What is a solar shower bag?

A solar shower bag is quite simple. They take solar energy from the sun and utilize that energy to heat up your shower water. The fact that these bags use renewable energy is fantastic, because they don’t produce carbon dioxide emissions. So you can get clean without making the planet dirty! It can take a while to heat up the water, but it’ll be worth it. 

The way these devices do this is through a black, heat-absorbing lining on the outside. You’ll want to lay it on a rather high surface, where it is exposed to the sun. Avoid putting it on the ground, since the ground is quite cool, which would slow the heating process down. 

It should be obvious, but you will be relying on the sun for your hot water, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. The best advice we can give is to heat around the afternoon in order to reach the hottest time of the day for more efficient heating.

Some important elements to consider before choosing your own solar shower include important features such as capacity and material. Sure, you could invest in a solar shower that can hold 3 gallons, but regardless of your travel time, you’re better off with a solar shower that can hold up to 5 gallons of water; this way, you’ll have plenty of available shower water, just in case. The importance of the solar shower’s material is self-explanatory. You don’t want it to be leaking, because that will waste water and your time. 

Top 10 Best Solar Shower Bags

Advanced Elements – Summer Solar Shower

This Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower is the ideal shower for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and plenty of other outdoor activities.

The aesthetic of this solar shower bag, looks quite futuristic to us, but its function is actually rather primal. It can hold a whopping 5 gallons of water, the right amount of water for showering in the outdoors.

The structure of the solar shower is quite thoughtful; it has a 4-ply construction with a reflector panel, insulator panel, solar panel, and a clear window enveloping a water reservoir. It comes with a hose and a shower head with an ON and OFF switch to adjust the water flow.

This shower bag comes with a mesh pocket in the front too, so you can store anything you need for a proper outdoor shower. It also comes with Velcro straps for wash cloths. When you’re out there in the wild, it can be hard to tell whether or not your water is getting heated up, so this solar shower bag is equipped with its own water temperature gauge.

All around, it has everything you need, and it does it in all the best ways.

FeChiX – Solar Shower Bag

FeChiX offers this solar shower with a 5 gallon, or 20 liter, capacity. We love this option for its functionality. It has a removable hose and a switchable shower hose, so it feels like a real shower! The switchable shower hose is quite helpful in dictating the water flow; it’s easy to turn and use!

Within 3 hours under direct sunlight, the water should be able to heat up to 113 degrees. The material of the bag is made of a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and lightweight PVC material. The tubes are also made of solid and durable material. The handles of the bag are durable enough to carry the heavy weight, so you know you’ll be able to drag this baby with you to every outdoor expedition.

Thankfully, there’s a pocket in the front of the bag that allows you to store any shower necessities, so you won’t have to lug extra cargo in your other bags. There really aren’t any downsides to this foolproof solar shower, so this is a good investment for any avid outdoor traveler.

VIGLT –  Solar Shower Bag

This VIGLT solar shower bag is one of Amazon’s choices, and also another one of our favorites.

It holds 5 gallons with its top quality, environmentally friendly, and human safe smart 4-layer PVC materials. It will heat your water to up to 113 degrees within 3 hours of direct sunlight. The front pocket of the bag is dedicated to holding all of your showering supplies and accessories, and the included portable mesh bag allows you to keep everything together.

This brand also claims to have an advanced shower head with an ON and OFF switch and a low to high water flow switch. The provided temperature indicator is also quite helpful for keeping track of the heating process. 

Many people love this model, so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

RISEPRO – 10 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

Travelling with a big party? Never fear! RISEPRO sells this 10 gallon/40 liter shower bag. You heard me right. Made of safe, leak-proof, and environmentally friendly material, this solar shower is definitely durable enough to carry all the weight: a SMART black PVC material.

It claims that it can heat the water up to 113 degrees with up to 3 hours of direct sunlight; the temperature indicator on the build also makes the process of waiting for your water more transparent and clear. No more confusion and guessing involved.

This solar shower also comes with a convenient shower head with an ON and OFF switch to control the leakage. This option is definitely bigger than the other ones on this list, so this choice is more helpful to those who tend to travel for longer periods of time or with larger groups. You should also have decent enough transportation to be able to lug this bad boy around. 

RISEPRO – 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

If you liked the sound of that RISPERO brand solar shower but you don’t need to lug around 10 gallons of water, you may want to invest in this 5 gallon model. Every feature is essentially the same, but the smaller capacity may better suit your needs.

It is made with the same SMART black PVC material that enables efficient heat absorption of up to 113 degrees with 3 hours of direct sunlight. And don’t worry, the temperature indicator will let you watch the process of water heating unfold.

This solar shower also comes with a hose, a water head, and a shower tap to be able to control your water flow, which flows via the tubing and the spout.

In general, this brand offers a highly functional and easy-to-assemble solar shower with all the features you could need.

Trofoty – Solar Shower Bag

This solar shower bag by Trofoty is another sensible option. It is small and lightweight, but can hold up to 5 gallons of water easily.

The durable material and the no-leak water cap prevent the bag from ripping open; with the non-slip handle, you can hang it anywhere, including trees. The water temperature indicator is helpful for keeping track of the water’s heat levels and rate.

The back of the solar shower bag is designed with a clear layer, so you can see how much water you have left after each shower. Put your shower accessories in the little mesh pocket in the front, prop up your shower, and turn the water on! They make it that easy.

This solar shower bag model gets a lot of credit for its excellent material, so if that’s a priority for you, this may be a better option for you than the other ones on this list.

KIPIDA – Solar Shower Bag

KIPIDA sells its own solar shower bags that comes in this muted green, nature-y color. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water, so it definitely meets our capacity expectations.

The material used to create this solar shower bag is environmentally friendly, leak proof, and safe enough for human use. Like the other options, this bag is capable of heating your water up to 113 degrees within 3 hours if placed under direct sunlight.

The accessories that come with the bag include a hose, a shower head, a water tap, and a temperature indicator. The ON and OFF switch that comes with the shower head allows you to adjust the water flow, while the temperature indicator gives you an idea of how warm the water is getting in real time.

The shower bag comes with a durable handle strap to allow for easy transportation and movement, as well as a mesh pocket in the front to store any shower materials with your shower bag. Keep it all in one place and save space in your other bags!

This bag is meant for multiple uses, but also to last you for all your outdoor trips. 

DOTSOG – 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

This solar shower bag by DOTSOG has a 5 gallon/20 liter water capacity, which, as you probably know, is enough for multiple showers.

The black PVC material that this solar shower is made of is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and definitely durable. The material is designed to absorb solar energy efficiently and heat the water to up to 113 degress within 3 hours of direct sunlight.

This model is actually an updated version of a previous design, so you know the manufacturers are listening to their consumers and making improvements. They have added a removable hose and an upgraded shower head; the shower head now comes with an open and close switch to control the water flow.

ELECTRFIRE – Solar Shower Bag

ELECTRFIRE’s solar shower bag holds 5 gallons or 20 liters of water, so it meets our standards. It is also made with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC material meant to absorb solar energy.

This bag also comes with its very own thermometer to monitor the warmth of the water throughout the heating process. However, it can only heat the water up to 94 degrees Fahrenheit within 3 hours of direct sunlight, which, while is still quite warm, falls a few degrees shorter than your average solar shower bag. So if you don’t care to shower with extra hot water, this solar shower bag could be the most optimal option for you.

With the upgraded shower head, it’ll make your outdoor showering experience much easier; it now comes with an easy-to-rotate open or close switch that allows you to adjust water flow.

Oh, and need a place to put your soaps and shampoos? No problem. The mesh pocket in the front is designed to hold your shower accessories.

This is a solid solar shower bag, but if you’re picky about the temperature of your water, this bag many not provide you with the breadth of options you’d like in the cold outdoors, so keep that in mind.

Intex – Solar Shower Bag

This solar shower bag by Intex is another option you’ll want to consider. This bag comes in a sleek black design made of a durable PVC material; it also looks relatively small, but it can hold the standard 5 gallons of water.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this solar shower bag can heat up your water to up to 118 degrees, depending on the weather conditions of course. That’s the warmest temperature you’ll find on this list, so if you prefer warmer water when showering, this may be the shower bag to invest in.

The sturdy handle at the top of the bag enables hanging and carrying with ease, and you know you’ll always have control with the useful ON and OFF valve to oversee water flow. The water flows through a convenient 20 inch long hose, which is long enough for any shower.

Should You Use Shower Bags in the Winter?

Should You Use Shower Bags in the Winter?

Though you may be doing the bulk of your outdoor traveling in the warmer months, you may find yourself out in the cold. However, it probably isn’t in your best interest to use something like a solar shower bag during the winter. Firstly, solar shower bags rely on strong solar energy to heat up efficiently, so the lack of sunlight is a large hindrance. Secondly, it’s not completely safe to introduce your body to the heat of the water in such low degree weather, because it’ll result in your body losing heat quickly; this can lead to hypothermia. Sooo, you may want to skip out on the solar shower bag for the winter. 


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