If you like to buck the trend and head for a cold climate camping or you like to start your camping season early and end it late, having one of the best RV heat pumps installed on your recreational vehicle is one way to have a comfortable camping experience. Heat pumps create dry heat which helps to reduce condensation and moisture build-up inside your rig.

An air-source heat pump is a heating and cooling unit that will fully replace the central air conditioning unit in your RV. The big benefit to a heat pump is wild – during the summer it is exactly the same as an air conditioner. It also can essentially run in reverse and create heat for your home during the fall.

Types of RV Heat Pumps

One important factor to look for when shopping for the best RV heat pump is the type of unit you will get. There are two types of RV heat pumps on the market – the ducted and non-ducted type.

Ducted Type

This is the best type for those with a large vehicle. This is because it is very efficient in controlling the temperature in your rig. It can also help to improve cooling and heating in multiple parts of your recreational vehicle. Ducted systems can be piped into the floor, wall, and ceiling of your RV.

Non-Ducted Type

The non-ducted type is ideal for those with smaller recreational vehicles since it doesn’t have to keep the ideal temperature in different rooms. It doesn’t require piping, and it works just perfectly. The air blows out of the bottom of the unit, so there is no need for a duct system.

10 Best RV Heat Pumps

The Dometic – Penguin Heat Pump

The Dometic 651816 CXX1CO Penguin Heat Pump is a top choice RV heat pump because it is built to deliver dry heat and cooling to your rig consistently. At 15,000 BTU, this is a powerful heat pump unit that operates on a minimal energy circuit. You can count on the integrated heater that comes with this unit for its solid performance.

It makes use of the latest technology to ensure it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This is one of the best RV heat pumps for those adventurers who love to visit places with colder temperatures. We like the low and slim profile of this unit which makes it the ideal choice for RV owners looking for a heat pump with a modern design.

Its slim profile is also perfect for recreational vehicles especially if you are always going on long hauls as it ensures fuel efficiency. It is a ducted type heating system, so it is perfect for tough outdoor conditions including vibrations and shocks. It is also ideal for RVs because it requires only 1,500 watts and 120V.

This heat pump offers a heating and cooling function that ensures it is efficient in keeping the RV at its ideal temperature. This unit comes with digital controls and gasket that works with the comfort control center. The only drawback of the Dometic 651816 CXX1CO Penguin Heat Pump is its expensive price, but its many solid features will make it worth the investment.

Airxcel – Arctic Wht Upper

When shopping for the best RV heat pumps consider the one with features such as great heating capacity and increased airflow. The Airxcel 48204C866 08 fits the bill perfectly. One of the impressive features of this unit is its small and compact size, yet it has a very high heating and cooling output.

This unit comes with an HP fan motor and it can deliver impressive cool air and dry heat at 320 CFM. It’s streamlined and solid shape can help to improve the heating efficiency and airflow.

The Mach 15 is also very durable because it is made with all copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints. Both can help to extend the liege of this unit. If you are looking for a reliable heat pump, the Airxcel 48204C866 is a perfect choice as it comes with a large evaporator and condenser coils. This helps to improve its reliability when it comes to heat dissipation.

There is also a condenser coil protection in the shroud of this unit. Overall, the Airxcel 48204C866 is a top choice RV heat pump on the market and it is known for its powerful performance, excellent design, and long lifespan.

Coleman Mach – Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

The Coleman Mach 8 15k Air Conditioner with Heat Pump is not just your typical roof-mounted RV air conditioner; it is an ultra low-profile RV air conditioner. It is packed with many features that will benefit the RV owner. At just 8 inches tall, this ultra-low-profile air conditioner means improved fuel efficiency, less drag, and less overall height. Besides standing only 8 inches tall, the Mach 8 15K weighs in at just 90 pounds making it the lightest ultra low-profile unit made.

There are two motors and two blower wheels under the UV resistant polypropylene shroud. Maximum cooling and airflow is achieved on the high-speed fan for those hot summer days and the ultra quiet low-speed fan is ideal for nighttime cooling while you sleep underneath the Mach 8 15K.

There is an industry exclusive fiberglass base pan which provides excellent durability and contributes to the overall weight. With a heating and cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU, the Mach 8 15K unit is another quality unit that comes from a name you can trust.

ASA Electronics Advent ACM 150 Rooftop AC

The Advent ACM 150 Rooftop AC is a reliable and top performance unit. At 15,000 BTU, you can depend on its supreme power for a recreational vehicle heat pump. It comes with three fan speeds you can adjust based on your preference. The Advent ACM 150 is a high-quality unit created and designed to last long.

It is made of durable materials which can withstand the rough environments in an RV. It also has the components that can withstand shocks and vibrations giving you value for your investment.

This rooftop unit has a vent-opening gasket which makes it durable. We like the Advent ACM 150 because it has a large capacity that makes it efficient in keeping your rig at its ideal temperature. It also allows you to plug in a heat strip which adds to its flexibility.

The rigid and tough metal base pan adds to the durability of this item. Overall, it is one of the high-quality heating and cooling system which offers supreme comfort for you and your loved ones in the RV. It has solid functions and features including an excellent design and sturdy components. So if you are looking for a reliable RV heat pump, you might want to consider the Advent ACM 150 Rooftop AC.

Dometic – Brisk Air II Complete ND System

The Dometic Brisk Air II maximizes airflow and performance – it is stronger, lighter, smaller, greener, and more powerful. The expanded polypropylene foam makes it more aerodynamic, better insulated, and lighter while reducing vibration and noise.

It is much quieter than other units providing a cool and quiet environment for a good night’s sleep.

The durable sleek shroud design sleek offers superior aerodynamic performance, more strength, and better ventilation.

Overall, the Brisk II outperforms every competitor in all significant parameters. It achieves best-in-class of any standard rooftop AC for weight, airflow, and capacity for an RV.

Coleman – Airxcel  Mach III

If you are looking for a small RV heat pump that offers great performance, you might want to consider the Airxcel 48208C966 08-0079 as it offers a heating and cooling capacity of 13,500 BTU. This unit uses an eco-friendly technology refrigerant to ensure it doesn’t harm the environment, and it is at the same time efficient.

The Airxcel 48208C966 08-0079 is designed with large evaporation and condenser coils for better heat dissipation. Another feature we like about this unit is the raised lance fins which make it function better. Additionally, you can count on its reliable operation as it performs excellently, and it is easy to operate.

The Airxcel 48208C966 08-0079 comes with sturdy copper tubing and brazed joints which help to make it last longer. This unit also has a condenser coil protection on its shroud. Overall, the Airxcel 48208C966 08-0079 is a great pick for its sleek design and solid performance that makes it one of the best RV heat pumps you and your loved ones will appreciate.

Atwood Ducted AC Unit

The Atwood Ducted AC Unit is a roof-mounted AC unit that comes with high quality and solid performance components. Its compact and solid design makes it a great choice for recreational vehicle owners that want a unit that can complement or match the RV design and decoration.

The Atwood 15027 has nominal heating and cooling capacity of 18,000 BTU. This is enough to maintain comfort in your rig. One feature you will appreciate on the Atwood 15027 is its lightweight design which means it won’t use much fuel and won’t add much weight in your rig. This allows your RV to remain fuel efficient as it won’t put a lot of pressure on it.

We like the Atwood 15027 because it operates quietly, and it comes with accurate temperature control that has a clear digital display. This unit also comes with a wireless remote that lets you adjust the setting. The only drawback of this unit is that it is not suitable for larger recreational vehicles.

Airxcel – RV Mach Polar Arctic

When shopping for the best RV heat pumps for your RV, look for its heating and cooling capacity as well as its efficiency. This is to ensure it works optimally without drawing too much power. One unit we would recommend is the Airxcel 08-0212 RV AC unit with a heat strip capacity unit of 6,000 BTU.

This unit is one of the most reliable on the market because of its 300 cubic feet per minute capacity. This is also one of the top choices because it is energy efficient. This is a reliable choice if you are looking for a unit that consumes less power.

The Airxcel 08-0212 is a lightweight unit with a low profile, standing at 8” tall. This item won’t add too much pressure on your RV thanks to its small and low profile. So you need to worry about spending too much on fuel. We like that the Airxcel 08-0212 comes with a fiberglass base pan which makes it durable. Overall, the Airxcel 08-0212 operates with a quiet fan and can help to keep you comfortable in your recreational vehicle.

Dometic – 143002P041 RV AC

The Dometic 143002P041 is a durable RV heating and cooling unit made with heavy duty materials. This unit is appealing to many RV owners because it has top quality components and solid design which makes it a durable choice. The Dometic 143002P041 can withstand frequent vibrations and shocks making it ideal for tough RV conditions.

We like the small footprint and low profile of this unit, so it won’t give you too much pressure on your rig because of a heavy weight. If you are looking for a compact yet top performance unit, the Dometic 143002P041 is a perfect choice. The heat strip on this unit makes it ideal for RV owners who travel frequently.

All the heat pumps we have reviewed in this guide are reliable, durable, efficient, and come from quality manufacturing. As with all heat pumps, it is important to pair with variable speed furnaces for the best results.

Atwood Non-Ducted AC Unit

The Atwood Non-Ducted AC Unit is one of the most reliable non-ducted heat pumps on the market. It is a complete unit that also comes with a cooling and heating system you can always rely on for top performance. This unit is built to last as it is made of high-quality materials that make it durable. These materials work together to deal with the tough conditions in your rig such as vibrations and shocks.

Not only is the Atwood 15026 sturdy, but it is also a top performing unit. The IR Remote Control that comes with this item makes it easy to operate as it allows you to adjust its settings according to your preferences.

We like the standard heat pump that comes with this unit is very efficient in releasing heat and it also has a digital thermostat which helps to keep the ideal temperature in your rig. It has a 14” x 14” cut dimension which makes it perfect for most RV installations as it can fit most standard roof openings. The drawback of this unit is that it is a bit heavy and bulky.

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