The Ultimate Guide to Squid Fishing in Hong Kong

My Guide

Squids are such a unique sea animal from my perspective. They don’t look appealing but they taste amazing when cooked properly. Unfortunately people might not be willing to give them a shot due to their looks. But I encourage you to give them a try and actually you should try fishing for them! You know what they say, fresh is best!  But then you probably don’t have much experience with fishing for these squids. Don’t worry because I will help you with that.

There are many different details that you have to consider when fishing. Like what type of tool are you going to use to fish for squid or where are you going to fish for the best chance at landing one. You also have to think about the best months to fish for squid as well. We will be going over each detail in detail for your benefit. You will be an expert squid fisher by the time you are done with my article!

Best Place To Fish

Your best bet is to find fishing areas like Sai Kung to fish for squids. You would have to pay a fee to fish with experts but they are at an affordable price! Of course you could just go to a pier and attempt to fish there but you are more likely to just get fish and not squid. Fish is great but that is not why you are reading my article! Back to my explanation, you should be ready for a night fishing experience because that is the best time. 

You also wouldn’t have to worry about paying money for fishing gear as well since they should have it covered. Of course if you don’t fish here but somewhere else, then you might have to pay for fishing gear. So in that sense this is one of the best places to fish since you save a considerable amount of money. This is because fishing gear can be very expensive to purchase if there is a lot of you or if you have a tight budget!

Best time to fish for squid

You would normally want to fish during the months of April to September. That is when more squid appear and you have a better chance to get these little delicacies. Why is this important even though you can just fish with experts? It is important because you might not even get a squid in your fishing trip with experts. This will lead to you wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars if you were hoping to grab at least one.

But you don’t have to worry about that as much if you fish during these times. Your chances of getting a squid will increase dramatically if you fish during these times. Plus if you go fish with a large group, then chances are you will definitely get at least one squid. You would have to be very unlucky to not get a single nibble during these times!

Fishing from a boat

Now how are you going to fish for squid? What is the best method to fish for squid? I can’t really answer that because it is a subjective thing. One method might not be the best for you but it works wonderfully for another person. So I’ll go over methods that seem like it will do the job for most people. First you want to get a rod that you feel comfortable with and obtain some good bait.

The bait that you want to use would be fresh fish since they work the best. Squid should be willing to latch on to most types of fresh bait. Then just toss the line and wait for those little beauties to grab hold. Is this simple? Yes but fishing for squid should be just a simple sport and not something too overly complicated. Sometimes simple is better than complex and that definitely applies here. 

Fishing gear for squid

So what are you going to need to fish for these squids? Well you are going to need a good rod that you feel comfortable with. Get some bait like small bits of fish to attract the squid. A good net to place the squid in and a bucket to contain your fresh bounty. Is that all though or can you obtain something else to increase your fishing chance. Yes! You can use fishing lights to attract the attention of more squids.

You should obtain some fishing lights to increase the amount of squid in your river by a lot! Getting a fishing light that causes a blue or green color should attract more squid around your boat. Furthermore if you are willing to experiment, then you should try bait that has a blue or green color to it. This should help you not come home empty after spending money on a fishing trip. Of course you might have a way to fish without having to pay for a fishing boat but even then you wouldn’t want to come up empty!

Squid Jigs

You know that thing I talked about that is bait but not fresh fish in the above section? Well we are going into great detail in this section for people who want to know more. Here’s the thing with squid jigs, there isn’t an objective best squid jig. So you should really just try to choose one that you think will get the job done. I will just be going over the different things that a squid jig has and hopefully that will help you with deciding the right one!

Well we already talked about the color of squid jigs. They are important for an obvious reason and you know why. So instead now we will be talking about the weight, pattern, and glow of the squid. The squid glow is quite important because if you can get it to glow the right color, then you will attract more squid. Also if you get the right color on the jig, then the effect will multiply many folds!

But what about the weight and how is that important? It is important because you want the bait to act like a prey. The weight will help the bait act like that but you have to be careful as well. You might need a heavier jig or lighter jig depending on the location. The heavier jig is to cover more area if you are in deep waters. You want more squid to be able to see the jig. The lighter one if you are in shallow waters since it helps you pull the line faster once you get a bite.

Finally the pattern and this might be the most far fetched one. The idea is that you make it look more like an actual prey for the squid. There’s a visual difference from a squid jig with a pattern and one without a pattern. Is this actually effective? I can’t say for sure because there isn’t any real evidence to support it. But there are fishers who say they work so I am mentioning it here.

Advanced Fishing Techniques

There are a lot of methods to catch squid. But I will go with a tried and true method that should work with squid and other fishes. You basically want to make your bait look like a prey that would be tasty for a squid. Toss your line and then lift it slowly one or a couple of times. Then you want to reel it in but not all of the way or too fast because you still want to attract  the squid attention. Do the step again a second time and then you want to let the bait sink a little.

Why would you want it to sink? Well normally a small fish wouldn’t be at the surface of the ocean right? They would be in the water where they can breath better. Again the main idea is that you want the bait to act like a small fish that a squid would eat. Keep repeating the step and you should be able to land a squid often. Just remember that patience is a virtue, being impatient will guarantee that you don’t get anything at all. 


Another great thing that you can do is create a cycle of fishing. What I mean by this is that you can continuously produce lots of fish and squid with a small budget. Normally you would need to purchase bait to fish but that can be intimidating since there are so many choices. So what you can do is just get some fresh fish and cut up pieces to fish for squid. Once you do that, then you can cut up some of the squid to use that as bait as well.

The squid bait will allow you to catch more fish that will give you some more bait. You see the cycle? You don’t even need to cut up all of the fish and squid as well. This means that you can make a wonderful dinner or lunch to eat on a relatively small budget. Plus you don’t even have to worry about any serious grocery bills because you are continuously producing a large amount of seafood.

The only problem that you will face with this method is experience and time. But I encourage you to put in the effort because you will be well rewarded. This cycle is just too tempting to ignore! 


Now why am I going over squid recipes when I am talking about fishing for squid in Hong Kong? Well obviously you want to cook them if you keep them right? But what if you are not a good cook? Don’t worry because I will be going over some tasty squid recipes that will knock your taste buds out of the park! I will also include one fish recipe in case you decide to do the cycle that I talked about in my tip section.

  • Salt and Pepper Squid
    • Here we have a pretty classic dish and it’s not hard to make at all. You only need some basic seasoning like salt, pepper, onions, and chili’s to make this dish. Finally you need some flour, oil, eggs, and decent knife skills to make this dish. All you need to do is cut apart the different squid parts and coat them with flour. Fry and season them to complete the dish. It is very hard to find someone who won’t enjoy the taste of this fried dish!
  • Mixed Vegetables in Clay Pot with Squid
    • Do you want something more healthier? Then you should definitely give this recipe a shot. This is also very simple to make since the cooking is all done in one pot. You get all of the natural flavors of the squid and vegetables. This beautiful combination will cause a flavor parade in your mouth!
  • Twice-Cooked Squid with garlic, green chili, & black bean
    • This last dish will solely focus on making the squid the star of the dish. Every ingredient that you need for this dish’s sole purpose is to enhance the flavor of the squid. Think of it like slow cooking well seasoned meat. Doesn’t that just sound mouth watering to you?
  • Easy Baked Fish with Garlic and Basil
    • Here we have a simple recipe that will work well with whatever fish that you get. All you need is garlic and basil to bake the fish that you get from your fishing trip. Of course you also need some decent knife skill as well to clean the fish that you have. Also the fish that you get might not work well with this recipe but that is also unlikely. Feel free to experiment!

Final Thoughts

Squid fishing can seem like an even more tedious task to do because they look unappealing and fishing in general can be hard. But like I said before, fishing for squid can be an invaluable experience and a rewarding one. You can fish to feed your family or just fish for fun. But in the end I just want you to remember to have fun!


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