We have compiled this list of only the best RV ceiling fans and accessories to help you better determine the right fit for you and your RV. Deciding on a product can sometimes be daunting. We’ve done the research and have provided the very best in RV ceiling fans.

Whether you’re looking for efficiency or something to add a contemporary feel to your home on wheels, we have you covered. RVs come in all shapes and sizes. That is why it’s important to asses all your options.

The Best RV Ceiling Fans

Minka Lavery – 42” Ceiling Fan Minka Aire

The Minka Lavery lighting and ceiling fan fixture comes in the color oil-rubbed bronze. But, it’s unique design and quirky shape is not why it makes the list for one of the best RV ceiling fans. The Minka Lavery brand is known for their exquisite taste in choosing only the finest materials to craft their products. This luxury brand does not disappoint for this RV ceiling fan.

With the blades outstretched, this product is about 42 inches. There are three blades on two different fixtures hooked onto the main LED lighting fixture, giving this RV ceiling fan a total of six blades. This ceiling fan does not include a remote, but includes a wall control pad that allows you to control both the fan and the light. This ceiling fan is 17 watts and features beautiful maple blades. It is a lovely contemporary addition to your RV.

Global Electric – 42-inch Non-Brush Ceiling Fan

Global Electric is a well known and trusted brand for some of the best RV ceiling fans. They make a whole array of different designs, making this a brand to consider when searching for the perfect fan. We chose this particular fan for it’s sleek design and lightweight durability.

This ceiling fan is custom designed for RV living and is equipped with power saving technology. Electricity usage is only at 1 amp and the motor runs almost undetected. This is because the motor has a permanent magnetic rotor along with rotor position detection. This allows the motor to run at peak efficiency and never use more that 12 watts of power.

It also includes thermal overload and heat protection, which we love in an RV product. While using this product, due to it’s power saving technology and overheating protecting, you will never have to worry about it’s use interfering with the power of other appliances.

Minka-Aire F510-BS 26 ” Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F510-BS comes from the Minka Lavery brand. This product is sleek and compact, making it one of the best RV ceiling fans. It comes in three different colors: brushed steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and white.

The brushed steel adds a touch of contemporary style to your RV. To receive ideal airflow, the blade sweep of this product is 26 inches and the blade pitch is 14 inches. The fan features four speeds and is perfect for low ceilings of an RV or when you have a lot of storage up above. But, not only that.

This RV ceiling fan also has Halogen bulb with opal glass. This bulb has a maximum wattage of 50 watts. The bulb is included in the mounting kit. It does not feature a remote, but comes with a wall control pad.

It weighs only 10 pounds and hangs down from the ceiling only 10 inches, making it perfect for someone who wants compact efficiency for their RV.

Fan-Tastic Vent -Create-A-Breeze Fan

Fan-Tastic is an excellent brand for some of the best RV ceiling fans. This company has been around since 1985 and are known for producing high quality 12 volt ceiling fans. This company first started out in Michigan with only four employees. Fan-Tastic has since been acquired by Atwood LLC, a premiere company in recreational vehicle accessories.

This vent is lightweight, at only ten pounds, and is 11.5 inches by 17.2 inches by 17.2 inches. This means the vent will not fit into a standard hole on an RV rooftop, which is usually 14 inches by 14 inches. You always want to measure before purchasing an RV vent product. The motor is brushless and it features three different speeds. The fan is able to still run while the lid is closed. However, the lid is operated by a small manual knob on the base. Then, the lid outside will close and this will allow the inside air to be circulated.

The Best 12 Volt RV Ceiling Fan

Maxxair (00-04000K) 12V Roof Top Fan/Vent

This 12 volt ceiling fan RV vent makes the list for some of the best RV ceiling fans because it features a small motor and the ability to move air 900 cubic feet per minute. This product is able to remove stale musty air and replace it with fresh air in no time.

The Maxxair is not only a perfect vent for your RV, it also acts as an amazing ceiling fan. All you have to do is close the lid and ceiling fan mode is activated on the Maxxair. This product’s exterior is waterproof and easy to remove for cleaning. The lid has to be manually opened and closed, but the fan features an easy to use control pad. This control pad has the ability to control the fan’s speed, a thermostat, and air intake. Always measure your rooftop opening in your RV.

This product fits the standard 14” by 14” RV opening. All hardware comes included in your fan kit and it features 10 blades. This fan is perfect for someone looking for an exhaust vent that doubles as a small ceiling fan

LaSalle Bristol – Ceiling Fan

The Best RV Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter Fan Company -Ceiling Fan Light

This Scandinavian lighting fixture is perfect for a modern touch to your RV. The fan is 36 inches long and features three blades. Not only is it petite in size, it also has a motor by the brand Whisperwind. These high powered motors are extremely efficient and are also very quiet. There are three blades and you are able to choose between updraft and downdraft. This compact ceiling fan and light only weigh 17 pounds and is perfect for high quality performance without taking up much space.

Casa Vieja – Plaza Franklin Park Ceiling Fan

This Franklin Park Ceiling Fan is the perfect addition to a larger industrial style RV. This unique design is silver finished and comes with a convenient remote. It features a caged light with a vintage style Edison bulb for a soft ambience.

What is special about this lighting fixture is there is no glass cover, only a metal cage surrounding the light, for maximum lighting effects. The Franklin Park features a 22 degree blade pitch for optimal air flow. This product would be perfect for a larger RV that needed maximum air flow or a new conversational piece.

The Best RV Ceiling Fan Vent

Fan-Tastic Vent – 807350 7350 Series Vent 

Almost all of Fan-Tastic’s products fit the standard 14 inch by 14 inch RV rooftop hole and this product is no exception. This vent features a low amp draw and an automatic dome lift. It only weighs about five pounds. Our favorite feature is the automatic rain sensor. When it starts raining on this product, the dome will automatically close over the vent. You can have reversible air flow with this product and it comes with 12 VDC hookup.

The speed of the vent is all manual and it comes with 13 different speeds. This product is perfect for someone who wants something energy efficient and does not want to have to stick around their RV while their fan is running due to the elements. This vent is able to take care of itself. It comes with a remote and wall control pad. It also comes with two double A batteries.

Maxxair – Smoke Standard Remote Fan Lid

This exhaust fan can also double as a ceiling fan when the lid is closed. It fits most standard 14 inches by 14 inches RV rooftop holes for vents.

The exterior has a waterproof coating and it also senses when it is raining, making it close the lid. The ceiling fan mode is activated on this exhaust vent when the lid is closed, circulating the air in your RV. This fan also features a remote control and wall control pad. It has a 12 volt motor and thermostat.

You are also able to adjust the speed of the fan when needed, whether by remote or wall control pad. This fan is very similar to the Maxxair 4000, but adds the extra convenience of the remote control and is up to smoke standards.

We have compiled this list of only the best RV ceiling fans and accessories to help you better determine the right fit for you and your RV.  #rv #ceilingfan #rvfans #rvliving #outdoors

This list contains ceiling fans that will work for almost every RV. We did our research and these fans came back as the best RV ceiling fans and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for the height of luxury or a dual purpose exhaust fan, we found the products for you. The Hunter Light ceiling fan offers consumers a contemporary style with convenience. Maxxair’s products once again sweep the board for being both highly functional and efficient. Their high powered 12 volt exhaust fan is the perfect product for someone conserving energy to make use of other products. The LaSalle Bristol is revolutionary as an RV ceiling fan. It is almost considered full size, but still runs off of 12 volts, making it a perfect choice for someone who wants more of a homey feeling to their RV.


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