port and can be charged in only three hours. From one charge, this product can last between six and eight hours. It is comfortable to wear and is not too bulky, despite having a larger array of LEDs. The Litwod is made of aluminum alloy and rubber. It is very durable and waterproof.

The STCT has a very uniquely designed front. It has one main high powered LED bulb. On the side, it has two smaller powered LEDs situated sideways. It has black heavy duty adjustable and stretchable bands on the top and side. This model has six different light modes to choose from. The two lights on the side of this product are stationary and cannot pivot. However, the bigger LED light in the center is able to pivot 90 degrees.

We love this light and have listed it as one of the best head torch lights for fishing because it has a high performance waterproof coating. It comes with two batteries and they are rechargeable, so you do not have to worry about changing them out. On a full charge, the batteries can last for up to 8 to 10 hours straight.

The TOPIA STAR head torch comes equipped with stretchable elastic headbands. So, this product can fit any head size. The elastic is very comfortable to wear and keeps the lights situated at the front of your head. It has three LED lights on the front. It has one larger center light and two smaller lights on the side of the larger one. These combined lights produce 5000 lumens. This head torch has four different light modes.

These modes are: the big light on, the two smaller lights on, all three lights on, and strobe lights. It has a switch to change the different modes on the side. We named this product one of the best head torches for fishing not only because it is water resistant and rechargeable, but because it weighs less than half a pound. Being extremely lightweight makes it easy to toss into a bag or throw in your coat pocket!

The Boruit Lightess head torch is a durable product with thick headbands and a thick front plate. It features one LED light in the center of the front capable of 2000 lumens. This LED light has five different light modes. These light modes are: low light, mid light, high light, strobe light, and SOS light. Although this product is the first on our list of best head torches for fishing with only one LED, it has a very unique feature. Similar to that of a digital camera, this LED light has an attachment that allows it to zoom and focus the light. This feature is perfect for focusing the light on your fishing line or for expanding it across the water in front of you. It is able to rotate 360 degrees and rotate 90 degrees up and down. This product comes with a regular charger and usb charging cable. It is also very lightweight, weighing in at less than a pound.

This super durable head torch by InnoGear can go up to 5000 lumens. It comes with two rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. On a full charge, this product can last between four and six hours. It is made of aluminum alloy and rubber. This light has four different working modes. These modes can be activated by pressing a button on the top of the middle LED.

The modes are: low light, middle light, high light, and strobe light. We like this product because it is not only waterproof and drop resistant, it is also heat proof. Each of the three LED lights can rotate 90 degrees and the light is a bright white color. This product comes with a wall charger, a usb charger, and two lithium ion batteries.

The head torch by Supreme Headlamp is a pretty standard LED light. If you are looking for a basic model for fishing, then this is the product for you. One of the best things about this product is it is able to be used during all seasons. It is waterproof and heat proof. The LED light can produce up to 2000 lumens. The elastic bands are supported by aluminum alloy and rubber. The elastic bands are black with yellow accents. It is comfortable and the light stays firmly on your head. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, a wall charger, and a car charger. This product is great, along with the company, because if you do not end up liking your head torch they provide you with a one-hundred percent satisfaction guaruntee.

This product features one LED light situated on the front. It is attached to a pivot mount and can be moved 180 degrees. Underneath the large LED light are two small red lights. The Komaes features three different light modes. These light modes are: low light, high light, and a red flashing light.

It is one-hundred percent waterproof. It does, however, require three double A batteries. The switch for the light modes is on the side of the large LED light. The distance the lights can cover on the highest setting is up to twenty feet. The straps are made of a comfortable elastic and are easily adjustable.

A head torch for fishing at night is essential. You do not want to get stuck fumbling for a light source when you are reeling in a fish. There are all different kinds of head torches, as you saw from the list above. Based on how often you may use it, you may want to invest in a product with all the bells and whistles like the MsForce. Or, you may be thinking about getting a standard version like the Supreme Headlamp. You may even want a specialized head torch, such as the Boruit with it’s zoomable light.

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing you are choosing from the best of the best in head torches for fishing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid fisherman or a spending a weekend at the lakehouse, ample lighting is important and should never be skipped.

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The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent – Product Reviews https://www.waterskyland.com/best-rv-refrigerator-roof-vent/ https://www.waterskyland.com/best-rv-refrigerator-roof-vent/#respond Thu, 30 Nov 2017 22:56:38 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1418 When you’re researching amenities needed to sustain your RV and make it a happy healthy environment, your first thought may…

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When you’re researching amenities needed to sustain your RV and make it a happy healthy environment, your first thought may not go to parts for your refrigerator. Although this appliance may seem relatively unimportant, it’s the roof vent of your refrigerator that requires some knowledge. RV refrigerator roof vents play a vital role, believe it or not, in the life of your refrigerator. RV fridge vents keep water and hot air out of your fridge.

Weather and sun exposure can limit the life of your RV refrigerator roof vent. So, researching to find quality and durable products is a must. However, most RV refrigerator roof vents are a cinch to remove and replace. We compiled this list to help you find a brand new one or a replacement for your current vent, including a cover.

The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Kit

The Atwood 13004 comes in two colors: white and black. The Atwood brand comes to you with a deal: a vent base and cover included together. We love that we can purchase a vent and a cover together in one seamless transaction, not having to worry about buying them separately and then not having them fit together.

This product is UV resistant, helping it achieve a longer life span. It also is aerodynamic, adding to you saving on gas mileage for your RV. It weighs in at 5 pounds and the warranty covers some parts associated with it. It is made from a strong and sleek polypropylene material. This is a perfect choice for someone who does not want the hassle of purchasing vent and cover separately, or someone who wants a very durable vent. 

The Dometic 3311236 is a vent and cap kit, meaning it comes with both. If you have an older style Dometic in this model and need a replacement, you will have to purchase the kit. The newer lids do not fit the older vents properly. It fits the roof hole of 24 inches by 7 inches. Unfortunately, this kit does not come with assembly materials that other vents and covers come with.

It is lacking the screws needed. This is a minor setback for a very durable product. It weighs almost 3 pounds, but that is including both the vent and cover. This product is for someone who really wants the convenience of purchasing a vent and lid together, ensuring proper installation. 

The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Base

Camco - Refrigerator Vent Base

Camco has provided consumers with a replacement vent base that goes on the roof the RV. It comes in the color white. It is listed as #1 on our list due to it’s simple design, easy installation, and coming from the reputable Camco brand. Camco is a leader in Recreational Vehicle appliances and accessories. They pride themselves on durable, yet affordable products that meet the needs to your typical every day consumer.

While their products are not as luxurious as some brands, they are also rated very high in RV accessories. Their products have been known to feature extensive warranties. This refrigerator roof vent is composed of highly durable polypropylene plastic and features UV stabilization. This refrigerator vent works for a 24 inches by 6 inches fridge opening. 

This product is a vent by Norcold Inc for an RV refrigerator. It is the base only and is made of a durable plastic. It is low to the roof and is very versatile. This product works with almost every model on the market. The cutouts are 5.25 inches by 24 inches. The color is white and it weighs around 20 pounds, making it a bit on the heavier side. It features a simplistic design with easy to use screws. The Norcold Inc RV refrigerator roof vent is very easy to install due and will fit on almost every model refrigerator. It is an excellent choice if you are unsure on which cent will go with your fridge and want something virtually universal. Consider getting this refrigerator roof vent if you want something simple, but it looks great in your RV. 

Unlike the Norcold, the Dometic 3100528045 refrigerator roof vent is not universal. It will not fit on just any refrigerator, only certain models. For this reason, you will want to measure the hole very carefully before purchasing. We love this product because it comes with a full manufacturers warranty. Another plus with this product is that it is extremely light, weighing in at only two pounds. The sides of this vent are made out of a type of galvanized metal, which pairs well in outdoor conditions. The metal is painted white and the supports where the screws go in is very sturdy. However, this product does lack a simplistic design. This product is perfect for a replacement for an RV refrigerator vent that was originally a cheap plastic material. 

The Ventline V0523-00 is also a very lightweight model, weighing in at 2 pounds. This product is made of a very sharp looking gray galvanized metal material. We found the screen to be a perfect size. Not only is it optimal for keeping out moisture and heat, but it also works for keeping out bugs and rodents.

This product is 5 inches by 24 inches. The metal gives it a very appealing look and would look nice with any color refrigerator for a more modern look. Ventline is a brand we trust in RV vents and accessories. So, we are not surprised they made the list as one of the best RV refrigerator roof vents. 

This RV refrigerator roof vent is compact, but will only fit a certain model of refrigerator. Unlike the brands listed above, the Barker model is very specific. It will only work with model number 65833. However, it is very sleek looking. The color is colonial white and it only weighs just a little bit over a pound. The warranty for the Barker vent does cover some assembly parts. This item does not have the cap included like the Atwood kit. However, it is not uncommon to buy the two separately. This refrigerator roof vent fits holes 4.5 inches by 18 inches. 

The Best RV Refrigerator Roof Vent Cover

The Camco RV refrigerator roof vent cover fits Camco vents and some Norcold vents. We have also researched and found that it even fits some Dometic models. You will always want to measure the dimensions you need before purchasing a new product. This model is very uniform looking and is made of polypropylene plastic. 

This product is also UV stabilized. We think this would be perfect to use with a UV stabilized vent for added protection against the sun. This product is highly durable and is super easy to install. It only weighs two pounds and looks appealing on top of an RV. This cover is perfect for protecting your vent from bird droppings, rodents, and bugs. 

This Dometic Ventmate RV refrigerator roof vent comes in the color polar white. The lid is made of a resilient UV stabilized material. The plastic is reinforced and fairs well against heavy impact. It fits the Dometic line of refrigerator vents and is an easy replacement. However, the newer lids are now the color polar white. It is a very compact model. It fits securely and sits low to the roof of your RV, making it less noticeable and more aerodynamic. It conveniently comes with four screws for quick and easy installation. Purchasing a cover is almost an essential. You don’t want your vent exposed to the elements. This could significantly damage your refrigerator and vent. 

This Camco RV refrigerator vent cover is specifically designed to blend in with the roof of your RV. It has a main goal of being sturdy and aerodynamic, while remaining almost undetectable. The product comes in one color: black. It is made of a durable polypropylene plastic, which is what several other vents and vent covers are made of featured on this list. This plastic makes them even more weather resistant. The sun's damaging rays can have a significant impact on a vent lid and the vent itself. Once exposed for too long, the softness of the vent may become brittle and cracked, causing it to break off and leading to possible damage to your refrigerator.  It is UV stabilized and will last you for years to come. It is easy to install and only weighs a little over 2 pounds. 

Recreational vehicles are a fun commodity to have. They can be great for road trips, camping, and spending time with family. The worst thing that can happen to your RV is something not running properly. You may not believe it, but refrigerators on RVs, as well as other appliances, require a lot of careful maintenance.

RV refrigerator roof vents once they get old, weathered, and cracked are known to leak in water and let in other unwanted things, like bugs and rodents. This could be a catastrophe for your family vacation. It is important to do yearly inspections on your refrigerator roof vent and check for any signs of damage.

If you do notice you need a replacement, this list is a good place to start. Camco is an excellent brand in RV accessories and their products are super easy to install. The Camco 42161 has a sleek design and easy installation. The Norcold, however, has a very modern design and is perfect for someone who appreciates versatility. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a vent and lid together, you may want to try the Dometic cap and base kit.

RV refrigerator roof vents and lids are essential to properly run a refrigerator in your RV. You do not want moisture, heat, bugs, or rodents into your fridge. Vents can keep out some bugs and keep your fridge cool. But, covers can prevent sun damage to your vent. They also prevent weathering and debris getting into your vent. It is always a good idea to measure the hole your vent needs to go before purchasing. You also always want to measure your vent before purchasing a lid, unless you purchase them both together. Be aware that newer models may not fit your older appliances. 

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The Best RV Awnings, Fabrics, and Supports https://www.waterskyland.com/best-rv-awnings-fabrics-supports/ https://www.waterskyland.com/best-rv-awnings-fabrics-supports/#respond Wed, 29 Nov 2017 01:06:56 +0000 https://www.waterskyland.com/?p=1382 Finding the perfect awning replacement for your RV can be challenging, considering there are so many different options. We compiled…

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Finding the perfect awning replacement for your RV can be challenging, considering there are so many different options. We compiled this list of the best RV awnings and accessories to aid you in making the final decision.

When considering a new replacement for your RV, the most important thing to do is to measure how long you will need it. It is not recommended to measure the length of your current one when ordering a new replacement. Awnings can come in different sizes, so this is an important step. To properly determine the size needed, you should first measure from the center of the right arm to the center of the left arm. Then, check product descriptions when choosing a product. Some times they will state that the actual product is shorter than what it says on the page.

Another thing to consider is: color. Are you looking for something that’s going to pop or are you looking for something that is more subtle?

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing an RV awning. You would want to pick out the best RV awning for you and your camper. This would also have to match up with your lifestyle. If you use your RV frequently you will want to invest in a product that’s durable and long lasting. If your awning is lighter then your awning has a lower chance of sagging, but it might not have all the weather resistant that a heavier model may have.

This list will help you gauge what you’re looking for when you are browsing new RV awning fabric replacements.

The Best RV Awning

This RV awning is designed to fit many different models of RVs, but it can also fit on patios. It features a deep blue color that looks very chic. This versatile product has the capability to be opened in less than one minute. This product is made of polyvinyl chloride. This material is the third most used synthetic plastic polymer and is behind polypropylene. It is 19.7 feet by 8.2 feet. This RV awning is easily retractable and very easy to open. It features excellent sun and rain protection. This awning easily rolls out and is not electrically controlled. The awning’s legs can be positioned to sit sturdily on the ground or up on the awning. It has a very cute and chic design, which would make a lovely addition to any RV. It only weighs 18 pounds. We love this product for being extremely versatile and for being very durable.

The Best RV Awning Replacement Fabric

This replacement RV awning fabric is similar in style to SunWave, but this product is sold by Shade Pro. The color is also an ombre charcoal that fades into white. This product fits Carefree of Colorado, Domestic, Libbert, and Faulkner.

When your awning has hit it’s limit and needs to be changed out, use one of the best RV awning fabrics on the market. This awning fabric features a 13 oz, 3 ply fabric reinforcement. Although this makes the awning a little heavier, it is one of the sturdiest on the market today.

This product is very convenient, as it comes in one piece with a covered roller. The two different poly cords, 3/16” and ¼”, are sewn directly into the fabric. The awning comes with simple instructions so you can easily install this yourself.

It also comes with a replacement pull strap. This awning selection is was perfect for an RV owner who relies on convenience. This was the only model we came across with poly cords directly sewn in.

The fabric of this RV awning is made of durable vinyl and is coated in a 16 oz weather shield to help protect your awning from the elements. We love this feature. Nobody wants an awning that is not resistant to the weather. Unfortunately, there are these on the market. Weather resistant awnings are perfect for when you get caught in the rain. They are also good when your awning is rolled up for long periods of time. Being rolled up can cause mildew and dirt build up. But, a weather resistant model would protect against this. This is one of the best RV awning fabrics because it is colored on both sides.

The design on the front which is a fading blue is mimicked on the underside of this awning. So, while this product is extremely functional, you don’t have to take shortcuts when it comes to how appealing it looks. The awning comes ready to install, which we love. It comes with ¼” poly cord for the rail and 3/16” poly cord for the tube. This awning is very lightweight, weighing in at only 20 pounds. This product features a beautiful ombre effect where the blue fades into the white of the awning. This product also comes with a three year limited warranty. We love this product because it will have a small chance of sagging quickly due to its lightweight design. Sunwave offers a 14 day return policy. The company states that the actual product will come in measuring ten inches less than what is listed. This is very common for awning brands to mention this. It is up to the consumer to determine the actual length they need for their RV.

This Carefree product only fits Carefree awning attachments. However, it is to be noted that this brand is very trusted and their attachments can be used with other awning brands. It has ¼” cording at the awning rod and 3/16” cording at the roller. It weighs 17 pounds. It can also fit campers as well as RVs. Unfortunately, this product will not work with a Carefree Longitude awning.

If you're looking for a sturdy long lasting replacement awning, then the Carefree line of awnings are definitely ones to consider. They are similar in product design to ShadePro, but these do not have the poly cords sewn in. However, we love that this product has attachments that can be used for other awnings.

You can always keep the attachments and decide to upgrade at a later date! This product is 20 inches by 17 inches by 7 inches. This off white canopy is perfect for someone who does not want a bright pop of color on their RV and wants something a little more toned down. If your RV has Carefree features then this would be the perfect addition, considering most Carefree products are not as versatile as other brands. The off white model is not colored on the underside, but is weather resistant. This is perfect for when it is raining and your awning is exposed to the elements.

The Awnlux vinyl replacement fabric can be fit onto Carefree and domestic models. It comes with an instruction manual and everything you need to assemble it without the help of a professional. The color is a deep blue ombré. The finished fabric size is 12 feet long.

This product can be customized additionally if you were to contact the retailer, which is a feature we really appreciate with RV products. The product can be customized based on size restrictions after you measure from arm and arm how much you need. These fabrics are made to order. It is never good to measure an old awning before ordering a new one.

The weight of this fabric is about 13 pounds. It has a poly cord for the rail and tube. It also comes with a free gift! This product is very easy to install, although the poly cords are not sewn in like the previous product we discussed. With that being said, this product still upholds exceptional quality standards.

This product is 100% waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about rolling your awning up. If you're caught in a downpour, your awning will be fine. Over time, rolling up your awning can cause moisture build up. With this product, you don’t have to worry about the build up affecting the quality of your awning.

The Best RV Awning Cleaner

This Thetford RV awning cleaner comes in a 64 oz jug. This product is extremely versatile and can be used on more than just your RVs awning. This product can be used on shower stalls, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and carpets.

Thetford Cleaner is chlorine-free and color safe, making it a leader in RV awning cleaners. The product is safe and gentle on surfaces, but also removes stains and debris easily. It offers unique UV protection cleaning power for RV awnings. It is also biodegradable and non-toxic.

You can trust that this product will knock out those stubborn stains on your awning and then you can keep it around to use on other surfaces as well. This product is very easy to use. Although it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, this product can be put on any scrubbie or towel on hand. It is even gentle enough to be put directly onto an awning.

It is gentle, but is highly recommended for mildew buildup and discoloration due to dirt and debris. Simply apply the product, wait five minutes, and gently wipe clean.

The B.E.S.T. formula comes in an easy to use 32 oz spray bottle. If your RV awning is starting to look old and dingy, B.E.S.T. is a powerhouse at removing stuck on grime and mildew. It protects against UV rays, weathering, and salt. It works on acrylic, synthetic, vinyl, and natural fibers. Use this product around five times a year and it will help prevent your awning from aging and increase it’s lifespan, thus saving you money in the long run. It is safe to use on every awning.

All you have to do is spray generously, wait a few minutes, and then gently hose off the product. This product is smaller than the Thetford product, making it easier to store. But, we did notice that Thetford had more active ingredients to really fight dirt and stains. We found that hosing off the product was more effective than the product itself, but we did notice a significant color change in the awnings when using this product. This product is perfect for convenience, but we love the punch it packs as well. It is extremely easy to use and is perfect for quick fixes. Another bonus with this product is it can be used on more than just your awning. But, if you are ever unsure about a surface to use it on you should always do a spot test first.

The Best RV Awning Tape

Camco is a leading name in RV accessories. Camco started in 1966 and only had one employee. Now they have over 130 patents, some pending, and pride themselves on high quality products and excellent service. They feature top of the line quality merchandise and make it an easy one stop shop for RV enthusiasts. Their awning repair tape comes in two different sizes: 3 inches and 5 inches.

It only comes in white. Camco states this product is a permanent fix for rips and punctures on your RV’s awning. We love this product because it really extends the lifespan of your awning. Nobody likes the look of holes or even small fraying on an awning. This product fixes that problem and leaves the appearance of the awning looking more positive. Simply pull out the length of tape you need and rip off. It’s that easy! This high quality tape can be use for RV awnings, boat sails, canvas and so much more.

This product is extremely aggressive when it comes to adhesion. This product is impressive in just the way it sticks to an awning. It is nothing short of a permanent fix.

It is 6 inches by 20 feet long. It repairs all kinds of rips, tears, fraying, and holes. This repair tape can be used on a variety of different fabric and products.

This includes tents, canvas, awnings, seat covers, and pool liners. This tape is heavy and durable, perfect for sealing your awning against the elements of it ever were to rip or tear. This product is rip resistant and only requires one application to do the trick.

The Best RV Awning Support

Carefree awning support works automatically with Carefree awnings, making it a simple choice if you are already invested in a Carefree awning. This type of support system is perfect if you notice the weight of your awning is causing it to sag. The cradle receives the roller and reduces the sag of your awning. It is available to consumers in black and white. It is entirely made of metal for extra support. When you roll up this awning, the cradle supports it. When the awning is open the cradle pivots out and provides extra support. Although it works automatically with Carefree awnings, this product can be used with virtually any brand of awning. It is not for awnings with metal shields. It includes all fasteners that are needed to install it. 

Camco is a leading name in RV accessories. This de-flapper is a perfect add on for your RV from a trusted name. It is designed to protect your RV from rips and tears by providing valuable support in weather conditions. It also protects your awning during day to day use. It holds on securely with state of the art hook and loop straps that hold the awning firmly. It is chemical and rust resistant. This product is also perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet when the wind starts to pick up and your awning starts to flap in the breeze. It comes in a pack of two and they only weigh around 8 ounces, which is a perfect lightweight addition to your RV. 

This list represents only the best in RV awnings, fabric replacements, and other accessories. It is always important to correctly measure your RV awning before placing an order and assessing what your color preferability is.

If you’re looking for something more muted, the Carefree off white awning might be for you. If you want a bright pop of color, try checking out SunWave’s ocean blue. The Sunwave charcoal replacement is definitely first on the list due to it’s convenience with sewn in poly cords. However, it is heavier. So, if you’re preferring a lightweight option, try looking at the AwnLux replacement.

The other accessories featured here were awning repair tape, awning support and a de-flapper. Always consider purchasing tape for your awning. Not just any duct tape will do. You will need a high quality durable tape specifically for the canvas fabric of an RV awning. Awning support systems, including de-flappers are also important. If your awning is a little heavier, support systems can give your awning a boost and prevent it from sagging. Not only do de-flappers prevent sagging and folding, they keep your awning in place during strong winds. 

What is the best fabric and/or material to be used for RV Awnings

The answer is not as cut and dry as one may think. Awnings can be made from a variety of different outdoor fabrics. One of these, vinyl or sometimes commonly referred to as PVC, is a non-stretchable fabric. Vinyl fabric can not be penetrated, making it waterproof. But, vinyl is not mildew proof. Another type of fabric is acrylic. Acrylic is not waterproof, but usually dries quickly. It also retains it’s color nicely. Polypropylene is another fabric an awning can be made out of. Polypropylene is very durable and weather resistant, but it does have the potential to get holes in it. For this reason, we have chosen vinyl fabric to be the best fabric an awning can be made from and definitely something to consider when choosing a replacement awning for your RV.

The other accessories featured here were awning repair tape, awning support and a de-flapper. Always consider purchasing tape for your awning. Not just any duct tape will do. You will need a high quality durable tape specifically for the canvas fabric of an RV awning. Awning support systems, including de-flappers are also important. If your awning is a little heavier, support systems can give your awning a boost and prevent it from sagging. Not only do de-flappers prevent sagging and folding, they keep your awning in place during strong winds.

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