The Ultimate Guide to Squid Fishing in Port Phillip Bay

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Squid is such a fun food to eat because it can be both healthy and unhealthy. You can fry them or steam them with vegetables. Both are delicious and you can change between them depending on your taste. However there are people who may have a poor opinion about them because they don’t taste the best quality squid. They might have tasted frozen squid instead of fresh squid and that would negatively impact the flavor by a lot!

Fortunately you can address this problem by going to the fish market but there is one problem. If you aren’t an expert, then you could pick a poor quality squid. A poor quality squid will have the same taste as a frozen squid and you don’t want that. So I strongly encourage you to fish because whatever you catch is undoubtedly fresh. But where should you go to fish? Well I highly recommend Port Phillip Bay!

Best Place To Fish

Alright the number 1 question that most beginners would probably have. Where to fish for squid? Well the answer is simple, look for places that seem like a good hiding spot for squids. So your best bet would be places like reefs, rocks, or the bottom sea floor. The sea floor might be unusual but it is a good hiding spot since they can cover themselves with the sand. So in reality there isn’t a specific place to look for squid.

To really emphasize this point, let us talk about fishing in the dark. Squid fishing in the dark also affects the location of squid because there are more hiding spots for them as well. This means places like docks are a viable spot to look for squids. Why is this a good hiding spot? Well other sea creatures wouldn’t typically go to the dock area during the dark would they? You can always experiment but if you want to get results fast, then you can just ask some locals about the best spots for squid.

Best Time To Fish For Squid

Typically the best time to fish for squid would be during the winter season. Your best bet would be during the months of October to December. So plan your visit carefully if you decide to come during this time. It is the winter season so it is possible that it can get really cold depending on the day. So you should be sure to prepare yourself well with things like coats, sweaters, etc. Anything that can keep you warm is fair game!

Also it should be worth noting that you should hurry if you plan to fish during this time. Squids don’t live that long. In fact some squid have life spans that are less than a year! So you should probably cook or prep whatever you catch as soon as you catch them. But you are probably wondering what is the point? They are going to be dead anyways once you cook them. My response is that it is important because the age of your catch can affect freshness. So happy fishing!

Fishing From A Boat

So what about fishing techniques for squid? The same basic method applies for fishing in Port Phillip’s bay. You get your fish bait and toss them to the ocean. Then you move your rod in a way to make the bait look like a small and vulnerable prey. Also make sure you do it slowly because you want to gain the attention of the squid. If you do it too fast, then they might not be interested or they won’t be able to catch them and you don’t want that do you?

But what if you are an expert? Well you can just use whatever method that you think works well here. There is no reason for it not to work. The only difference is that you are fishing in port Phillip’s bay and not your usual spot. But if you are still in doubt, then just talk to the locals. They should be able to share with you techniques that they found useful. Feel free to experiment, that is part of the fun of fishing!

Fishing Gear For Squid

Fishing for squid can be hard if you are completely unprepared. But don’t worry, you’ll be ready once you finish this section. You should get a fishing rod that you are comfortable with and gather some bait. Things like squid jigs or fresh fish would work well for fishing for squid. But be careful, don’t use the full thing since it would be a waste. You only want to use bits of fresh fish for your squid fishing journey.

This is really an important detail because you can use a trick. You can use your fishing rod to catch fish and then use bits of that fish to fish for squid. The only problem is that you might use up a lot of time since you would have to prepare the fish you catch. But if you do have the time then this method would be worth it. You could have a never ending cycle of seafood from your fishing. So I highly recommend this method for people who are locals since tourists might not have the time.

With that said you should also obtain fish bait for regular fishing if you want to try this. Also a knife and fishing lights to attract more squid. If you run out of luck during the day then these lights will help you immensely during the night. Finally get a good net and bucket to hold the squid and that is all you need. You’ll be fishing like a pro with just this and remember to have fun! 

Squid Bait

I personally recommend fresh bait to get squid but things like squid jigs work as well. But what is a squid jig you might be wondering? They are these great things that look like a squid. They work as great bait since you can use squid to attract other squid as well. So when looking for a squid, you should get one that looks lifelike. You want your bait to look like a prey, so the more detailed squid jig will be better than a bland one. I will recommend to you two of the best squid bait I can find on Amazon right now!

#1 Killer Bee – Whole Squid

The best squid bait that I can find on Amazon right now. I know that you might not think that way based on appearance alone. But I think it is good because you get a lot of bait from this package. You can cut up the legs which should provide a lot of bait for you to use to attract the fish. But is that all? If that was all then this wouldn’t really be an impressive package. 

Happily it is not all there is to this package. This package is brined perfectly and that just adds to the attractiveness of the bait. It produces more of an aroma that should help attract more squid. Also it helps with possible fishing accidents. Say for example the squid succeeds in eating the bait and getting away. You don’t have to worry because the squid is now familiar with the taste of this bait. So they should be more attracted and that works out in your favor. Also the bait is frozen so you don’t have any problem with the squid bait going spoiled. 

#2 thkfish – Squid Lures 

Here we have the best squid jig on Amazon right now. This squid is especially special because you have a lot of different features that makes this an attractive bait for squid. They are lifelike and they also illuminate in the dark. The only problem is that both features apply only in the dark. So you should fish in the night to double the effects of this bait. On the bright side you do save on money since you don’t have to buy a fishing light.

Furthermore you can save money on bait as well since you don’t have to worry about this bait disappearing in any way. So this means you can reuse it once you get the squid to let go of the squid jig. The only major problem is that you wouldn’t be able to get the added benefit mentioned with the first squid bait. If the squid gets away, they won’t be attracted to this bait anymore because it isn’t tasty. Regardless, this is still a solid squid bait to use on your fishing journey in Australia!


I personally recommend that you hire someone to help you with squid fishing. This is important regardless of how experienced you are. They should be able to show you some good places to fish for squid. This can be invaluable because it is possible that squids show up in other unusual areas due to people’s influence. What I mean by this is that Australians might do something to the water that causes the squid to go to another area.

Finally you should hire someone because squid fishing will be even more fun with more people involved. Obtain some food and set up your fishing rods. Then you can just enjoy yourself while you wait for that bite!


Here we have the fun part of this article. The food part! I doubt that there is anyone who is disappointed in talking about delicious foods. But some of you might be wondering why this part is important still. It is important because you would obviously want to do something with your haul. You wouldn’t want to spend all that time and effort to end up with something that doesn’t taste good.

Slow-roasted pork cheeks with squid and apple and cabbage salad

This recipe might be a bit unusual because you probably expected a seafood recipe. But this is a good recipe for all the beginners out there. If you are a beginner then chances are you aren’t familiar with seafood. So this recipe might do wonders for your confidence because you get to work with something you are comfortable with. 

So here we get a delicious pork dish that works well with the delicious squid. The problem is that the flavors might be too rich for your taste. But don’t worry since this dish has this amazing apple and cabbage salad that balances out the flavor. Pair it with a good drink and you have a wonderful dinner for the evening!

Salt and pepper squid with cucumber salad

This is another well balanced dish. You get some amazing squid that is also very flavorful. An added bonus is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make it taste good as well. This dish emphasizes a lot of the natural flavor of the squid. The problem again is that it might be way too rich for your taste. But the cucumber salad helps with this problem. 

Finally I love that this dish is quite flexible as well. You can make it spicy or you can adjust the vegetables used for the cucumber salad. Thus you get different and wonderful flavors. This is quite important because you won’t get tired of this anytime soon. The dish overall is very refreshing and you should definitely give this one a shot. 


A traditional and very appropriate dish for this article. You get this delicious consomme that burst with flavor. There is a lot of the natural flavors of octopus and squid. They are also elevated even more with the help of the other ingredients. It does have several problems though. First the ingredients might be hard to obtain. Also this dish requires a lot of advanced techniques so it can be hard to reproduce. Finally it can be tough to also have to catch an Octopus to use for this dish. But I still highly recommend this dish because a perfect reproduction will result in a world shattering flavor! I recommend this dish to experts or beginners that are willing to learn.


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